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Stretched Triple Triad textures


While editing FF8 textures found out that text for messages during the game stretches ~ 15% vertically and shrinks ~ 10% horizontally in comparison to the corresponding .tim file:

As far as I know this behavior spreads throughout all versions of the game. I'm actually pretty puzzled, is this a bug or it's supposed to be like this? The workaround I use for now is just stretch and shrink text accordingly, but I find it's rather crude.

All the card textures are stretched as well, they’re originally square but stretched to be more
‘Card shaped’ when in game, not sure why square did this and not just make the textures card shaped in the first place.

Thanks for explanation, Xhris. Looking forward for your Triple Triad Remaster.

Thanks, i hope to get it released soon, i've been sidetracked by other mods i'm working on, hopefully can reveal everything soon, i have some great stuff planned for FFVIII fans who weren't too happy with the 'Resmaster' :).


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