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Looking for Triple Triad mod I saw on twitch

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Hello, I saw a member on twitch streaming FF8 (can't even recall which version it was...) I'm hopelessly looking for the mod he had. The triple triad cards were all almost looking realistic as heck! Pretty much like they were hand drawn. If anyone know of any other mods (private or not) regarding Triple Triad, could you please let me know. I just want to know if anyone knows that mod.

By the way, I'd like to thanks this AMAZING community. I've been lurking for a while and this is my first post as I am looking for this mod and can't find it anywhere.

Cheers moders, you are my heroes!

Might've been:

Er wait, just reread the post, nvm I'm wrong. Could you link a clip from the stream?

I'm trying to actually find the twitch channel that this played on to link it, but I can't for my life find it ;-; So sad that I can't find this right now lol.

Nevermind, I finaly found the video of the streamer: You can see the streamer play cards around 1:00 in.

Interesting. Looks like a Russian modder has compiled the card borders from another modder, the backing from another, and they use my cards, my font, my dragon background mat, and my icons for most of the rest. a LOT of the cards have been improved, but it looks like they are mostly bosses, characters, etc. that have been improved, and the rest are mine.  It's a beautiful mod, and I wish whoever made it would contact me - and I hope they credit me, since they're using a lot of my assets. They should also contact the other modders that they are using textures from, but I understand the language barrier can be an issue.


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