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[FF8-R:PC-Steam] Who want to try Cut-scene 60FPS MOD?


I have discover about Frame Interpolation
I have found this... DIAN
THAT can increase cutscene 15 FPS to 60FPS! (x4 Interpolation)

so I have cutscene raw files are *.avi formatted
That can be de-archiver from main.zzz, other.zzz
can be used by zzzDeArchive

But unfortunately my GPU not support (Geforce 920M)
Who want to do this please tell me.
I hope that useful

The .cam files lock the videos to 15 fps.

I've already tried doing 60 fps on the videos and all it does is cause it to be jerky. So not worth it until the .cam files are edited to work with a 60fps video.

Can I view 60FPS video files?

You can watch them outside the game by viewing the file itself.


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