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I've made some progress in remodeling that god awful sasuke hair of Squall in the remaster to something that is more resembling to the OG Squall.
In making this progress, i extracted the battle model file using Noesis app. The model file type is in .fbx format. Blender is used to import the model and made some changes to the vertices. Vertices count remain the same.

Now, the stumbling block is to export the edit model back to the .dat file and then battle.fs file. Any pointers?

Thank you and keep it up! Just some pics as a reference:

I wish you succeed fixing those hair! Fingers crossed!

could you tell me how you extracted the model ? i used zzdearchive and i have noesis tool but i can't figure out how to extract the model.
I made new squall's hair based on the dissidia psp game
I want to test them on the game model in blender to see how squall looks

i made a mistake when typing
they are based on the artwork above

I'm not that good with blender but i managed to do this
I'm searching a way to put the new model back to the .dat file but i don't think it's possible atm


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