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Hello there all members,

I learned about your mods and forums via facebook groups that i'm following. I'm a cg artist whom is really in love with ff8. One day I started modelling the places from start and I would like to show my personal project to you. Hope you'll like them.

When it all started.. Dr. Kadowaki's Infirmary

then we are taken by Quistis to our classroom.. whilst on the corridor..

That's all for now. Hope you'll like them. See you in the next project, classroom!

Amazing work! Welcome to Qhimm  :)

holy shit these are amazing , absolutely beautiful...just imagine the game looking like this. I just love there is soo much passion still for this masterpiece of a game . thank you

That is amazing! Did you do all this from scratch? Mad respect!

Hello YasinSafak,
I think your renders are beautiful!

What softwares are you using for modeling , texturing  rendering, camera matching, asset library maybe?

I tried to do the same area a while back:

It is fun to try to spot the differences in our renders.

I have a long time project to redo all the backgrounds of the game(900 backgrounds!). But i do that not seriously as it takes a lot of work to do all the assets and materials.


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