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--- Quote from: CG_YasinSafak on 2023-01-12 00:02:35 ---Hello it’s me again 😊

After a long time we are together with the 4th remake of Final Fantasy VIII – Balamb Garden Dormitory. Well this kept me before itself to solve every detail about 2 weeks or more. I even learned a new software just to model the jacket. The room had a complicated architecture that if you are ever to change anything that would also affect the other side too so I had to plan everything one by one. Most time consuming objects were the jacket and the Griever.
Details were everything that made me to remake this room. Yeah thats a bookcase or laptop near Squall’s bed, there is a thin welding line in the wall, jacket had to be hanged onto roller etc. You will find a mid-day and night scene renders in the project. Hope you like them all, don’t forget to comment please.

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looks absolutely amazing as always! Keep 'em coming! :)

--- Quote from: CG_YasinSafak on 2023-01-11 23:58:57 ---Thank you so much, I would never leave remaking the game. Well I will take a look at what you posted but my main is 3d modelling and nothing else we may unite our skills :)

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If you are interested in having your creations be compatible with the game, I would suggest contacting McIndus. He's the main FF8 guy in the mod scene here. I am sure that he could give you the info that you would need to convert your work into a proper mod for the game.


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