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Yagami Light:
Hi everyone I've been slowly learning Photoshop and wanted to try improve the old muddy battlefields of the game. So I've decided to post them here to see what everyone thinks.
Keep in mind it's not finished, all textures are WIP and subject to change. Some of the textures look bad as I've improved over time and not happy with them. (Dollets towns floor as an example will be replaced).
I've had issues with the game changing the brightness of the textures once they are in game, with no skip button for cutscenes slowing down progress.
It would be nice if the UV's could be fixed, as the textures glitch out or they don't align correctly.
The main goal of this project is to improve the look of the game while keeping the original game design intact.
All textures will be in 4k - Thanks to Makis tool I'm currently working on 10 battlefields so consider these just a taster.

For a learner this looks very good, I can nothing but encourage you. I really like how you're not using way too vibrant, highly contrast with over the top detailed textures, keep up the great work!

Looks very good to me! Keep up the great work.

Could I ask for some comparison pics? Pics of the vanilla game side-by-side with your work. It'd make things even more impressive.

Yagami Light:
Updated the textures for Dollet towns floor and tower textures, I will add comparison once its fully complete. Dollet tower should be done soon

These are great!
One day maybe we should combine forces, as I've been slowly working on replacing each bg slowly as I release different iterations of my mod. Doing a big release tonight with fixed sky seams, fixed trims, etc. - but I notice a lot of what you've overhauled is stuff I haven't really done much with. Really nice stuff :)


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