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How to Edit my own Backgrounds on Remaster version


Hello. I have a question. I have installed the demaster tool with the remaster version of FFVIII. I noticed that the background textures are a PNG file, which can be edited. The main issue is that the backgrounds format is some kind of collage or fragmented image. Is there any way to convert the images into that format. I mean:

                                                                                          INTO THIS

I try with Deling and PUPU, but i think they  do not allow me to do that.

Thank you

Yagami Light:
You can use Sebanisu's tool to mass extract all background layers and swizzle them for use in game. vastly superior to Pupu though there are some bugs during the swizzle process, not sure why he hasn't posted it here

Don't bother using AI upscales as I'm already doing that, (Fire cavern and Balamb town already done)

Thank you very much for your answer Yagami. I know you are working in upscaling the backgrounds (they look awesome). I just want to have some fun by changing and editing my own backgournds. Its just an experiment to learn a lil bit.

I will try with the program you posted here. I will keep you updated.

Best regards.


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