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[PC Steam 2013] Playing with uniforms


Hi, everyone!
As a premise I am not an expert with graphics and tomberry, but I've started doing some fun things with main characters and garden uniforms, editing some images from the RebirthFlame mod.

For examples, I have imagined playing Rinoa in the balamb garden uniform or Selphie in trabia garden uniform.

Rinoa (Balamb Garden)
Spoiler: show

Selphie (Trabia Garden)
Spoiler: show

Nothing special, also I did that with Paint (;D) so everyone can do this better, but it was just for fun.

Now the next point: I would like to apply Selphie new uniform also in other maps where she is her normal outfit, i.e. Trabia Garden. So I replaced with Deling her yellow outfit model (d027.mch) with her uniform model (d029.mch).

Here is the result:

In some maps I had a good replacement (tgview1 and tggrave1) and in other maps it was not successful (tggara1 and other maps of Trabia Garden) and now I see the basic Selphie uniform model (the original, not the RebirthFlame). For all the maps you see, the model involved in the replacement is the same (d027), so I don't catch the difference.

Can anyone help me to fix this (if possible)? Does a good replacement depend also on the hashmaps? I didn't touch the RebirthFlame hashmaps at all. 

Thank you so much for reading.

very interesting good luck, I've always liked the idea of rinoa in the garden uniform

Also I really love the TG blue seed uniform

A tribute to an ancient fan theory

lol pretty cool


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