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I have no idea if this will find a answer but I am desesperate on the matter so I will try to ask.
When you index a enemy move to a animation, you can't index it to something greater than 1F, because then the game will point it's animation script completely out of range, and of course crash.

In practice:
The static adress 41fd8f point to battle scripts animations which are written to dynamic adresses at each new battle.
Even if a enemy AB animation script has more than 31 (1Fh) animations scripts, the game will always try to read the scripts after the 31th one in the 0000000 adresses + whatever it's starting offset, so completely out of range, hence the crash.

On the other hand, playable chars have at most 64 scripts which are correctly pointed by the engine and don't crash after 31. They are indexed elsewhere and probably differently than the enemies in the scene.bin though, I tried finding where to maybe make some comparisons and advance on the matter but I still have nothing on this.

Ah, this isn't a matter of differences between playable models and enemies models, one of the many things I tried was of course to test that direcly by putting a dummy enemy Cloud on the battlefield without any change to it's model files, and it yielded the same results.

If someone can help...

For what it's worth, I also don't use much of 2.0.0 for now. Only for the new background editor and even that, not so much, just a few specifics things that goes a little faster or better than doing them in a paint tool.
For everything else I find 1.8.6 much more stable for now, or handy in the case of things I already reported to Myst6re like the walkmesh stuffs.
I don't really have major problems with scripting in 1.8.6, though I work one screen at a time and save them often.

WIP / Re: Final Fantasy VII: Lifestream Edition
« on: 2023-05-25 14:23:40 »
Good luck with your work, I know what it's like.

I often think about it myself since I am doing a lot of AI scripting. I can't picture the original devs working with raw stacks of opcodes of course, though I don't have any insight on what tool and scripting langage they used while making the games.

I think we will never know but it likely was a text and friendlier format as you speculate.
Then Do
And so on.

I got used to FFVII battle opcodes, but I probably never would have even tried to if most of the decoding groundwork hadn't been done here by giants. Sorry I don't have more good ideas than you on how the original devs worked.

General Discussion / Re: Project edge and discord
« on: 2023-05-03 14:52:26 »
Well, it seem better than I thought then. Thanks for the screen, maybe someday I will just get past that registration check and see how I like it after all. It just woundn't stop me from posting on forums where I might have something worthwhile to share, that's all. People woudn't have to throw away discord in order to check forums and post from time to time is really all I wanted to say at the end I think, the two things don't exclude each other.

General Discussion / Re: Project edge and discord
« on: 2023-05-02 15:38:21 »
In the end, it isn't us keeping the 3000+ qhimm forum members from not posting anymore.
They're all in Discord, and by their own choice. We didn't force them there.
If you want the forums back alive and booming, it's them you have to convince, not us.
We aren't withholding posts, people themselves have chose not to post here and to use Discord instead.
That's just the way it is. We have no control over it.

If myself and Bonez decided fuck it, screw Discord, forums are king! And posted here every day with you.
Nothing would change. The numbers don't lie. People just prefer Discord. I'm sorry

I know. Other than mounting illegal operations to bomb discord out, there is nothing effective to be done. Didn't mean to say this is your doing, it is, as always in the end, the majority's doing. Since I am in fact not that motivated to pick this particular hill to die on in the litteral meaning, it isn't I who will bomb discord out of existence, and since it woudn't put back a djinn which has long been out back in his bottle, it probably woudn't be that effective anyway.

But just saying that there is a problem and try to explain what it is can't do any harm, and maybe make at least one or two people to think, to see where it is. Never know who might read. Though there is probably not much more to say here, I have seen far more meaningless discussions drag on with points rehashing multiple times and going effectively nowhere without it bothering anyone.
Out of every discussions going on on the internet, very few ever get anything done after all. I was never much interested in those and I really don't want to drag this one either. Someone else said things that seem valid to me and no harm saying you agree either.

Though, I know even the people who use it much coudn't probably explain how it happened, I still wonder how discord sinked forums when other, and apparently very similar chat tools weren't before. As ff7maniac said, it's just fine if your thing is chatting in real time, but it should not have to be everyone's thing, especially when you have a question to which you hope a very effective answer from someone with more knowledge than you on it, for example. I ask very few questions because I doubt that the people with the answers will even read them nowadays. And that's too bad, considering the gold mine that is the qhimm forum where I eventually found or re-puzzled for myself most of the answers I was looking for in old threads.
Well, that's it. 

General Discussion / Re: Project edge and discord
« on: 2023-05-01 07:45:23 »
Discord is good for one thing only and that is real-time conversations. It's not good for sharing media, it's not a good place for lengthy in-depth discussions and it's certainly not a good way to preserve conversations in a digestable format that's easy to follow for outsiders. In fact due to it's always scrolling nature, it's DESIGNED to make conversations disposable and hard to follow for outsiders coming in.

If this is a accurate description of how discord work, then it is indeed even worse than I thought and it isn't even half deserving to be the forums doom that it yet managed to become. But here we are and too few people seem to care, so, I hesitated but here I am again to say that I agree.

The Qhimm forums aren't going anywhere for a lot of the reasons you listed. No one ever said they were. It's just another tool to communicate quickly and have those real-time conversations you're talking about. It's not replacing the forums. The information still ends up here, just not as quickly sometimes.


And still, yes it is replacing the forums since it is in fact killing them. Your own thread 'where did everyone go' read like: 'don't feel bad about deserting the forum and never even bother to check it again, nobody even care anymore and discord is a better replacement'. When it appear it isn't half of a replacement.
Sorry, nothing personal, I don't know you but your messages on the subject tend to read like this, there is no problem happening and nobody should try to point that there is one. I would be surprised if any result come out of trying to discuss it, but well, to be honest I think I would also be surprised if anything of my interest is showed or discussed on discord at this point, since nothing of the sort seem to come out of it, so despite the sadness of seeing forums like this one abandonned, I don't feel like I am missing anything otherwise. And if I am wrong but that nobody can be bothered to share what they already shared on their favorite discord server, what can anyone say, other than the consequences are easily predictable.
Don't know if I worded my thoughts that well, but anyway. 

There, you see, I had never looked into the weapon tab of wallmarket before and didn't know you could change weapons sound and even apparently attack tex effect. I would be more interested by a way to make the enemies use the tex effect of some items but there the items animation id don't match with the attack animation id(s) used in the scene.bin, so I often have to fall back on erzatz tex enemies effects that look and sound 'close enough'.
Unfortunately the item tab id isn't shared with the scene.bin it seem, unlike materias.

Ah you know, it didn't take me as much time or work as you seem to think, or I would have pointed you to the wikis pages where a lot of pionering work was published on the matter and helped you to get started at the best I could have, I am just quite used to read ab hexa battle anims scripts by now so it wasn't that big to do, and it also helped me.

Badaway, why not give it a try with your Sephiroth? Follow my mapping of rtab group scripts and see what kind of Sephiroth's animations you can change, maybe add to the one you have as template, you know, like they say, the best way to start is to get your hands dirty, and breaking things before you can figure how they work. If your template is based on saab, don't worry, the base structure is very similar between playable ab, and saab is less complicated since saaa was originally done with less moves in mind.
Where is this page again... Damn wiki, it changed again or something, well here it is from my notes:
Code: [Select]
Any code less than 8Eh is treated as a raw animation index to be executed.
Code Arguments Effect
8E Turns some flag on (Can only be executed once)
8F Unsets whatever flag 8E sets
90 byte, word Change color [byte] in texture of currently used CLUT to [word] (Might apply to all textures or just first texture. Not sure. It was written with the understanding that it's only going to be used on Emerald Weapon's eyes. ie, it will only affect enemy slots 2-6)
91 byte After a [byte] frame delay, do ???
92 Suspend ATB (Cannot undo)
93 Fade whole screen to black (battle still continues)
94 word, word, byte Rotate [word0 - word1] units in steps of [byte] (a unit is 360/4096 degrees)
95 Used for escaping
96 byte, byte Barret's muzzle flash beginning in byte0 frames lasting for byte1 frames
97 byte, byte
98 byte Displays action's name in [byte] frames
99 byte, word, word, byte Used only by some of Yuffie's and Cid's Limit breaks?
9A word, word Unused, but same as FB
9B Sets a flag that BD also sets (unknown effect)
9C Sets min;max volume to 1;127
9D byte (0-6 inclusive) Something to do with Tifa's limits
9E Pause here until all animation/damage handlers are finished.
9F Unused to unset flag that 9B and BD set
A0 byte Used by Carry Armor's Left Arm's 'Grab'
A1 byte, byte Do [byte0?] at [byte1] frame intervals (byte1 definitely increases frequency of damage counter appearance during multi-hit actions)
A2 byte Performs transformation a la Vincent's Limit Break set by AC and play animation script [byte] of new model
A3 byte Looks like it should change effect volume to [byte]/128, but in practice seems to mute them.
A4 E.Skill charge effect (remains stationary on actor's position when called)
A5 Summon charge effect (remains stationary on actor's position when called)
A6 Return defending actor to original position (slightly different from FA)
A7 byte
A8 byte, byte Wait for [byte0] frames then interpolate actor's current position back to original position in [byte1] frames
A9 Used in idle animations* (A9[][00] this increment script pointer by 2 and execute animation on second pointer.)
AA Continue camera scripts (if it was paused before).
AB word, word Move to position [word0, 0] relative to target of current action (word1 is ignored; used during "Cover")
AC byte Set character transformation to [byte]
AD byte, word, byte, byte AD[joint XX][distance XXXX][start XX][end XX] Attach effect machinegun to given joint with given distanse from this joint which starts and ends at given number of frames. Always machingun fire. If end 0x80 byte is set then we do not add shell effect.
AE Removes target from battle and resets some things
AF byte Used by Carry Armor's Right Arm's 'Grab'
B0 No noticeable effect while used in a script
B1 Almost identical to B0, still no effect
B2 Duplicate of C9; could be considered a NOP
B3 If actor does not have Small, loop until B2 is found (never used)
B4 If Back attack or Pincer attack, make actor face appropriate direction.
B5 word, word, word, byte, word, word Only used by Mu and Trick Play. Something about positioning.
B6 byte Pause camera scripts and play animation [byte] one time. Used to smoothly finish idle animation before start of anything else. Camera paused because we want camera be sync with start of action (this is just finish animation that was already started).
B7 Forces Death Animation (actor is still present and can function)
B9 byte Run init battle cam script [byte]
BA word Forces idle rotation to [word0]?
BB DUMMY; treated like animation script (might crash)
BC byte Set idle cam index to [byte]
BD word, word
BE byte Queue sound to be played and target reaction in [byte] frames (for multiple strike actions [unless Frog status?]) (after wait time ends execute hurt action, effect, sound. This will NOT display damage and barriers effect.)
BF byte, byte
C0 DUMMY; treated like animation script (might crash)
C1 Unconditional "Jump to first C9 from start of script"
C2 byte Queue damage display in [byte] frames (does not play sound)
C4 word, byte In each of the next [byte] frames, move [word] units along the X-axis
C5 Sets the wait timer to a predetermined amount (15 by default)
C6 byte Sets the predetermined wait time (see C5) to [byte]
C7 word, byte Force enemy in relative formation position [word] to perform their [byte] animation script
C8 word, word, byte Set actor's position to [word0,word1] in [byte] frames
C9 Jump destination
CA While background load thread is active, jump to C9 (used to load additional magic effect from separate files)
CB byte, word, byte, byte, byte, byte, byte
CC byte Travel from current position to location that goes between center of enemy party(?) in [byte] frames
CD Jump Destination (CE only); DUMMY; treated like animation script (might crash)
CE byte If actor is enemy jump to CD (Used for frog status)
CF word, word, word, byte, byte Move to [word0,word1,word2] relative to target in [byte1] frames. (byte0 ignored?)
D0 word, byte (0-7 inclusive) Move to position [word, 0] relative to target in either 5 (if byte is < 4) or 8 (if byte > 3 and < 7) or 0 (otherwise) frames
D1 word, word, byte Move to position [word0, word1] relative to target in [byte] frames
D2 DUMMY; treated like animation script (might crash)
D3 DUMMY; treated like animation script (might crash)
D4 word, byte Move to position [word0,0] relative to self in [byte] frames
D5 word, word, word, byte, byte Move to [word0,word1,word2] relative to self in [byte1] frames. (byte0 ignored?)
D6 byte Delay for [byte] frames, then do ??? (similar to 91, but does something else)
D7 byte, byte After [byte0] delay, play sound [byte1] (only used with Grangalan and probably deprecated in favor of D8)
D8 byte, word After [byte] delay, play sound with attackers settings [word]
D9 DUMMY; treated like animation script (might crash)
DA byte Set animation index to [byte] and force command to be magic (UNUSED)
DB word, byte, byte Like 96 and AD without the first byte (UNUSED)
DC byte, word Set some value with [byte] as an index (0-1 inclusive) to [word] (Eagle Gun is the only one that uses this)
DD byte, byte Directly related to DC. Sets some data for an upcoming Effect.
DE byte, byte Nearly identical to DD, but uses different data to set the same data that DC uses.
DF Calculates an angle from the actor to the center of the opposing team's formation.
E0 Limit charge effect (remains stationary on actor's position when called)
E5 Reset actor's standing position
E6 Magic charge effect (remains stationary on actor's position when called)
E7 byte
E8 start load requested effect during attack (attack type id and attack id are used to determinate what effect to load).
E9 word, byte
EA Display Action's name
EB      Item loading effect (As in replace EC in item throwing, if playable character only though it would seem)
EC If effect not loaded we will call this opcode until it does. For magic, summon, limit, enemy skill and enemy attack we execute loaded effect. All effects are hardcoded so they can do whatever they want (play sounds, display damage, request hurt for target and so on).
EE Run Idle Animation script
EF DUMMY; treated like animation script (might crash)
F0 set effect (foot_dust).
F3 decrement wait time until 0, then continue script
F4 byte Set frames to wait [byte]
F5 byte
F6 play die effect (depends on die type) if unit is dead. Used in enemy hurt actions.
F7 byte Play sound effect, queue reaction, and display damage [byte] frames from this point. This will display damage and barriers effect.
F8 byte Advance texture animation (among other things?)
FA Return actor to previous position
FB word, word Move to [word, word] position relative to target
FC set direction for targets (delayed) and attacker acording to situation.
FD word, word, word
FE byte If byte is C0h, End of script.
FF Duplicate of EE
NOTES: A9 - This skips the next byte and causes it to play the animation in the byte afterwards before moving the script pointer to the third byte. It looks like this does some "clear state" action every time the idle script is executed, but the idle scripts all cause loops so this is executed after returning from any other animation. Most enemy idle scripts are

A9 C9 00 C1
while a few enemies and all playable character's idle scripts read

00 FE C0
They seem to translate to the same thing.

To begin translate a bit the opcodes, and when you're not sure of what is a byte, a word, or a animation. A byte is one byte, 09 or whatever else, and a word is 2 bytes, 09  01 or whatever else.
Advice, in playable chars case, don't move the start offset of a sequence, in fact start by making the difference between the three things above before anything else. And backup files, of course. At first manage without upseting the structure. And re-read Nfitc's post here, better than I did as you learn things. 
Oh and 1 more question, do u know if it’s possible to give playable characters enemy attack sound effects and hit marker/Tex?
I know I can edit player character weapons through wall market editor but don’t know how to add enemy sound effects only player character ones

I would appreciate knowing how to do that, especially the tex effects part in the reverse case, from the playables to the enemies, and there are a few things possible with ab's opcodes regarding sounds and a few tex stuffs like magic auras charge, but not the other things I would like so far. So no, I don't even know how exactly the game sort out which playable commands to use, while with the ennemies these things are easy to see in the scene.bin wiith proud clod, playable chars follow a other set of rules that seem, less accessible.
But maybe someone else know all that and will eventually travel around this thread.

I have a improved Sephiroth but his missing animations still need some work, which is currently suspended, and since I don't intend to make him fully playable I didn't bother with several of those missing anims like Flash, steal and so on.
Though your Zack gave me new ideas for my Sephiroth improvement, I keep them for the appropriate time in my progress before deciding what else to do.

So no real ready to fully play Sephiroth boy in my boxes.

This mostly mean that when I create new scripts sequences in a ab, item throwing to take a example I did a lot, I was never supposed to run 10x time the same test after that in game to know what the correct index to assign in proud clod was for this new sequence. It's like I was litteraly running blind on this part.

And now I understand how the indexes are organized, I can choose at what offset my new sequences start and what their index should be, this is a LOT easier to keep in order and faster to work with on every front.

This work is something that started quite a while back, and I often took long breaks when fed up or just too busy\with other interests to pursue. If I had all my time this would be something else, but well, I probably woudn't want to do that all the time anyway.

I am the king of morons and the prince of inferior beings. Or that is how I feel right now. Since months I have been preparing a cargo load of battle files, and working like a blind fool on defining the script animations indexes of each... Because this:

Now the second group. Script headers. Just like it is in text files and AI script blocks, these point to a raw memory address within the file to a script that defines an animation group for an actor. These don't get stored anywhere. Instead they are translated, but I'll mention that later. There are no more than 74 scripts in these files. Players use all of these, while enemies typically need less than 20, though those are bosses.

This totaly and utterly escaped me until right now. I just realized it while comparing my recent notes to some infos I kept from threads like this one, the index table is of course within each ab file, I just, I was just a moron in such a hurry that I had never studied the header section hard enough past the third byte. And I still could have never done it until who know when if Nico's exercise didn't remotivate me to study some things I thought it wasn't so important to look at too hard.

Well, I have some clean up to do in my cargo load I think, and probably a few improvements also.

Thanks, Nico, but I already made everything I need as far as models goes over the last few years, though my development history is chaotic to say the least.

It is mostly a huge lucky break that it work so well, for the Omnislash setup in the kernel.bin and maybe other files I am not sure of, happen to do most of the work in this limit case. All I did was to add +11 anims call to the sequence, finishing with 0F\15 before the opcodes that return the char to it's start position so he will do that too, and voilà, bingo, somehow this all synched well enough. Didn't think it was safe to try before, but I was wrong then.

It's very early for me too but I mod intensively these days, and I get up even early than usual on most days, starting with a little modding already before going to work.

Badaway, I forgot to ask but this is a very cool Zack head, did you make it?

Well, this is great, but hold on to your sit because I just had a vision while waking up.

First, it downed on me that a few other commands were probably having slight position issue, so I fixed them all. D.blow and so forth, even Braver and Cross slash.

And, I was WRONG about increasing the file size being a bad idea, at least I just was able to increase it enough to make a good and FULL Omnislash!
During previous attempts at increasing I probably upseted something else, increase size can be done at least to a point, and so:

Can't find any problem during my quick test now, like you said Climhazzard camera isn't great but that one might not be such a bad thing given that fitting animations were scarce. Give me news of that Omnislash, mhm ha ha...

At your work place on a sunday? That's rough, I didn't have to do that since years and years ago. (Or you are somewhere where it's not sunday yet, I constantly forget time zone lags even when I travel a lot)

I tried to free up some space, make some room to maybe improve Omnislash, but it disturbed several other commands to have their start offset to be moved, which was to be expected. I changed the second anim of blade beam, it render a little better.

And the position stuff for 2X\4X should be alright now:

New animations  that fit Omnislash sequence would really be the cleaner way anyway.
Sorry about the jump start, but is it really so important? I could have copied sword of doom, but as I said I am unsure it would fit a playable char, maybe maybe not, it ironically took me more time to try and make the jump start work than it took to do everything else, and I think this Zack is really decent now, except for the 4th limit, especially for a side job.

Setting up a enemy fight and a full playable char don't have the same requirements, a enemy only has to work in the fights you set them up, and the playable char has to be good enough in every fight. It's also a different process to set up the attacks and other stuffs.   

Well sorry, it look like you will have to do without the jump at the start of 2X\4X cut. The opcode D0 of moving position, the one that actually make the jump effect part that work well enough in the normal attack just won't work that good with 2xcut\4X no matter what I try, it make the sequences bug, and I mean big bug. D1 must stay here as I don't trust the full real sword of doom to work well in every case for a playable character.
At least I managed to recalibrate the delay for animation 11 to synch well as the second slash of 2X, and to I think fix the position issue you told me, so it's not so bad.

I am trying one last experiment with limits, and I post the fixed file.

I previously didn't look at the 2X\4X cut sequences with enough details, but I am on to it now.

2 questions, would you prefer the 2X\4Xcut exactly like the original 1st SOLDIER does them, or do you prefer the 4X cut style like it is now, + the 'jump' effect at the start?
And so I can be sure that I figured the issue, the normal attack doesn't have position problem against any ennemy right?

Yep, the level 2 limits in particular were a little bitchy to synch about right with the camera, Zack may be a bit off camera sometimes but he return to his correct row after, right? He didn't  move off camera one the limit was over in my test.

For the 2X cut, yes the sequence isn't adjusted to reproduce sword of doom, it was just faster, though I saw the slight bad synch with anim 11, which doesn't happen with anim 13 as the second slash:

Glad you like the rest, even omnislash? I will try it to see how it render in game then, maybe this will inspire me to make it better. Tomorrow I will give a other shot to level 2 limits, see if I can calm down the camera angle or something else, and since the rest is done about right, I will also experiment better on the  2X cut in sword of doom style.

The sword of doom doesn't use anim OB\11 from a look at it's ab sequence, in fact I copied this exact sequence to replace your Zack normal attack, and the high jump effect part is likely produced by the use of the opcode D0 there.
It must be the quadra-cut that use anim 11 but I didn't need to look at this sequence.

So, well, I think it's the best I am able with this customization for now:

Blade beam and meteorain are probably uninspired but they do the job, and I think Braver, cross-slash, climhazard and finishing touch aren't too bad at all, like this Zack, he isn't so bad at all at the end.

Err, I gave up on Omnislash for the current state of the model, I just can't see any way to produce anything that remotely fit the setup needs of the real Omnislash with the animations currently integrated and the lack of space in the ab file. Some new animations, at least one where this Zack make a equivalent number of slashs in 46 frames would be the best, and maybe the only way to have him perform this limit, well I will think about it but right now I don't see a alternative.
I still replaced the animations, maybe it will "work" to at least not bug the fight, and maybe it won't, didn't even want to try this one in game.
Fortunately, you don't have to use limit level 4 so...

Maybe if I decide to have a Zack fight of sort in my mod, I will make animations that could fit, but so far I am undecided on this. But if I decide it later, this repurposed 1st SOLDIER would definitely be a very good base for sure.

Well, in case it could help someone, my 'map' recent notes on the ab file of Cloud: (The real unmodified Cloud)
Code: [Select]
From offset 190h, after the 'header' section

00 FE C0: IDLE (00)
10 FE C0: Some damaged pose, paralysis status maybe?
E5 06 F1: KO
B3 F9 03 ED E3 EE: Jump forward, change command (for under small status I think)
B2 F9 03 B1 03 B1 E3 EE: Jump forward, change command
B3 F9 04 E4 E3 EE: Jump backward, change command (for under small status I think)
B2 F9 04 B0 04 B0 E3 EE: Jump backward, change command
0F F2 E5 EE: damaged\regular hit taken
10 11 F2 E5 EE: damaged pose 16 (paralysis?) then go back to idle with 17
12 F2 E5 EE: damaged, like when taking a hand grenade for instance
05 E5 EE: Dodge, Evade anim
AB 90 01 00 00 08 F4 0F F3 FA E5 A6 EE: Cover
13 E5 EE: enemy skill learned
18 19 E5 EE: A other dodge? Not sure when these moves are done?
B4 02 F1: victory pose
95 07 FE C0: Escape
C4 90 01 06 07 FE C0: Escape vanishing I think
04 FA E5 EE: jumb backward again?, is it used?
E7 00 F1: No idea what this is for, the 00 is a byte, not a anim call
E5 C4 90 01 06 12 E7 00 F1: A other call to damaged anim 18 but that one should make the character move position while it happen
E8 FC 03 ED E6 EA 0C 0D EC 0E 04 FA E5 EE: magic cast
E8 FC 03 ED A4 EA 0C 0D EC 0E 04 FA E5 EE: E.skill cast
E8 FC 03 ED A5 EA 0C 0D EC F4 0F F3 0E 04 FA E5 EE: Summon cast
E8 FC 03 ED D8 06 15 00 09 EA EB F4 0A F3 04 FA E5 EE: throw curative item
E8 FC 03 ED D8 06 15 00 0A EA EB F4 0A F3 04 FA E5 EE: throw damaging item
FC F0 D8 00 1A 00 1A D1 B0 04 00 00 04 F0 1B F7 01 1E 1C FA F0 1D E5 EE: attack
FC 03 ED F7 10 1F 04 FA E5 EE: slash all\flash
FC F0 D8 00 1A 00 1A D1 B0 04 00 00 04 F0 1B F7 01 D8 01 D6 02 16 F4 06 F3 26 FA F0 1D E5 EE: Steal?
FC F0 D8 00 1A 00 1A D1 B0 04 00 00 04 F0 1B F7 10 21 28 FA F0 1D E5 EE: D.blow
FC F0 D8 00 1A 00 1A D1 B0 04 00 00 04 F0 1B F7 10 20 27 FA F0 1D E5 EE: morph? second level?
FC 03 ED F7 01 20 04 FA E5 EE: morph? first level?
FC 03 ED F7 01 14 F4 3C F3 04 FA E5 EE: sense
FC 03 ED F7 01 14 F4 5A F3 04 FA E5 EE: sense, which one is used? Both?
FC 03 ED F7 13 15 04 FA E5 EE: manipulation
FC F0 D8 00 1A 00 1A D1 B0 04 00 00 04 F0 1B F7 01 1E 9E 00 F7 01 22 23 FA F0 1D E5 EE: 2X cut
FC F0 D8 00 1A 00 1A CC 04 CB FF E8 03 FE FE 00 08 08 F0 1B 1E F7 03 F4 06 F3 1C FA F0 1D E5 EE: Mug?
FC F0 D8 00 1A 00 1A D1 B0 04 00 00 04 F0 1B F7 01 1E 9E 00 E5 BD B0 04 00 00 F0 F7 03 22 9E 00 E5 BD B0 04 00 00 F0 F7 03 24 9E 00 E5 BD B0 04 00 00 F0 F7 03 29 1C FA F0 1D E5 EE: 4X cut
E8 FC 00 E0 EA F4 19 F3 EC F0 D8 00 1A 00 2C D1 B0 04 00 00 04 F0 2D D8 06 30 00 2E FA F0 2F E5 EE: Braver limit. Limits note:I don't know how the game sort it out, probably through the exe, but here it consider that anim 00 01 02 and 03 from blaver.a00 are anims 44 45 46 and 47... 
E8 FC 00 E0 EA F4 19 F3 EC F0 D8 00 1A 00 2C D1 B0 04 00 00 04 F0 2D 2E FA F0 2F E5 EE: Cross slash limit
E8 FC 00 E0 EA F4 19 F3 EC 2C 9E 00 EC 2D E5 EE: Blade beam limit
E8 FC 00 E0 EA F4 19 F3 EC F0 2C D8 00 1A 00 FB 40 06 00 00 F0 2D D8 19 30 00 A8 26 08 2E FA F0 E5 EE: climhazard
E8 FC 00 E0 EA F4 19 F3 EC 2C E5 EE: meteor strike
E8 FC 00 E0 EA F4 19 F3 EC 2C E5 EE EC E5 EE 00: finishing touch
E8 FC 00 E0 EA F4 19 F3 EC 2C 2D 2D 2E FA E5 EE: omnislash

I turned the 2X cut strikes into 04 11, it give it something a little original but if you want it exactly like the 1st class, I will re-adust to 04 13 or 12 13. Replaced the finish of the 4X with 15 so that one should be close to the 1st class.

Limits braver, cross slash and blade beam are done and not so bad, though no pun intended, I have to work with limits when it come to limits. The special effects and cameras aren't all set in the ab file here, so I have to make sure the animations I choose synch well enough, also, this is the end of the file and increasing it's total size is a very bad move, invitation to unfixables glitchs or worse, so I have to work with very little space, can't try too many changes in the opcodes lengh to smooth the sequences.

Currently I am working on climhazard, meteorain and finishing touch, they should turn out good enough as well, but due to above limitations I am a afraid for Omnislash, not sure how this one will turn out, will do what I can though, I just doubt it will look even vaguely worthy of a 4th limit. Still, have to put something since Cloud's Omnislash won't do, the models having different geometry and bones number.

I thought 11 was maybe a little original to finish the 4X cut, but if you prefer I will change it to 15, and 12 11 it will be for the 2X cut then. Coming tomorrow with the other limits in working state. It's interesting that it is actually possible to have the limits ignore their special animations files in the magic.lgp and have them point to other animations from the da, interesting and cool.

This all exercise was cool, I noticed some possible use for opcodes I didn't know what to do with before, and I did a good general mapping of the playable versions af ab files which could come in as much handy, so thanks for motivating me at doing it.

Almost complete, the only thing still amiss are the limits. A custom version of Braver is working, but I will have to do the others in the week-end. At least using a limit that isn't correcltly set up won't crash the game, in my test it just skip the anims it can't find, so before I put the last touch:

Everything else is normally working, nothing jumped at me while trying most commands, as well as it could be done this fast.

Glad you enjoy, I am better at scripts than graphics and my animations aren't all, hm, perfect, but I did so many of them that sometimes I sure was burned out to work even more on them.

I spotted the issue with the attack after a miss, it is in one of the ab sequence I wasn't sure about what it is for, but it won't be hard to fix when my day is over.
Meanwhile I did a quick fix on the items command:

hey quid just tested there, when attacking sometimes if i miss the zack stays in a forward position but animation i perfect, also there is no sound or effect when using an item with zack. just minor things though.

Hm, I changed the AB sequences to simplify the attack, and because there was a double display on item use, I took some sequences I know work on ab enemies, but I must not have retested the items after or I would have noticed. And he should turn toward target, must have forget to put back the opcode. I will fix these later when I finish, no worry. 

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