Author Topic: PSX FF8 Galbadia mod (Fujin, Raijin, Edea playables)  (Read 817 times)


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Video link :

Patch download link:


Use PPFomatic tool to install the patch on the NTSC version of FF8 PS1

Hello, first of all i'd like to thanks LVG for sharing his discovers about the ennemies animations script section, Myst6re for his tools and FF8 knowledge on the structure of the game, the doomtrain's team (alex, maki and JWP) and Nicoc1991 who helped me all way long during this long and difficult mod ( 1 month but very intense since FF8 game structure if far more difficult to access than FF7's) with his artworks and all the data he gathered for me.

final" border="0

So what  this mod is about :

Visual changes :

1-Playing as Raijin, Fujin and Edea as permanent character they will replace Irvine, Selphie and Quistis ( Squall , Zell and Rinoa are not modified)
2-Squall and Zell field models ( out of battle) upgraded to high-res versions ( more details like battle models)
3-Recolored Zell and Kiros pants to black color
4-Restored Gerogero colors/texture from the original uncensored japanese game
5-Changed Quetzacoatl and Siren for Gilgamesh and Odin ( using doom train tool)

Audio changes :

6-"Man with a Machine gun" , "Premonition" and "Maybe I'm a lion" used for battle and boss musics
7-Restored original music from the demo disc "Dollet raid" for dollet mission

Gameplay changes:

8-Some GFs have better starting abilities and they cost less AP
9-Magics deal more damage and are easier to farm
10-Bosses are more difficults

Whats needs to be done :(for the V2)

1-Changing the second Edea ( the real one that join in disc3) models to another character , because right now there will be 2 Edeas in the Eshtar mission when she join, the one that join temporary wears the red mask
2-Ability to go into the dream world ( Laguna team) for some optional dungeons
3-Making Seifer playable

Modded characters have the complete skill-set in battle , limits breaks, all animations and their portraits working.

Here is some comparison screenshot in field with modded characters and normal squall to high res squall and zell:

MOD1" border="0

MOD2" border="0

MOD2A" border="0

In battle we finally can see Raijin and Fujin perform their " attack commands", with Raijin special and Sai as their normal attack commands:

MOD3" border="0

MOD4" border="0

Finally the portraits with modified character and new GFs (Raijin,Fujin and gilgamesh portraits rearranged by Nicoc1991):

MOD5" border="0


-PS1 US version of FF8 only
-Odin can kill bosses but doesnt works vs multi forms bosses
-Do not use any of Edea/Quistis limits break items, use only her first limit break.
-Fujin limits break have gravity elements, so it cant kill enemies but deal tons of damage to high hp monsters, its add status effect as well ( works 100% even vs bosses)
-Raijin limit break is " Mad rush" , its en enhanced version of mad rush and grants aura status to all allies
-Gilgamesh can use boost command
-Diablos now break armor/vitality of ennemies and deal normal damage, can use boost command as well.

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Re: PSX FF8 Galbadia mod (Fujin, Raijin, Edea playables)
« Reply #1 on: 2024-06-03 16:47:58 »
Like your previous work with FF7 this is great mod for PSX, conrats Jeet


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Re: PSX FF8 Galbadia mod (Fujin, Raijin, Edea playables)
« Reply #2 on: 2024-06-04 03:22:34 »
Thanks you vayneruel, the testing phase is soon over, fortunally no glitches so far, except few ones that i will list in the release.


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Re: PSX FF8 Galbadia mod (Fujin, Raijin, Edea playables)
« Reply #3 on: 2024-06-04 13:23:35 »
Hi men, nice one !
Would you mind that I add it as a mod to be installed with my installer one you finished ?
It is working on both 2013 version and remaster ?
Thank you !


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Re: PSX FF8 Galbadia mod (Fujin, Raijin, Edea playables)
« Reply #4 on: 2024-06-05 03:25:03 »
Thanks, the mod is actually made on PS1 , its working on PC since nicoc1991 is porting it but i think he is not finished yet so it will come a little later, then u could add it to your mod manager, it will be a PPF patch for PSX, for PC i dont know how its works but its seems to be only files replacements, there is not too  much file to modify so i could release the modified files too eventually for pc users ( but i dont think the kernel is 100% compatible)


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Re: PSX FF8 Galbadia mod (Fujin, Raijin, Edea playables)
« Reply #5 on: 2024-06-24 22:57:50 »
Mod is finally done and tested, video and patches links on first post.