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[PSX NTSC-U] Final Fantasy IX Unleashed (v2.0.3)

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I haven't tested it on the PSP.

I did it all on a hex editor.

Jenova's Witness:

I edited it manually.

Kick ass!
This game was way too whimpy. Even by ff standards.
Manual hex editing isn't as bad as it sounds when you get used to it.

I'm gonna try this today.

I was thinking of making an enemy editor. But as of now I haven't the slightest clue on any offsets and values.
Do you have some sort of documentation on offsets etc?

Tenko Kuugen:
yeah, some sort of documentation what is what would be incredibly helpful
I've been looking to overhaul all the spells for a while ( and other stuff.. ) and this could be the first step towards actual editors


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