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Hello Tirlititi,

I would very much like to mod the PSX version of Alternate Fantasy. I could be mistaken but I remember some years ago that I was able to load the .ppf patched .bins in Hades Workshop; but I am unable to do so now. Is there an older version of Hades that would let me do this? If not, is there some way for me to get my hands on the .hws files for the PSX version of the Alternate Fantasy mod so that I can make some tweaks to character spells and what not? I tired loading the 5.2 .hws file with a PSX .bin; but Hades crashes as soon as it's done scanning the hws. file. I guess this is just an very longwinded way of asking if there are 3.2 .hws file floating around out there somewhere.

Thank you for all your hard work.

Hello g_west,
The .hws for the PSX (US) version can be found in my dropbox mod folder. I have no idea what bug you encounter when opening the modded ISO directly; I never really assumed HW to work on those so I never tracked these bugs.

Recently came across this and I'm on my third visit to Alexandria, so I loaded the "Beatrix only" mod (set as first in FolderNames in Memoria.ini) in in order to recruit her.
However, as a result, she now has no learnt seiken skills and she can't seem to learn them from equipment either.
If I remove the mod and load the game again, she's back to having them.
Any idea what might be going wrong?

There should be equipments that teach her all her abilities. Maybe you don't have them yet.

So there's nothing wrong?
She's supposed to be a blank slate?
Both when temporarily a party member and after official recruitment?


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