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How Save The Queen doesn't teach you anything? That is not normal.
Check that "BeatrixMod" is installed properly. In particular, you should have a file "BeatrixMod\StreamingAssets\Data\Items\Items.csv" that makes sure Beatrix can learn everything...

When playing the mod normally from the start, Beatrix should have learnt a couple of abilities but that doesn't apply when you install the mod midway. The equipments should allow to catch up these anyways.

"BeatrixMod\StreamingAssets\Data\Items\Items.csv" file exists.
Save The Queen does teach her some white magic.
But none of the other swords she can equip (the same Steiner can) teach her any skills.
Here's a video:

 hey have soem truble with the battlescenes dont what wrong?? ATB i stuck and getting several numbers over the character when i getting it and cant do anything

Try updating Memoria. The log file doesn't catch the problem.

iv uotaded to the last one :P


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