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how do you install this mod ? , are there instructions i missed ? didn't see any on the main page

Everything is written down in the "Readme.txt" file.

The installation depends on whether you're using the Steam version or the PSX version. Basically, you install the PSX version by applying a PPF patch to the original game files using the tool PPF-O-MATIC and you install the Steam version, you must first install the Moguri or Memoria Engine mod, then install Alternate Fantasy by moving the right files at the right place and registering it in "Memoria.ini".

On Steam Memoria's last release allows you to download and install this mod (and a few others) all through the launcher.

nice ok thank you  ;D


First I've really loved the mod, thanks a lot for your continued work on it!

I'm at the end of the game now and I'm pretty sure I've collected every piece of treasure there is in the game but... where do I get Excalibur II now? All the documentation says is it's possible and after googling everywhere that's all I can find.

Are you supposed to get it from Gilgamesh? Because Gilgamesh disappeared out of Daguerreo long ago when I went to get my S-rank medal at the end of Disc 3. I even beat Deathguise but haven't seen it anywhere.

Hello ViviQuen.
You are indeed supposed to get it from Gilgamesh. If you got the S-rank in disc 3, that means you didn't have the mod properly installed. Most likely, you are playing the PC version of the mod and have the Moguri mod installed and didn't let AlternateFantasy have priority over MoguriFiles (and didn't notice the mod was malfunctionning until now).
In Memoria.ini, you need to have "AlternateFantasy" written BEFORE "MoguriFiles" in the list of mod folders, to ensure compatibility.

Sorry for the delayed answer. Since you were new on the forum I didn't get notified your message.


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