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[PSX NTSC-U] Final Fantasy IX Unleashed No AP 1.1


This patch is a modification of LandonRay's Final Fantasy IX Unleashed 2.0.9 mod.
You can find more information on LandonRay's mod here :

My patch removes all sources of AP from the game which means that you can't learn any ability.
The only abilities and support abilities that you can use are from your current equipment.

In the original version of the game, some items that could be bought became permanently missable or available in limited quantity after you reached a certain point in the game.
These items have all been added to shops that are still open at the end of the game.

Here is the list of added items :

Treno (Disc 3-4)

Air Racket
Iron Helm
Chain Mail

Daguerreo (Disc 4)

Zorlin Shape
Diamond Armor

Black Mage Village (Disc 4)

Mythril Sword
Diamond Sword
Flame Saber
Rune Blade
Heavy Lance
Mythril Claws
Scissor Fangs
Tiger Fangs
Asura's Rod
Fairy Flute
Octagon Rod
Silver Fork
Silver Gloves
Diamond Gloves
Green Beret
Black Hood
Leather Plate
Chain Plate
Mythril Vest
Judo Uniform
Gold Armor

v1.1 Changes
Added items to shops

This patch can only be applied on the original PSX NTSC-U version of the game, it contains both Unleashed 2.0.9 and the No AP mod.
Download link :

To apply the patch you can use ppf-o-matic :

Oh boy, Unleashed was a nightmare enough all on its own. This combination sounds like something else alright.

But I confess, I am intrigued. Have you played through this yourself all the way to the end? Have you tried multiple party set-ups?

It feels like Quina might be an amazing party member in this given his/her versatility. It has been a few years since I played Unleashed, though.

Yeah Quina is quite useful with her blue magic.

So far it's not too hard but I'm only at Pinnacle Rocks in Disc 2, I'm quite busy so I only play a little from time to time so no idea when I'll get to Disc 4.

Would you consider making the NO AP mod stand alone?
I want to join NO AP and ABILITY RANDOMIZER together for fun

Do you want that for the PC or PSX version ? It's not me but "I have no name" who came up with the idea of removing all source of AP so the mod already exists for the PC version :


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