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Update the game to legal latest version- demaster doesn't support well known pirated version

this tool works for all languages, french etc?

Ale five main languages. Japanese version is in progress

There you are- should work now for (latest)


I'm excited for that polygon feature- no normal maps, bilions of poly and no performance loss. Finally I would be able to create game based on photogrammetry without retopo

Releases / Re: [FF8:Remastered] Project Maximum FMV
« on: 2020-05-15 08:08:17 »
This is awesome! Wow, such quality

Does this work in the spanish version?
┬┐funciona esto en la version de espa├▒a?
I'm sorry but no- except you have a remaster, then keep reading

I understand this may be a little too difficult, so if you do have remaster then you can apply "Demaster" patch that have UV patch built-in. Here you can find more details:

Updated to 1.2.8a and repacked- there was probably an issue with debug build of the dll. It probably updated to that debug build. It's now compiled properly and packed with all the things needed:

@Yagami- could you please send me the texture you are trying to use? This kind of error is really weird ;-;
@CyberSnake - well, that's normal. This mod only unlocks the possibility of modding, it doesn't contain all new textures. I know that MCINDUS is preparing texture pack, you will be able to use it soon.

Please wait a bit, I know MCINDUS is preparing pre-set mods. The current release is 1.2.6 with various fixes including the one with crash. Just download the release in first post, open manager and update to 1.2.6

I'm not even going to read it. I don't give this kind of crap the time of day - and nor should anyone. 

Not sure there's no DIRECT_IO_EXPORT_DIR=EXP\ setting in the 1.2.1 config is that an issue? This is the current directory path C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered

The offline mode used to give me this error but now both do nothing, maybe windows security is blocking it. I've updated to latest nvidia drivers, verifying cache changes 2 files and allows me to play normally without mods, but not with custom launcher.

The batch files give me nothing and the 1.2.1a version gives me the same error boxes as before
If i start the Launcher (offline and Forceplay too) its not loading game. Only a little window with "An Unknown exeption has occurrend".

If i Change in Demaster Options the "DIRECT_IO   [CORE]- loads files from unpacked archives" than Game starts normal.

I killed the launcher and re-wrote core part to no longer use SteamApi, deleted settings that caused crashes and bringed back the original, working Sebanisu launcher. It now works on minimum operations to keep up with the stability.
Current link to 1.2.4:

@Pittstone- please download the newest release from link above and open ffviii_demaster_manager.exe - it would make sure that you have everything needed for your first run. After auto-unpacking the files you can close the manager and run the launcher directly or from Steam- also make sure you have the newest version from Steam- this mod works only on current version of remaster

what the...
Ultimate solution:
It has .BATs for forceplay and/or offline when everything fails- I also fixed some issues and create game config files if needed

PS> Two users report version a working for them. I wonder what is the issue in your place

I cant get ff8 remastered to start with the new release, whats the issue with the flame animations? I remember them animating last time I checked.
please try with newest Launcher- it looks like some users have issues with SteamApi and weird config files:

Released 1.2 with auto zzz extracting, zero manual file editing- includes launcher with vanilla options capabilities and demaster options directly via GUI. Launcher is now capable of auto-downloading new DLLs

@Yagami Light - I am aware of the issue with animated battle backgrounds. So far the only workaround is rename the animated texture so game will not use it (if you already have PNGs- the game will load and load again dropping performance to unplayable state) and also disable Log- it spams errors :( - About Edea, it's now fixed in 1.2.1 - launcher should automatically download fixed DLL. I think the same problem may appear with Seifer. Thank you for all the info and bug reports!

World map is broken/disabled, so only log is new addition. Disabling logging would increase performance significantly. I'll try to minimize output by worldmap in future- the remaster is just additionally "emulated" or something. The remaster is currently the slowest release ever. Fields are expected to lag when crossing/loading texture like in Balamb where game loads far and then near focal length textures. HDD is unfortunately a giant bottleneck- storing game on SSD can take care of this issues. Unfortunately there's no much to be done here as remaster works on the same super old engine. Please provide the save and used texture mods with the Ward issue. I don't know what's the matter.

I have a save file that throws an exception when loaded, in Ultimecia's castle just before the final fight.

Adding the empty wrong_disk fixed loading my other saves, but this particular one refuses to load.

Here's my save file:

and my log:
Addressed and fixed:

I verified game cache to remove the uv patch and it now loads, but still errors out when loading a save file
mcindus have the same error but related to disk higher than 1- I am still waiting for the saves, if you can please upload yours that crash

EDIT: Thanks for the log- looks like wrong_disk is the issue
quick workaround: make an empty file: EXP/data/disk/wrong_disk - like empty, zero bytes and it will work [tested]

Hey, looks like the download link was pulled. Issues with the current release or something else?
Unfortunately yes, but it's fixed now-

(tech talk start- a lot of bla bla bla)
I was working on pre-patched FFVIII_EFIGS.dll that had ASLR disabled in DLL_CHARACTERISTICS. Therefore both IDA and Ghidra disassembled machine code:
Code: [Select]
FF 15 A8 B2 66 11 as
Code: [Select]
call    ds:free, however when building demaster I have no access to data segment of given module on compile-time. Therefore raw disassembly of this opcode as said by Ghidra and x86 disassembler is:
Code: [Select]
ff 15 a8 b2 66 11       call   DWORD PTR ds:0x1166b2a8- while the module image base offset was 0x10000000. When ASLR is disabled, then ds:0x1166b2a8 is correct, however when ASLR is enabled by default as in original release, then the image base offset can change to example 0x7F320000, so 0x1166b2a8 didn't belong to imports of this module. It caused all the crashes because it tried to jump to unknown memory address. Only CheatEngine disassembler correctly disassembled this opcode as
Code: [Select]
CALL DWORD PTR [FFVIII_EFIGS.dll+0x166b2a8]- however it did that way because CE don't work on static database but on runtime, so it knew the image bases- same would be displayed as x86dbg, windbg and etc- while IDA having a debugger it takes the data from static database and would display calculated absolute address. There were two ways: patch DLL, but I can do that before launching FF8 and injecting demaster DLL or do it correctly and change call   DWORD PTR ds:0x1166b2a8 to:
Code: [Select]
MOV EAX, ds_free_add_rel_pointer

(tech talk end)

The new working version is available: - it's going to be replaced with 1.2 soon with launcher and auto-unpacking requiring zero input from user along with example textures.

hmm... do you by chance have non-latin username or path? Maybe russian folder name or something? Everything should be just fine- I don't understand hmph. Please send me your FFVIII_EFIGS.dll over pm I'll test it

Do you have the latest update installed? Try to disable everything and enabled one-by-one to find on what it's crashing

OMG sorry, looks like upload failed and I didn't see it failed. Reuploaded on the same link

Demaster is an injectable DLL that introduces many features: allows replacing monsters that didn't have HD textures, allows replacing fields with HD!!, allows replacing and modifying basically any texture, allows replacing battle stage textures, introduces auto UV patch, introduces direct reading of files instead of .zzz archives- basically Tonberry that works natively + several patches

Download now at:

INCLUDES 16 pages PDF with instructions step-by-step and features described

Battle stage HD:

It wasn't possible to replace T-rex with HD texture, now it's as easy as putting the files as in Remaster current HD textures are:

Fields are now in HD- you just drag and drop textures that are AI-enchanced:

demaster is configurable, adjustable, you can replace one texture or you can replace them all. Doesn't matter. Bigger, smaller- whatever

This is not final! More upgrades coming soon! Please report anything to make this cooler for you also report any wishes you want.

* ??

Remember to check for updates via demaster_manager

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy VIII movie creation
« on: 2019-10-23 20:48:18 »
I actually despise FB, I'm not even signed up, but someone has to contact this guy and tell him about deepfake. He seems to be working in a movie project quite well but their faces need some deepfake masks to match the game's characters.
He is here - his nickname is softtm17 I believe- if not, then this guy should be somehow related to the movie project
I remmeber also someone with guerv .... something like that

General Discussion / Re: where do you buy games ?
« on: 2019-10-22 18:50:20 »
 It depends on really many things.
Are you Russian? If so you can buy much cheaper products directly at Steam, key resellers like G2A or Yuplay (yuplay usually provides region free keys, anything else is locked only to Russia)
If not above, then head over to (it is full site address) - it will show all available deals on many platforms (Steam, GOG). If you're console player, then you may want to search on eBay for used games - do not look for digital ones as they are usually the same price as new copies and also you won't be able to resell the game.
You might also try to get on - it's polish site, but pretty straightforward - title, discount and direct link.

There might be also people selling account access to new games for less than 1$- it's not fake, it's real, but well ... it's not cool

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