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Releases / Re: [FF8PC-Steam] Add-on DLLs (2014-07-11)
« on: 2015-03-17 06:40:38 »
If you close game without closing launcher and push play button to start game, hext launcher will not work. It is bad tool.


With tonberry can not pass episode in space. This is very big BUG.(No spacesuit in the picture)

I write screenshot support for tonberry mod.
If you press the print screen button in the game directory "s—Āreenshot" folder appears  with screenshot of the game.
Work only in window game mode. :(
Owerwrite d3d9.dll with my files in game folder.(After installing tonberry)

it not used.

Link updated.
Some bugs fixed.
Added missing section in wmsetus
Added areames.dc1 ini file

Just open namedic.bin in my tool. :D
In namedic.bin located first part of location name.
Then rename namedic.bin.ini in areames.dc1.ini and open areames.dc1 from menu.fs
Here is the second part of the name.
PS: redownload program from 1st post.

I download 1.0.11 files from your link.  It work fine with default config. Don't need any change in my tool.
I am found Ali dll ;)

It is not only for game exe. And it work with old  version of game.
If it violates the rules of this forum. You can remove the lines from the program's description, about the translation of the main exe file. And it will be:
1) Translator tool for file menu(mngrp.bin).
2) Translator tool for text in battle(c0mXXX.dat).

Ini file for english mngrp.bin

You may rename FF8_EN.exe.ini in FF8.exe.ini. It work perfectly for old english version. I do not think that someone will translate non-English version

This looks like this has some potential. However, nothing happens when I load FF8.exe into the program; this is the French 1.02 exe.
You need game exe from cracked steam 1.0.10 version. Final Fantasy VIII SE v1.0.10 [MULTI5] Fixed Files

FF8 Tools / [Steam] Translator Tool - MnGrpEditor (v1.6)
« on: 2015-02-24 15:09:38 »
Hi, all.
I wrote a new utility for translation Steam version of the game.
How does it differ from ff8msg?
+ It supports translation to any language
+ It is not necessary to search for offset
+ It supports translation FF8_EN.exe and FF8.exe
+ It allows you translate phrases in battles.
+ It allows you translate monster name.
+ It allows you translate namedic.bin
1.8 version
Added "Use only decode.ini" option
Added support for m00x.bin, pet_exp.bin,wmsetus.obj files.
If you want edit m00x.bin and pet_exp.bin, m00x.msg and pet_exp.msg file needed in the same folder.
1.9 version
Added support for kernel.bin(like carbuncul, but not so buggy)
Added some foolproof code.
Some bugs fixed. (wiping "=" symbol, adding extra space in battle files)

To translate into another language, you will need to change your alphabet in encode.ini and decode.ini  files.
To translate into your language mngrp.bin may need to edit some offsets in the ini file. Since I set it under the Russian menu.
To edit phrases in battles you need open the file c0mXXX.dat from battle.fs

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