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Title: I want to overclock my Barton.
Post by: dgp9999 on 2004-02-11 11:00:06
Yep! The wear-in period for the Arctic Silver has ended and I'm ready to add more speed to my 2500+. I'll tell you the way I've tried to do it so far.

I went into the BIOS, changed the system clock from 166 to 200. I have DDR400 memory so I set it to SPD to use it's native 200mhz. I left the multiplier alone. As did I the vcore. I rebooted, all well and good, detected my CPU as a 3200+, 2.19GHz. Got into Windows, still stable, temperature when encoding in LAME was only 4oC higher than at the normal 2500+ speed of 1.83GHz. Here's where it started sucking, but not enormously badly. I ran Deus Ex Invisible War, after a while the game would crash to the desktop. I un-done my changes in the BIOS and ran DX2 again, working fine.

Later that night I went online and talked to a friend of mine who's pretty clued up on o/cing. He said I should increase the vcore voltage. I asked by how much and he said to the next step up.

Today I set it in motion. From 1.65vcore to 1.75vcore. Played DX2, no crashing. So my question is... is this the correct way to overclock an AMD? Should I have left the system clock and changed the multiplier from 11x to 13x instead of changing the system clock abnd leaving the multiplier?