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Never heard of this any links where can learn about this incident? Doubt Square Enix would do that

General Discussion / So FF7 Remake Music is fantasic
« on: 2020-04-13 20:11:33 »
The Airbuster (Those Who Fight Further)- Final Fantasy 7 REMAKE OST -

They did the FF6 mashing 3 themes into one no loop it's amazing they went beyond remaking the already great classic soundtracks bravo

Also others up on Youtube too etc no point me linking every single soundtrack

Would be great if someone compiled all the FF7Remake soundtracks as a audio mod for the classic FF7 nice option

Got my copy super early before release plus isolation time so I had lots of time to spend on this game just 100% it now

I enjoyed it alot :) Looking forward to the next game and this one's eventual PC release

Oh shit wrong place my bad I'll shit on it don't wanna lose my cool card here, THIS GAME POO POO PLATTER!! There.

Jk game's awesome better than FF15 too imo

FF7.Spdhck.v2.exe yeah personally i wouldn't run that why did it have to be exe anyway

General Discussion / Re: FF7 remake discussion time!
« on: 2020-04-06 04:41:13 »
Graphics, UI etc is nice especially the music

Good fan service the remake is

Overall happy with it

This goes really well with Ninostyles game models based on Tetsuya Nomuras concept art

I use the Wictoriously version with the clean classic white portrait backgrounds

The Reiletuag version for some reason the images are lower quality and slightly zoomed in can compare and see

So the new 7thHeaven 2 is great all good no problems, only thing i see that is not mentioned in 7thHeaven Help section or the Youtube tutorial is that -

For example say i download the 7.3GB Field Textures from the included Mod Catalogue

I see it includes 2 options to choose from to enable and play with, same field textures but different versions one by Satsuki and one by Remako

I am using Satsuki and never intend to use Remako, Remako files huge and a waste of space that's not going to be used anyway to delete this part completely?

There are bunch of compilation mods in here if i could do this for every single one that would be great, should helps others regain wasted storage space too.
Thanks again to the community behind and helping with 7thHeaven

Does this upscale pack retain the most detail compared to other field packs? I like upscales but not at the expense of blurring details rather enhance it

Releases / Re: [FF7 PC] FFXIII UI Sounds
« on: 2020-03-08 23:15:48 »
Excellent thanks need to try this out

7th Heaven / Re: [FF7 PC] Mod Manager - 7th Heaven 2.0
« on: 2020-03-08 22:38:36 »

This is great thanks


There are some interesting uses of materia in FFVII outside of normal battles. For example, Cait Sith forces himself to come along with you, and if you check his equipment you can see he has the Manipulate materia equipped.

A more interesting example would be that during the flashback sequences, Cloud's (Zack's) Buster Sword has the Pre-Emptive materia equipped on it. This can maybe explain why Cloud was able to sneak up on Sephiroth in the Jenova room after Zack gave him the sword.

Current mystery - why Sephiroth throws the Destruct materia at Cloud.

Could it be because Jenova understands Sephiroth is starting to take over control, and she uses the last bit of control she has to give Cloud the materia to use on Safer Sephiroth (since he casts Wall at the beginning of every battle)

 ? Clearly no, but come up with something better. "


"PS1 Emulation can do amazing things nowadays (FFVII)

We've all seen those crazy Dolphin/Cemu screenshots running Nintendo games with great art direction even at 8K internal resolution with ridiculous image quality. Anyone who has delved into tinker with emulation has quickly ran into an issue, however: many old PS1 games look utterly awful when running on higher resolutions! Specifically, most classic Square RPGs including the Final Fantasy games have pre-rendered 2D backgrounds with 3D models on top. Running these games at a higher resolution generally results in a severe mis-match between the soft hand-drawn backgrounds and the razor sharp 3D models that don't even look very good to begin with.

Well, what if I told you that there is a much better way to render PS1 games on modern hardware? Enter RetroArch with the Bettle PSX HW Core. I've included a video I threw together quickly in order to explain a few key settings, but the gist of it is that you can now render the 3D models at whatever super high resolution you want and then downsample them back to the original PSX resolution. The results are staggering. The 3D models suddenly look just as hand-painted as the backgrounds and blend together perfectly. Also on display are the battles running at a much higher framerate than the original 15 fps due to internal chip overclocking. In FFVII (un?)fortunately results in the animations/movement also running a lot faster, making this a turbo mode of sorts. If it's your first time playing probably stay away from those settings, but for those of us who have cleared the game many times it might actually be a welcome addition, bugs and minor issues notwithstanding.

Keep in mind that Youtube compression ruins CRT filters. That particular aspects looks much better in person. Anyway, here's the video:

It goes into more detail on specific settings and shows off how the game looks if anyone is interested in trying this out for themselves. Personally, I've been enjoying these games more than ever thanks to this for a few months now and figured I would share my experience. Cheers!"

Nice find

I know this forum been on the stance that very anti-ripped models etc since the beginning

But now that modding has slowed down, Square Enix making FF7 Remake and no longer cares about FF7 OG and doubt Square will have ninjas browsing this forum anymore to take down their ripped content etc

I think this forum should allow distributing this kinda stuff, it's already been done in other places since ages just fine might aswell allow it here too as long as people don't profit off it should be good

What do you think?


RPGSite Twitter

Yen Press has announced they have acquired the rights to the Final Fantasy VII: On the Way to a Smile novel by Nojima Kazushige.

More info from Siliconerahttp://

" For those who don't know; a series of short stories written by Kazushige Nojima were released around the time of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII (Advent Children and beyond) which are character-centric and focus on what happens to particular characters between the events of Final Fantasy VII and Advent Children which occurs two years after the events of the game.

The collection of stories (Case of Tifa, Barret, Yuffie, Nanaki, Lifestream Black/ White, and case of Denzel) have been translated and are available in Novel format in Japanese, French and German and as a whole is known as "On the Way to a Smile". They have never had an official release in English.

This announcement means that the novel as a whole is finally getting an official English translation, and Yen Press also announced that more Final Fantasy ancillary materials will be released to the west.

Full disclosure: I run which published fan translations and audiobooks of these novellas, so we're really looking forward to seeing what comes of the new English translations. "

Copied pasted from another site.

A separate brilliant Polygon feature for those who haven't read it i recommend you do:

An inside look at the creation and fallout of an industry defining role-playing game, as told by those who were there.
500 Years Later is an extended and enhanced print adaptation of Matt Leone’s celebrated 27,000 word history, published online by Polygon in January this year. This physical version has been extended and enhanced for print, featuring specially commissioned illustrations, 8 new standalone interviews, and a foreword by series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi.

A collaboration between Read-Only Memory and Polygon, 500 Years Later will be an exceptional book object, comprising a variety of high-end papers, special inks and high-end production techniques.

link to Kickstarter campaign →


Spanning five sections, the core narrative of 500 Years Later features key players speaking candidly and at length on the high stakes pressures, cutting edge tech and human dramas that surrounded the creation of Final Fantasy VII. The full lineup comprises:

    Shigeo Maruyama, Deputy president, Sony Computer Entertainment (BOOK EXCLUSIVE)
      Hironobu Sakaguchi, Producer and executive vice president, Square Japan; Chairman and chief executive officer, Square USA
        Motonori Sakakibara, Movie director, Square
          Tomoyuki Takechi, President and chief executive officer, Square
            Tatsuya Yoshinari, Programmer, Square Japan
              Kyoko Higo, Assistant marketing associate, Square U.S.
                Yoshihiro Maruyama, Executive vice president, Square U.S.
                  Hiroshi Kawai, Character programmer, Square Japan
                    Yoshinori Kitase, Director, Square Japan
                      Tetsuya Nomura, Character and battle visual director, Square Japan
                        Kazuyuki Hashimoto, CG supervisor, Square Japan; Chief technical officer and senior vice president, Square USA
                          Keith Boesky, President, Eidos (1997-1999)
                            Yoshitaka Amano, Image illustrator, freelance
                              Shinichiro Kajitani, Vice president, Square USA
                                Darren Smith, Project manager/manager, Nintendo of America (1993-2000)
                                  Junichi Yanagihara, Executive vice president, Square USA
                                    Shuhei Yoshida, Square account manager, Sony Computer Entertainment
                                      Jun Iwasaki, Vice president of marketing, Square U.S.
                                        George Harrison, Senior vice president, marketing and communications, Nintendo of America (1992-2007)
                                          Hiroki Chiba, Event planner, Square Japan
                                            Frank Hom, Associate producer, Eidos (1995-2001)
                                              Nobuo Uematsu, Music composer, Square Japan
                                                Alexander O. Smith, Localization specialist, Square U.S. and Japan (1998-2002)
                                                  Kazushige Nojima, Scenario writer, Square Japan
                                                    Seth Luisi, Associate producer, Sony Computer Entertainment America
                                                      David Bamberger, Senior product manager, Sony Computer Entertainment America
                                                        Elaine Di lorio, Manager of business development, Square U.S.
                                                          William Chen, Lead programmer, Square U.S. (1997-2000)
                                                            Rex Ishibashi, Vice president of business development, Electronic Arts (1997-2001)
                                                              John Riccitiello, President and chief operating officer, Electronic Arts (1998-2004)
                                                                Yoichi Wada, President and chief executive officer, Square/Square Enix (2001-2013)
                                                                  Yusuke Naora, Art director, Square Japan[/li][/list]

                                                                  Final Fantasy VII was one of the most groundbreaking videogames of the ’90s. Costing over $40 million to create, the project was a significant gamble for Japanese videogame developer Square. The game went on to sell more than 11 million copies and stands as the one of the best-selling PlayStation titles, celebrated for its progressive visuals, involving story and grand scale.

                                                                  GAMEREVOLUTION: Would you take over the Final Fantasy VII Remake if [Square Enix] offered that one to you?

                                                                  TABATA: No.

                                                                  GR: No, you wouldn't!?

                                                                  TABATA: No I wouldn't.

                                                                  GR: Can I ask why?

                                                                  TABATA: It's something I couldn't make, myself. That's about it.

                                                                  GR: Would that be a lot of pressure?

                                                                  TABATA: Final Fantasy VII is a special game.

                                                                  GR: It's the big one.

                                                                  TABATA: It's such a special numbered game that I don't think I can remake that one. There's so many fans out there, if I were asked to satisfy all those fans, I don't think that's something I could do, 100%. If [Square Enix] asked me to make a new Final Fantasy and take it in a new direction, I'd be happy to accept that one, but if they asked me to remake Final Fantasy VII — to release as if it were a modern game, just released today -- no, I don't think that's something I can do. I think the only people who could do that are Mr. (Yoshinori) Kitase and Mr. (Tetsuya) Nomura.

                                                                  GR: And you say that even though you did such a good job with Crisis Core?

                                                                  TABATA: Well that wasn't VII itself.

                                                                  GR: A spinoff... a prequel.

                                                                  TABATA: Yeah, it wasn't the main game. Now, if they asked me to do Final Fantasy VII-2, that might be different.

                                                                  GR: Which brings us back to your new project!

                                                                  *Laughter in the room*

                                                                  TABATA: We haven't got that planned!
                                                                  The full interview will be published on GameRevolution later this month.


                                                                  Tim Rogers and Jason Schreier take a look at Final Fantasy VII's Wall Market, with Tim Rogers providing a live translation. Join us!




                                                                  I’m playing Final Fantasy VII in both English and Japanese at the same time, and noticing a bunch of tiny differences — for you. Here’s a video illustrating what nuances of the first few lines of the game couldn’t make it into the English translation.

                                                                  I lived and worked in Japan for ten years. I’ve worked as a game designer on Japanese video games, and I’ve even officially translated a Japanese role-playing game from Japanese into English all by myself (it was a lot of work . . .). So I had a real good time making this video — and there’s more to come!

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