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You're all doing a wonderful job with what you have right now. Just take your time with it. No rush at all. 

7th Heaven / Xpadder and 7th Heaven
« on: 2017-08-16 17:00:20 »
So, I dunno if anyone else uses Xpadder. But, it seems to fail on working whenever i run it and the 7th Heaven launch.  I have my buttons for moving mapped and it won't recognize them after I configure the game's settings. I dunno if this is due to the current version or just that the thing itself needs to be updated.   

EDIt: NEVERMIND. I had to install something to get it to work properly. SORRY! xD 

Catalogs / Re: Catalog v2.3x Report / Mod Requests
« on: 2017-08-15 15:28:16 »
For the Animations part in the catalog, was the breathing animation removed?  I'm wondering because it doesn't seem to be working anymore for the field models.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] Anxious Heart (A05 Final)
« on: 2016-12-27 06:40:18 »
Has anyone officially uploaded this file to mediafire or something similar? I am unable to use torrents.

Trust me, i've tried all of those.  However, I think I just have to be careful with how I run it. Like say I wanna run the game on a TV, just convert and assign the device.  If I wanna switch, rerun and reroute.

Edit: And it worked. O.O

I did  try it after reinstalling from scratch. I had to do it while  both monitors were in place and set the sound device from the TV as the main one before finishing the conversion.

Now my question remains, will it work with the PC headphones once I remove the HDMI and return it to normal? This I will find out soon enough. Feedback will be appreciated.

Okay, i've been experimenting with the 7th Heaven on FF7 on my computer and still; having no further luck whatsoever in the long run, my computer just farts out whenever I try to play this game on my HDTV which has an Nvidia drive for the sound system.  When I play it, the sound does not come from the TV's speakers, even since I have an HDMI plugged from my computer's GPU to the TV's port. The sound comes from my speakers on the desktop or the headphones I got plugged in. This, honestly has been making me scratch my head . xD

Anyone know a workaround?

Hopefully no, I wish I could give more insight to this.  What all did you do? Tell me the steps from point A to point B.

You might have to redo it from scratch or fix some things in your 7th heaven menus. There shouldn't have been any issues.

I've successfully run the game converter and I've also installed everything from 7th Heaven but when I click on the games icon to boot it up and check out if it works, an error pops up saying to insert Disc 1, 2, or 3. Was I supposed to rename "Windows (C:)" to FF7DISC1 or was there another way to go about that?

If you have successfully converted the game using a blank ISO provided from this guide, you should be able to use that same ISO to bypass the disk checking system of the original game.

The anticipation for completion, so much intensifying.  - Heavy breath. INTENSIFIES-  D 8 <

Oh Alyza, by the way. How are things going in production of the next release?  I hope the work isn't stressful.

My apologies for earlier, I know someone who works in trainers but I do not use them myself unless I want to experiment.  For some reason, it doesn't seem to work with this and i'll have a look around to see what I can bring up. Don't worry, people will do what they can to help. 

How about, NOT using trainer cheats?

Time to form a line and be like them bros who wait for the new star wars film in front of stores. xD

Version 2.0 of the Catalog will be releasing soonish (don't ask when), and will feature some new mods. Once you download them, you have to Activate them and then click the Configure button to see all its options to choose from. The Catalog just displays the categories of mods, so you're not going to see them from there. I haven't counted them exact, but once Version 2.0 is out, I'd say there will be over 100 mod options to select.

Well then!  Means a whole new world of opportunities for us. xD  You're doing an amazing job and we love you. <3

Maybe.  I'll experiment around.   When I am not playing MGSV TPP.  xD   

Could be a conflict with the script in Kaldarasha's CHAOS mod.  Since one fix applies to the size of the characters in the field.

I have no clue. xD  All I know is that whenever I run Reunion, I can install other things EXCEPT the script fixes and it'll run fine. But when I run  everything together, or just the fix alone, it messes it up.

Hey Dan? Any news on the situation with the setup changing the Flevel with the script fix?

its downloaded from steam....dont think i can get more legit....

Start the game once, let the launcher update to it's latest version of the game. Run the game, exit, mount your blank ISO to any drive like D: or F:.  Run the converter on Admin and it should work. Unless you pirated the game. In which, SHAME!.    SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME!!!!!   To get more legit, screen shot your steam copy and post it to show proof.

Hm, that is strange.  If it's a possible issue with windows then what the duck? xD   Glad I brought this to the attention, since C gave me the same issues. But, B did not.

List the mods you do use. Try first to replace the flevel.lgp with the original one. If that doesn't help go on with the minigames.

Alright, I use your CHAOS subscription. The base at the bottom, animations at the top. Cloud stuff. Barret test.. Battle models for the characters, enemies and weapons. Same with field models and world models. Battle , world and field textures. Gameplay tweaks, like the cheats that give the save anywhere thing. Music media plus my own custom tracks.  Menu backgrounds, menu overhaul. And, all three minigames.

Edit, I think I found the issue.  I had the retranslation on, some coloring and the script fixes.  The script fixes were the issue. xD   Even when I tried replacing with the original Flevel.

Fudge sickles... Even with this new one, the game crashes on start up.  The eff is going on?

Alright, so I manage to uninstall the Reunion I was using, that being the RO3B, and then tried this. It all installs as it should then the game just crashes when I run it from 7th Heaven.  Hmm.. Tried it normally, same thing.

I'll see what I can do man.  ^^ I love your work so i'll provide some information wherever possible.   I just gotta fix my issue with C.  Whenever I have it installed with JUST the retranslation, menu overhaul and a script fix, it seems to crash on startup when I play the game.

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