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At the moment it's all about the Prison Break! Lost started up again so more to watch. Borrowed Carnivale S1 and S2 off a friend too. Instead of spamming Japanese topic...Naruto and Bleach, very commercial but I do enjoy em  8-)

Archive / Problem with converted battle models
« on: 2004-06-24 14:05:19 »
V. nice TallgeeseIIII!

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / FF9 PC
« on: 2004-06-23 11:00:02 »
::mouth drools wildly:: Mmm. FF7 PSP.
I have a funny feeling that Sony will do something stupid with PSP games like sitck "psp" after each title so... "Final Fantasy 7psp"

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / FF9 PC
« on: 2004-06-23 00:45:24 »
Did I hear a rumour about FF7 being remade for PS2 a while ago? Sure, it wouldn't make any money from anyone bar the dedicated fans. I'd spend my notes for that.

Archive / Midi Volume Problems!
« on: 2004-06-23 00:42:23 »
When I was playing FF7 with an Audigy card I gave up trying to correct the extreme quietness of the music. I bought the PS version  :wicked:

Correct me if I'm wrong (be brutal) but doesn't the FFMusic program support WinAmp plugins? Would Highly Experimental work with FFMusic? Never tried FFMusic myself.


Wow. I've totally been ignoring the Game Tweaking forum. This topic caught my eye. I've just upgraded to WinXP so I haven't had time - or the enegy - to install FF7 and mess around with patching and soundfonts and using the usless Audigy software in XP.

Yeah, Viena is cool. I've experimented with some soundfonts I use for all midis. Sounds amazing but they're ending up around 140MB though...

I'd love to see a Samuel's For FF7. I had started playing FF8 before I realised about the SF system in FF7 so I was using the XG SoftSynth. The FF8 Timber SF was what got me interested in the whole SF world. I was using the Timber SF in combination with a few all purpose SFs and FF7 was sounding beautiful.

::stares at his copy of FFX-2 PAL, waiting for college to be over::

I'll definately be checkin back here for updates. Oh and I have to listen to the samples from this thread when I get home.

Yep! The wear-in period for the Arctic Silver has ended and I'm ready to add more speed to my 2500+. I'll tell you the way I've tried to do it so far.

I went into the BIOS, changed the system clock from 166 to 200. I have DDR400 memory so I set it to SPD to use it's native 200mhz. I left the multiplier alone. As did I the vcore. I rebooted, all well and good, detected my CPU as a 3200+, 2.19GHz. Got into Windows, still stable, temperature when encoding in LAME was only 4oC higher than at the normal 2500+ speed of 1.83GHz. Here's where it started sucking, but not enormously badly. I ran Deus Ex Invisible War, after a while the game would crash to the desktop. I un-done my changes in the BIOS and ran DX2 again, working fine.

Later that night I went online and talked to a friend of mine who's pretty clued up on o/cing. He said I should increase the vcore voltage. I asked by how much and he said to the next step up.

Today I set it in motion. From 1.65vcore to 1.75vcore. Played DX2, no crashing. So my question is... is this the correct way to overclock an AMD? Should I have left the system clock and changed the multiplier from 11x to 13x instead of changing the system clock abnd leaving the multiplier?


I'll bet the European release will be bug free and with extras, like usual. As much as I revel in this, it's kinda unfair to the owners of the other releases. I loved the Dark Aeons; a real reason to get your luck at 255  :D

General Discussion / Hey
« on: 2004-02-03 22:03:07 »
Oh wait. I'm on my second _course_. The first was National Diploma in Computing (Software). In that I learned the basics of basic and a bit of object-oriented programming in Delphi. I'm now doing the Higher ND (Software) where we'll be doing C, C++ and Java which are basically the same thing so I'm a happy camper ^_^


General Discussion / Hey
« on: 2004-02-03 20:56:26 »
I always used Delphi 6 to do my PASCAL assignments. I'd click File | New... then I'd choose Console Application. And there you have it, pascal. Wee. It's much better to look at a Windows box than a blue and yellow Turbo Pascal dos box.


General Discussion / Hey
« on: 2004-02-03 12:36:28 »
Delphi is one of the languages I'm currently learning. I've just started C (not Visual C++) and its proving a tad harder than PASCAL but still okay. Programing languages are all the same, once you know one you know them all.


EDIT: 2nd year? We're probably on the same course XD

General Discussion / Hey
« on: 2004-02-02 23:57:23 »
I've done some low-level assembly before. I was surprised how easy it is once you've got the operations in memory (yours, not the data registers, hahahaha...heh...) I'd like to do more in that area. I studied the 68000.

General Discussion / Quick FFXI question
« on: 2004-01-17 23:09:56 »
Now here's a forums I haven't been to in a while... but anyway.

I'm thinking about buying a US version of FFXI. PC of course. I live in the UK and I was wondering if I'd have any problems with registration if I bought it. So, will I?

Also, does anyone know a release date for FFXI in Europe? I saw one copy in a game shop in London when I was there but I'm sure it was an import. The £50 price tag says it all. It's $50 in the states. I shoulda bought it when I was over there during Christmas! Arg.


General Discussion / How long have you been here?
« on: 2003-09-06 23:24:04 »
Hmm... November 2001. I haven't posted here in a long time actually.

Archive / Music substitution
« on: 2003-03-17 12:05:06 »
I could never get that program to work. FF7 wouldn't even start to load. The window wouldn't open for crying out loud. I don't know what I was doing wrong. Is it possible - with FF7Music - to use the original MIDI from FF7? FF7's MIDI system sucked with the Audigy, primitive.


I just had an idea: How old are Vincent, Lucrecia, Hojo, and Sephiroth? Sephiroth was born of Lucrecia and Hojo, yeah? Vincent was with Lucrecia before she done the experiment with Hojo. How old does Sephiroth look to you? Late twenties? What did Vincent sleep in, a cryogenic freezer? Just a quick thought, correct me if I'm wrong.


General Discussion / looking for FFX art (not CG renders)
« on: 2003-03-17 11:47:53 »
Sorry, I haven't seen any. What I would like to see are some FFX locations. I would have thought that there would be websites for FFX with location drawings.  :-?


General Discussion / ff7 backgrounds help
« on: 2003-03-17 11:42:36 »
We do sell FF7 in the UK, you know  :wink: Although, I have not seen it in a long time. I got it on PSX second hand for about £10 from GAME. Working well. I use it on my PS2, has anyone tried using the PS2's texture smoother with FF7? It's the first game I've seen work with it.


General Discussion / Newbie to the board, not to the game.
« on: 2003-03-17 11:36:08 »
I tried making my system a dual booter. I used System Commander 2000. It didn't have WinXP support =( However, it did support W2k. Instructions on the software told me to install W2k first. <whine>It wouldn't have worked anyway coz of stupid computer problems...</whine>


I thought the Hyno-Crown was in the ice caves/mountain after the drama at City of the Ancients. I swear I got it from one of the treasure chests when climbing that wall...


Archive / PSound on NGEmu. Unlocking your instruments.
« on: 2003-01-08 09:43:52 »
NetHead: Using the same program as before, PSound, and using Scan File on 'Instr.all'. You can hear all the instruments at once if you play it back in WinAmp or equivelent.


Archive / PSound on NGEmu. Unlocking your instruments.
« on: 2003-01-07 19:13:41 »
Funnily enough. I don't have FF8PSX ^_^

EDIT: I've done uploading a 3.25mb worth of samples from FFIX. I tried arranging them in a SoundTont but I am, in a word, useless. I was wondering if someone with more skill than I could do it for the community?
I look foward to including my favourite FFIX instruments in my GM collection =) Wav format. 22khz Mono.


EDIT2: Correcting URL.
Oh my gosh EDIT4: Copy and paste the link.

Archive / PSound on NGEmu. Unlocking your instruments.
« on: 2003-01-07 12:17:08 »
Well, I only have Vienna and WaveLab Lite. I've heard about this Awave thing on the forums here, does it work? I mean, is it freeware? I'm sure people other than me have more talent at making this sort of thing. I'm also not aware of an advantage between DLS and SF2. Ecept that you don't need a SBLive/Audigy.


Archive / PSound on NGEmu. Unlocking your instruments.
« on: 2003-01-07 08:35:59 »
Okay, I found this program on NGEmu yesterday. PSound extracts only sound files from PSX games. Sound files by which I mean sound effects, speech files, and INSTRUMENTS. I've tried with FF7, FF9, and FFX (demo). The full retail FFX files are hidden. The demo's ffxdemo.img is not ^_^

FF7: Sound effects, instruments
FF9: Sound effects, instruments
FFX: Sound effedts, instruments, speech files.

Yes, instruments on FFX! Still living in the past. I guess Square new someone would eventually crack open their precious game. By my reckoning there are about 2000 instrument files, some with one file per octave, to one file per instrument. But actually, the notes that the game only uses are there, there is no real time pitch change. These are not actually instruments, but samples. Some of the files are actually riffs (Like in the song "Peril/Crisis").
Yes instruments on FF9 too. However, not as many as FFX though. At first I thought I could create a FFX SoundFont, but now I'm changing my mind to maybe an FF9 one.
Too bad Sephiroth19992000AD(?) alreayd made a FF7 SoundFont otherwise I would have done one.

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