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7th Heaven / Xpadder and 7th Heaven
« on: 2017-08-16 17:00:20 »
So, I dunno if anyone else uses Xpadder. But, it seems to fail on working whenever i run it and the 7th Heaven launch.  I have my buttons for moving mapped and it won't recognize them after I configure the game's settings. I dunno if this is due to the current version or just that the thing itself needs to be updated.   

EDIt: NEVERMIND. I had to install something to get it to work properly. SORRY! xD 

Okay, i've been experimenting with the 7th Heaven on FF7 on my computer and still; having no further luck whatsoever in the long run, my computer just farts out whenever I try to play this game on my HDTV which has an Nvidia drive for the sound system.  When I play it, the sound does not come from the TV's speakers, even since I have an HDMI plugged from my computer's GPU to the TV's port. The sound comes from my speakers on the desktop or the headphones I got plugged in. This, honestly has been making me scratch my head . xD

Anyone know a workaround?

This will be one of my very own rarely seen threads! Yippie!   

Anywho,  down to business!  I have finished the game on Steam,  however now that has been done I am looking to resume my old work experimenting with the mods and working with some basic changes to new versions.  For instance, Aali's driver for 0.8.1 and AH.  Reunion as well.

The last time I have tried , or rather attempted such a feat. I have had problems, I read one particular threat about the music, got it to work but then there is the driver.    I have tried the Reuinion's latest installment and for some reason these issues occur with bootleg.    The game will crash, texture errors occur where collisions are made, certain things are being mushed together .   In the menu, the game will crash at the Magic menu,  when going into battle all because of exceptions. 

Could anyone on the team give me some thoughts and pointers on what to do exactly? I do not want to go in blind again,  like a durrdurr like I used to. 

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