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Yep! The wear-in period for the Arctic Silver has ended and I'm ready to add more speed to my 2500+. I'll tell you the way I've tried to do it so far.

I went into the BIOS, changed the system clock from 166 to 200. I have DDR400 memory so I set it to SPD to use it's native 200mhz. I left the multiplier alone. As did I the vcore. I rebooted, all well and good, detected my CPU as a 3200+, 2.19GHz. Got into Windows, still stable, temperature when encoding in LAME was only 4oC higher than at the normal 2500+ speed of 1.83GHz. Here's where it started sucking, but not enormously badly. I ran Deus Ex Invisible War, after a while the game would crash to the desktop. I un-done my changes in the BIOS and ran DX2 again, working fine.

Later that night I went online and talked to a friend of mine who's pretty clued up on o/cing. He said I should increase the vcore voltage. I asked by how much and he said to the next step up.

Today I set it in motion. From 1.65vcore to 1.75vcore. Played DX2, no crashing. So my question is... is this the correct way to overclock an AMD? Should I have left the system clock and changed the multiplier from 11x to 13x instead of changing the system clock abnd leaving the multiplier?


General Discussion / Quick FFXI question
« on: 2004-01-17 23:09:56 »
Now here's a forums I haven't been to in a while... but anyway.

I'm thinking about buying a US version of FFXI. PC of course. I live in the UK and I was wondering if I'd have any problems with registration if I bought it. So, will I?

Also, does anyone know a release date for FFXI in Europe? I saw one copy in a game shop in London when I was there but I'm sure it was an import. The £50 price tag says it all. It's $50 in the states. I shoulda bought it when I was over there during Christmas! Arg.


Archive / PSound on NGEmu. Unlocking your instruments.
« on: 2003-01-07 08:35:59 »
Okay, I found this program on NGEmu yesterday. PSound extracts only sound files from PSX games. Sound files by which I mean sound effects, speech files, and INSTRUMENTS. I've tried with FF7, FF9, and FFX (demo). The full retail FFX files are hidden. The demo's ffxdemo.img is not ^_^

FF7: Sound effects, instruments
FF9: Sound effects, instruments
FFX: Sound effedts, instruments, speech files.

Yes, instruments on FFX! Still living in the past. I guess Square new someone would eventually crack open their precious game. By my reckoning there are about 2000 instrument files, some with one file per octave, to one file per instrument. But actually, the notes that the game only uses are there, there is no real time pitch change. These are not actually instruments, but samples. Some of the files are actually riffs (Like in the song "Peril/Crisis").
Yes instruments on FF9 too. However, not as many as FFX though. At first I thought I could create a FFX SoundFont, but now I'm changing my mind to maybe an FF9 one.
Too bad Sephiroth19992000AD(?) alreayd made a FF7 SoundFont otherwise I would have done one.

General Discussion / Basically... FFX.
« on: 2002-12-09 09:28:42 »
This forum hasn't seen many topics on FFX. Mostly coz not many people have played it, and that's due to many people not owning a Playstation2. So what did everybody think of it? The new proper turn based battle system? Little extras like the battle arena? Dark Aeons?
When Final Fantasy VII was first getting european previews in Official Playstation Magazine, I read an interview with the guy in charge (I seriously dunno his name. Jeez it appears in the credits.). He was asked a question on why the game did not include voice actors. His reply went something like:

"...voice actors would have been very time consuming and almost certainly increased the number of discs the game would be released on. Most imprtantly, if I were to include voice actors, the music would be drowned out..."

So, in FFX, was the music drowned out? I was expecting more conversation during battles. The occasional "yeah!" leaps from Tidus' mouth but that's it. Battles were left for a very good reason: Cuz the music in Some battles was excellent. "Crisis" (also called "Peril") was the best battle tune I've heard in a FF game. Closely followed by "Challenge" which was included in the Yunaleska battle.

So what does everyone think?


Scripting and Reverse Engineering / FF7PC sound extractor
« on: 2002-07-23 19:19:08 »
Is there such a program to extract the sounds of magic or summons?
- Dan

General Discussion / FFX Follow ups
« on: 2002-06-26 13:15:06 »
I've been hearing a lot about sequels to FFX. I heard soemthing about movies called "Yuna" and "Rikku" being shown somewhere. Squaresoft making a sequel to a FF?! Could someone please clarify what is going on?


Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Breaking a CPU
« on: 2002-06-26 11:05:05 »
My brand new GlobalWIN CAKII-38 came through the post yesterday, fitted it in. Turned me computer on, loaded Windows 98 after fully loading windows, I opened the start menu, all the text was square blocks. After closing the menu, BSOD. tried to empty recycle bin, lost the mouse cursor. Restarted. Tried to load Windows, "your disk may have bad sectors", skiped that, Windows just came up with endless BSODs. loaded up safe mode, emptied recycle bin, BSOD. Safe mode was running very very slowly. Click, 10 seconds later it done the action. After a while, the BSODs came back too.

Did my processor get crushed or damaged during installation of my processor? The night before it was working fine.


This file is a recording of what I heard from playing "instr2.all" on FF7PSX. It seems to be the custom instruments for OWA. The best config I could get was 22000hz and 4000b interleave.

This file is a recording of what I heard from playing "instr.all" on FF7PSX. I dunno what the hell this is but I do reckognise the "yahoo" noise which is in FF7s soundfonts. This is 22000hz with 9990b interleave.

The last is which is from Metal Gear Solid 2. The file being played is movie.something. I can't remember the extension. Again, I dunno what the hell is going on in this. I couldn't playback the files which were over 1gb for some reason. Analysis anyone?

EDIT: You have to paste the url into the address bar to get the link working.

Archive / FFPSX/PS2 compression
« on: 2002-06-01 08:25:49 »
FFX: I finally got my copy of FFXPAL and the first thing I did were shove it in me PC, then I realise dit was a PS2 game. I was very tired okay! Weird, it said 5.4gb used, yet I could only see the root directory which had about 5mb. Are there folders in the NTSC version? BTW, the date on Modified on the SCES number was 21st of December 2001. Are we missing something?

FFIX: While extracting the soundtrack to Devil May Cry and GTA3 I thought I'd try opening FF9's .mbg files into MF Audio. I couldn't find the correct interleave so it sounded like a hiss. Hmm, I then open it in Hex Workshop. The first line of E:\Seq05\mbg107.mbg read: "RIFFd.0.CDXAfmt ........8.XA" According to MF Audio, WAV: Microsoft RIFF: Uncompressed PCM. I was unable to select it. I could only select RAW PCM/ADPCM. Why does it say CDXA formatm as well? All the stupid extractors say there are NO XA files on the FF9 disks. Help!

Also, remember, these .mbg files were in the MDEC directories.

I seem to post here a lot... Anyway

Oh dear! I turn on my computer today and it screws up. Details:
The BIOS loads fine, then after the second 'Starting Windows 98' screen, the DOS looks corrupted, like another DOS has gone over it, 2 layers but 1 shifted a bit. I can hear Windows loading  (startup WAV) but it stays at DOS with a blinky line. This has happenned before when I installed the 4-in-1s, it works the first time, then screws up the second time.
So, I went into DOS, 'scanreg /restore' restored yesterdays backup before 4-in-1s were installed. Works, but AGP is now disabled again.

Could a fellow VIA user help me? I've looked at the user documentation and it seems fine.

MSI K7T266 motherboard if it helps.


Scripting and Reverse Engineering / The state of RivaTuner
« on: 2002-01-23 12:49:00 »
I know that RivaTuner is no more but does any one have any databases over 14.10? Appreaciate it!

General Discussion / Anisotropic Filtering
« on: 2002-01-19 17:06:00 »
We all know about the inner workings of Bilinear and Trilinear filtering, but this new technique, anisotropic, I don't know how this works, it's not pixel averaging, correct?

Could someone enlighten me?


Ok, I've got my eye set on the GlobalWin 802 ATX case, the deal comes with a Macron 300W PSU from Confirming will this be suitable to run my system normally, no overclocking, maybe a little on me GeForce2, but tht's not the point. Will my CPU run cooler than 50oC (running my 1700+ at 1.1ghz)? I have a 200W PSU with a shoddy case and no system fans. You might not remember my system from the other post (Thanks for the help by the way, you were great ^_^ ).
AMD Athlon XP 1700+
2 x 256mb PC2100 DDR RAM
Creative GeForce 2 Pro 64mb DDR 200mhz clock, 400mhz memory
SBLive! Player 1024

Appreciate the extra advice!


I think it was Samuel who used such a program to extract instruments from FF8. The instructions were in Japanese. I cannot read it. Samuel, how do I use all these programs?


General Discussion / Quick Q about ePSXe
« on: 2001-12-20 20:57:00 »
Can I use a burnt NTSC WildARMs on ePSXe. I have 1.4.0 and SCHP1001. Any help would be fine. Cheers.


Scripting and Reverse Engineering / FF7 problems
« on: 2001-12-20 20:20:00 »
I've just installed FF7 on my new system and FF7 freezes after 2 minutes perhaps. Battle, field, or world map it all crashes. I wonder if it's AMD (Athlon XP Palomino 1700+) problem or to do with Detonator 14.10. I encounted a similar problem with my PIII, I can't remember which drivers I was using though. Yes, installed the nVidia patch and unchecked the nVidia box. Which drivers do you lot use with GeForce 2, FF7 and FF8?


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