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I wouldn't doubt this. For the next update, I have removed some files from MO that were unnecessary. The files removed do have the potential to mess with the battle encounters.

I don't know why your movies file is empty. If you do a full install, then the original movies (.avi files) will be there. The downloads are inside [gamedir]\mods\7th Heaven, so you can save them before doing a reinstall. I don't recommend this though because the next update is changing the file compression and will require everyone to download the Catalog again. Pain or not, there is no way of avoiding it.

Did you not use the Game Converter from STEP 1?

It's possible for now, but I've removed files that were unnecessary for MO in the next update. The files removed can cause wrong battle encounters, so hopefully the next update fixes the issue.

I have the original 1998 PC Game, they are 4 CDs. FF7INSTALL, FF7DISC1,FF7DISC2, FF7DiSC3.

To install the game I need to run FF7INSTALL disc, and the Full Installation says this "Installs every data about the game in your hard drive. Movies will run from CD-ROMS"

So, I don't know what can I do :C

Another problem encountered besides no-movies (just seeing black screens with audio) on the first fight there is some ninja girl that Insta Kill me, I re-installed multiple times and always keep that error, so that's why I left trying on 7th Heaven, and needed to go back to Bootleg :(

PS: You were never inactive on Qhimm :O ? I made a tutorial for bootleg back on 2012, and then u made it super pro haha I still remember that haha

Sorry for rebumping, file is lost again...If anyone have it, and can upload it, It would be appreacited

My movies folder is empty, so no videos play. Sad, followed all steps...

By the way, how do I start from scratch without needing to re-download all the mods? I don't want to redownload them again, that was a pain... must be a solution :(

[Daniish's Tutorial]
Easy installing mods into Final Fantasy VII with Bootleg

First of all you will need to BUY FF7 (English Version) if you don't have it.
For Example at Amazon


Why US Version?
Bootleg does not support multi language at the moment. If you want to take the risk, you can, and it will work, but I will tell you now, do not cry if you have many crashes, because as I told you before it is supposed to be used on the English Version.

Works in any Windows?
Bootleg mods should work on Windows XP/VISTA/7 (32 & 62 Bits). You should not have any problems!

Free Space needed:
The installation requires a minimum 16GB of free space during setup.
The final installation is 7GB to 9GB depending on mod selection.

Well... Lets the tutorial begin!

1.-Download Bootleg last version (All credits to PitBrat & VGR)

2.-Open "Bootleg0036.rar" and extract it wherever you want.

3.- After you extracted it;

(Thanks PitBrat)
Set Bootleg.exe to run as Administrator:
    Right Click on Bootleg.exe
    Select Properties
    Go to the Compatibility Tab
    Check Run this program as an administrator

Now to start Bootleg, open BFE.exe

4.-Lets set up how do we want our FFVII.

You can set up your FF7 manually or use a preset clicking on "Presets" at the top bar.(I recommend clicking a Preset and then if you don't like something remove or change it, like I will show you)

I Like to use the "Full" preset.

Original Full preset.

Then I change things that I dislike.

The arrows says what I have added/removed comparing with the original full preset.
(Anyway this modifies are up to you, this is just what I do suggest you)

5.- Now click at the top bar "File --> Mod List".

6.- You will see a big list with the supported mods of Bootleg, with their original files names:

Why each file have different color?
GREEN: Files that are in this color are the mods that you already have.

|||||YELLOW: Files that are in this color are the mods that you do not require with the configuration you have set.

RED: Files that are in this color are the mods that you must have., you should not press "Run Bootleg" if you have any mod with this color.

7.- As you can see we do not have anything on green, that is because we have not downloaded any mods yet. Now take a look on the right of each file there is a link, each one is for downloading each mod.
You can also download them using this thread: The Big List of Mods (Credits: PitBrat)


  • Place each mod you are downloading in the same folder as you extracted Bootleg.
  • Do not change the file name of the download, leave their exactly as they come.
  • Do not extract files that you think that can be extracted (*.zip *.rar files for example) Bootleg will automatically install them.
  • Be patient you will probably need to download around 10gb.
  • There are two versions of FacePalmer: and the 20 FacePalmer.part??.rar files. You do not need both versions. (Thanks PitBrat)
  • There are two versions of Millenia's Cloud Swords: manual--1272687090.rar and automatic-- cloudswords_installer.rar. You do not need both versions.  1272687090.rar is recommended.(Thanks PitBrat)

8.- Now that you have downloaded all the files that are red colored.

Your folder should look similar to this:

And the mod list that is in "File --> Mod List" similar to this:


If you have something similar to the above Mod List screenshot, you are ready for the installation step.

9.- Be sure the "Locations" at the bottom part, are right! (Tell me if this needs more explanation)

10.- Now you are ready!! Click the red "Run Bootleg" button at the right!

11.- Good job, you should now be installing full mods into FFVII doing almost nothing!

I will continue the guide if I see that it's needed.! (It's most likely that I will continue it)

- All credits to their respective creators of each mod.
- PitBrat and VGR for Bootleg.
- Daniish for the tutorial and pictures.
- UGerstl for helping me fix some typos and the pictures for maximun installation.

thanks for the quick reply vgr!

Ive been stuck on "deglitching field textures" for almost an hour now. Does anyone know what can help?


Do you use win7 ? if so remember to configure bootleg.exe "run as administrator" and also disable the antivirus when installing, because there are some files that are detected as a virus, and most of av's autodelete them making trouble in the installation.

Got it working! Everything is fine. (Windows 7 - 32 Bits)


Will post some screenshots later :)

Except for the project Overhaul M004

any help ?

Fixed (Thanks Vgr):
Don't enable 9999 break on opengl file ! just keep it at:
Code: [Select]
# allow max hp/mp to go over 9999, same effect as the YAMP patch by dziugo
break_9999limit = no

On another side my suggestion:

TIP: I recommend you to use the highest resolution your screen can :)  I was using 1152 * 864 and the GUI was not showing right and the fonts were pixelated... Then I changed it to my highest res that was 1280*1024 and everything was fixed :)

Well now its working pretty fine so here is an screenshot :) !

You are not the first one. We will make it clear.

We are looking for something big before the 0037 release!


Thank you. I really appreciate what you are doing for ff7 fans and players :)

btw.. The Remix Mod comes with the  ? (1.02 patch) Because it does not appear in the Mod List of BFE .. Just asking :P

You can download and run the installer. It will do it all for you.

Haha you need to be joking! I followed everything hahahah I am so dumb :( Yeah Now I am adding every file to a folder and I will just run Bootleg :D I hope it goes well..!

Thanks for the reply

I am stuck at this part :(


Modifying & Compiling LGP Archive
    NOTE: To prepare the .lgp archives, copy and replace model files as instructed.
        Afterward, use lgp.exe to compile the archives.  Please remain patient while compiling.
            Field files go in C:\temp\char\
            Battle files go in C:\temp\battle\
            Minigame files go in C:\temp\mini\
            World files go in C:\temp\world\
            Magic files go in C:\temp\magic\
            Flevel files go in C:\temp\flevel\

I dont get what do i need to do here... I was following the tutorial step by step and now I am stuck..

Any help is great ^^ Thanks!

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