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I have just installed the new driver 8.1b (over the old one as I thought I was having a driver issue with a minigame) but now I also have the big bar at the bottom instead of the old version battle interface. - No idea about sound in FMV's.

I did this install and mod back in August '14 - but have only now gotten around to playing it, so I might have out of date versions of things.

I DO NOT WANT TO GO THROUGH A FULL RE-INSTALL TO FIX THIS!!!!! (unless it is absolutely the last resort) - it took me long enough to do it the first time.

Is there any workaround to this?   Please keep in mind this is my very first time of playing this heavily modded PC version of FF7 so most of the replies above I didn't understand.

I'd really appreciate an idiots guide on what to do.

I'd also like to say the work the community has done is amazing - I played FF7 on PS1 when it was still new  - and thes mods have made it a whole new game again.

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