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Archive / Useful links topic
« on: 2002-04-05 19:42:00 »

On 2002-03-08 20:15, The Skillster wrote:
BTW, anyone know how to get rid of that annoying bent text u get (the background is fine, the cursor is incorrect, and transparent fonts (in battles)arent displayed properly, text/text boxes or kinda zig zaged)?

Restarting (the game! Not computer.) sorted me out fine.

Best nVidia Detonator drivers to use with FF7:



Scripting and Reverse Engineering / FF9 *.IMG Archives
« on: 2002-03-14 18:59:00 »
Um... I don't have any C++ program, could I get a compiled version? Unless there's a magical way of compiling it through Delphi?   :rolleyes:

General Discussion / When got new FF series for PC ???
« on: 2002-03-14 18:53:00 »
I've finally caved in, I'm buying a PS2 soon, MGS2 and FFX are too tempting for me. Plus, this will take the edge of my PC crashing, hehe.

General Discussion / AHHHH!!! WHY IS IT TAKING SO LONG?!?
« on: 2002-03-04 12:00:00 »
Yeah, we do suck for games. PAL games are pointless, if the whole world were NTSC... Download it for the SNES, easier, saves money, downlaod FMVs.

EDIT: Oh yeah, FFX 29th of May
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General Discussion / Most liked/hated Square/RPG games
« on: 2002-02-24 14:26:00 »
A messed  up FF7PC or FF7PSX?

General Discussion / Ge-Force 4 and FF7?
« on: 2002-02-24 14:21:00 »
Accuview AA sounds promising but Quincunx failed to impress me. "High quality FSAA at tremndous speeds." nFiniteFX II sounds kick ass, but I'd have no idea how to program a vertex shader  :laugh:

My idea for a new graphics card:
Dedicated memory allocation to FSAA, I dunno, 10mb?   :naughty:


General Discussion / The nerve of my friend...
« on: 2002-02-22 11:58:00 »
Druid kicks the most butt. The elemental skill tree is poor!

General Discussion / Most liked/hated Square/RPG games
« on: 2002-02-22 11:43:00 »
I don't hate many games so I'll tell you my top five fave rpgs:
1. Diablo II: LoD
4. Deus Ex

FFVII gets the boot because of it's compatibilty.

Joey, where does Final Fantasy VII come?

General Discussion / FF11
« on: 2002-02-11 18:37:00 »
Ok. I was watching [email protected] Network (those who have Sky Digital and live in either UK or Italia) yesterday morning when this weird guy interrupts Bettina's console announcements to say "Square have made an official statement corncerning the rumours that FFXI will be released in Japan on March 14. FFXI will be released when it's ready. This means when the upgrade for the Playstation 2 is complete. This will be a joint release for PS2 and PC. No European release confirmed.
So it's official, FFXI's coming to PC. He did say soemthing about FFXII but I forgot. The same Newszine is on this week until Saturday. Try to catch it, try to excuse Bettina's bad grammer ,she tries.

I find it's the easiest method because all I've used is VB, TP, and Delphi. I nkow it's similar, but Delphi's uses less text than VB. I know, stupid point.

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Internet Explorer
« on: 2002-02-10 12:53:00 »
Ant: Which OS? I use Hotmail Offline, you know, through Outlook Express, I takes longer to download email and organise folders, but it looks more comfortable.

I haven't touched VB is ages, I've forgotten all of it, I didn't learn too much at the age of 12 though. I do remember that Public Sub can be used in the whole project, and Private Sub is something to do with one particular part of the program. I could be wrong.
I think Delphi's way of declaring is the best. "a,b,c :integer;" Easy peasy

If a customer wants a PC-like system, get a PC.
So, the Xbox has broadband, meaning they'll have download patches and updates for games. The poor consolers think its a boon, but oh, they're so wrong.

General Discussion / Terra's Theme. The best remix ever!
« on: 2002-02-09 19:41:00 »
vvalentine: I'm pretty sure you can get just about every FFOSV on Morpheus/KaZaA. I've got some of FFIX off it. It'll probably have the Songs from Final Fantasy I-III Soundtrack. Hope it helps

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Me and WinXP
« on: 2002-02-09 19:33:00 »
I'm not going to list my problems with XP because my edition was strange. The only thing good I came across was that I didn't have to get a service pack for it! Other than that, XP looked very pretty.

DOS memory thing... Hmm, if I open a DOS box in Windows98SE and type 'mem' it's telling me I have 64mb RAM even though I'ev got 512mb. Could this be a DDR problem or mobo problem? Or just 98 being 98. Getting 2k today.


Archive / FF8 Music slows down with hardware audio ... ?
« on: 2002-01-30 19:22:00 »
I didn't think FF8 loaded in XP at all. Well, my copy of WinXP was... bad.

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General Discussion / Game Pop Quiz!
« on: 2002-01-30 19:15:00 »
Startrek? What is this Startrek?   :)

I agree with Ficedula all the way, Gigahertz is not the way to benchmark PC's any more. My Systems lecturer says that you can't say that a Palomino is faster than a Pentium Pro because they're different chips, the only way is to measure the MIPS and MFLOPS. Of which, Athlon whip Intel's scrawny butt-hole. Nuff said.

Thanks for the advice.
Jari H: Yeah that's what I thought about the PSU, why shove hot air into the case? Yeah I'll change the side fans around.
I don't have a lucky charm to open up my PSU, can't afford to lose a PSU. Plus, I've felt 240V before, dodgy TV Tuner on my V3 3000.
WinXP: My Dad's mate burned it for me, he has one of those old-skool burners wiht no buffer under-run.
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[edited] 265 2002-01-28 20:44

That's it! I'm never trusting the guy who got me XP Pro. Missing files again. Format. Back to 98. Just thought you'd wanna know.


Really, no game demands a GeForce3.


Today has been hecktic! I got an Audigy Player, Windows XP Pro, and Creative Digital Theater 5.1 DTT2200. I'm going to download mt GeForce2Pro  XP drivers, Audigy drivers, get updates for Black ICE Defender, Norton AV, and AOL IM.
Well, my case does have a exsaust blower next to my GeForce2. Would it make more sense to make the fans on the side as intakes? There's a link to the pic somewhere on this topic.


For those who know my new case, the Coolermaster Tornado, would I benefit from a better circulation if I reversed the two top fans to intake? Then the air will have a nice flow, course blowing on wood but it feels cold enough.


Cool, I didn't know that, I thought the difference was Europe and the US. Annilator being US respectively. A quick question about Unreal engine games. Detail Textures, what actually is this, I've noticed big quality enhacements in Deus Ex when I turn this on, but it's a rather intense slow down. Is this a form of Bump-mapping? It looks familiar.


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