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Archive / Re: Help with songs not looping?
« on: 2016-01-26 12:33:16 »
Oh for god sake, I feel like an idiot now.  Suppose that'll teach me to not do these things when I'm close to passing out.  Thanks for the help though man, was really pissing me off after doing all of these.

EDIT:  Hah!  turns out I sent you the wrong file.  The one that was messed up with nointro.ogg but cephiros.ogg had the same typo.  I better go through all of them just to be safe.

Archive / Help with songs not looping?
« on: 2016-01-25 04:30:15 »
First off, sorry if this was addressed before, but I didn't see where it was.
I recently picked up the steam version of FFVII and read up on how easy it is to put your own music in the game so I went through and put in all my favorite covers and arranged versions into the game and everything has been working splendidly except for two songs.  earislo.ogg will only play through once with no loop at all, and even more confusing, cephiros.ogg will loop once then stop playing.  I've redid both multiple times but still end up with the same thing happening, anyone here know what I might be missing?

Yeah, I meant the OpenGL file not FF7Config, my bad.  Come to think of it though maybe that's what I did to break it before...  Oh well, something to keep in mind when I get to this again later  :)

Aye, I've messed with the config a bit and made it run in a smaller window so it'll cut down on the lag so I can at least have a look at the latest stuff.  After dicking around with that I realized that the music was working fine and I just jumped the gun there.  Though the APP.log thing is weird, cause the couple of times it worked full screen I'd get some error message about not finding a suitable one or something like that, but it would still work fine.  Now I'm not even getting that so I dunno. 

Sad that I'm not up to snuff to enjoy this, looks fun.  Curious though, are the new battle models their own mod somewhere, and if so, could anyone direct me to them?  They were quite swanky looking and I could at least use them on my other computer where I have some other things working.

Also, where did the new movies come from?  I haven't been looking into FF7 stuff in a while so those are quite new to me.

I haven't touched anything with this game or modding it in a while so all my knowledge is lost and I'm in need of some help.  
My main problem is lag, and lots of it.  The new opening movies, as awesome as they are, give me trouble. The whole start up one is laggy as hell, and the first one when you start a new game doesn't play at all and is just a white screen with laggy audio.  And once the game starts there's so much lag it's painful.  I'm running an XP system that should handle all this with no problem save for maybe a codec issue for the movies.  Video card's a modest GeForce2 MX/MX 400, but it's held up fine when I've modded things in the past.

Other gripes I have are that the music mod doesn't seem to work and I'm stuck with the default audio, and all the backgrounds are pixelated and not nice looking.  Any help here would be most appreciated.

EDIT:  Ok...  And just by looking at it I broke it more.  I just get a black screen when I start it up, nothing happens, no sound, have to end program cause it freezes like this.  Good times.  HALP!

Two models eh?  I haven't quite played things through yet (just finished the sub battle before I took a break) but there were a couple of models that I thought should have been done that weren't.  I say Corneo and young Hojo.  Any time either of them show up they're surrounded by a bunch of people with new models so it kinda throws things off.

Archive / Re: A Few Mod Questions
« on: 2008-05-20 18:52:09 »
Nah, everything after the summon is fine, it's just that very end part when the screen looks like it's supposed to be cracking and then shattering, the little pieces that shatter turn all white.

Archive / A Few Mod Questions
« on: 2008-05-18 05:23:23 »
So I'm pleased to report that thanks to all the awesome work you modders have done with this game, I'm flying through it in record time.  But once I got to the North Cave just before Cloud goes into coma and all that and had to do the wind barriers I ran into a snag.  The screen never changed and the wind kept that high speed look to it all the time, and then later with the wind and the green swirly... thing, the green swirly thing would move normally, but then jump at random spots.  I don't know if this was because of a mod or if this is something I needed to patch, but it was extremely frustrating to deal with.  I did finally get through, but man... 

Also, I went and put in this patch that says it slows down the battle arena slots and Cait Sith's slots, but I still didn't notice any difference.  Is there some sort of trick to getting this to work, or was this just bogus from the start?

Oh, and I'm pretty sure this is just my video card being a bitch, but there's certain times when the screen is supposed to turn black, but instead it goes white.  For example when you cast Knights of the Round and at the end I think it the screen was supposed to either to black or some weird transparent thing just before it shatters, but when I do it it all goes white.  And when you're at the North Cave and the person holding the black materia gets tricked and the whole thing is supposed to go black, the back drop goes black, but the terrain turns white.  Anyone got any insight there?

Archive / Re: Some Questions - I'm new to this :/
« on: 2008-05-18 05:09:55 »
Yeah, I have the Platinum Collection myself and I'm running pretty much all the mods excpet for the high resolution one with only the slightest of complaints.  Oh, and the music one, but damn, who CAN get that thing to work right?  But you should be in good shape as far as how much you can run.

Well I had an amusing screw up with this thing today.  I reached the City of the Ancients and had Red XIII and Vincent with me.  Just seemed to fit the mood.  Every thing was fine until I got to just before you find Aeris doing her praying and Cloud tells everyone to wait.  Red XIII was fine, but Vincent was in some grotesque ballerina like pose with one leg stickin out in a random directoin and his arms all folded up weird, and even his cape was twisted and hanging straight out.  Really looked messed up after you fought Jenova and everyone pays their respects, all hopping around on one leg and all.  Though once you got to the water Vincent was fine.  Just one of those wierd quirks I guess.

Also, I found that you probably shouldn't take Barret with you to the Temple of the Ancients.  He's too damn big and blocks a lot of the view when you're watching Sephiroth mess up Tseng. 

I can't complain about the materia problem much.  Mine shows up but usually flashes on and off the screen.  I can still see where it is so no big deal to me, and honestly, there's not that many pieces of it you pick up off the floor like the Restore materia. 

And while I'm in here I might as well note a couple interesting things I've seen so far with this. 
When I went in to save Aeris and Barret blasted the holding tank thing, it never stopped glowing so I couldn't see where the materia was in the tank.

The motorcycle chase was insanely fast for some reason and I'm still not sure how I was able to hit anyone.

When I'm doing Cloud's past in Kalm, when Tifa goes to confront Sephiroth, she's carrying a Buster Sword instead of... whatever it was Sephiroth uses, but when Sephiroth grabs it back it turns back into his own blade.

And a quick critique:  Red XIII seems kinda scrawny to me.

Archive / Re: STICKY: FF7 Music
« on: 2008-05-02 03:40:38 »
Man if this is supposed to be the Idiots Guide to FF7Music then I must be Terry Chivo.  I've followed the first post's instructions word for word, tweaked things as I read through this whole thing, and I still can't even configure this thing.  Keeps saying it can't write to the .ini which apparently I need for this thing to run.  I'd really like some help getting this working cause after getting something as awesome as that PRP thing to work I'm really not in the mood to put up with crappy midi style music.

Swampthing, let it never be said that you're bad at explaining things.  After following all that everything is working perfectly. 

I've only played just past the bombing mission and the only thing I noticed that was wrong was the Restore materia was kinda twitchy.  I could see it, but it was flashing on and off the screen randomly, but that's extremely minor.  The work done on this thing is fantastic.  Many kudos and thanks to everyone that worked on it.

Quick OT question though.  I've only been looking up mods for this game for a couple days now so I haven't seen this spell patch that was mentioned.  What's that all about?

Well see that's the funny part about the battle crashing.  It does crash when it should do the swirl thing, but I have the patch that's supposed to fix that installed already.  And the movie part is just weird cause if I play the game without the mod the movies are fine so I don't know what the deal is there.  I'll give what you suggested a whirl though and see what happens.

Well I figured this thing was too awesome to pass up and grabbed it.  First try the only thing that happened was the screen went black for a second then kicked me back to the desktop.  I tore everything out and reinstalled with no mods other than this.  The game will load up and I get so see some very nice work done, but my problems are many.  I can't open the menu like a lot of folks here, every time the camera switches the game crashes, every time a battle happens the game crashes, and for some reason the movies all play upside down which never happened before.  I'm near brain dead when it comes to modding stuff like this but this patch is so damn awesome.  I willing to pull out some hair if anyone's got any solutions for me. 

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