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Archive / Help with songs not looping?
« on: 2016-01-25 04:30:15 »
First off, sorry if this was addressed before, but I didn't see where it was.
I recently picked up the steam version of FFVII and read up on how easy it is to put your own music in the game so I went through and put in all my favorite covers and arranged versions into the game and everything has been working splendidly except for two songs.  earislo.ogg will only play through once with no loop at all, and even more confusing, cephiros.ogg will loop once then stop playing.  I've redid both multiple times but still end up with the same thing happening, anyone here know what I might be missing?

Archive / A Few Mod Questions
« on: 2008-05-18 05:23:23 »
So I'm pleased to report that thanks to all the awesome work you modders have done with this game, I'm flying through it in record time.  But once I got to the North Cave just before Cloud goes into coma and all that and had to do the wind barriers I ran into a snag.  The screen never changed and the wind kept that high speed look to it all the time, and then later with the wind and the green swirly... thing, the green swirly thing would move normally, but then jump at random spots.  I don't know if this was because of a mod or if this is something I needed to patch, but it was extremely frustrating to deal with.  I did finally get through, but man... 

Also, I went and put in this patch that says it slows down the battle arena slots and Cait Sith's slots, but I still didn't notice any difference.  Is there some sort of trick to getting this to work, or was this just bogus from the start?

Oh, and I'm pretty sure this is just my video card being a bitch, but there's certain times when the screen is supposed to turn black, but instead it goes white.  For example when you cast Knights of the Round and at the end I think it the screen was supposed to either to black or some weird transparent thing just before it shatters, but when I do it it all goes white.  And when you're at the North Cave and the person holding the black materia gets tricked and the whole thing is supposed to go black, the back drop goes black, but the terrain turns white.  Anyone got any insight there?

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