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As for 30fps, there's no need.  The difficulty in making 30fps work is basically the same as 60.  But if you're looking for how the game originally ran on PSX without the smoother battle animations, you should check DLPB's thread.  Its title is pretty similar to this one.

Alright. I'll check it out.

It's this thread if anyone else wants to give it a shot:

Haha. I tried it with other mods and my game is running in slow motion.  :)

Anyways, for what it's worth, installation instructions are way too confusing for the average gamer person and the amount of work required to patch the game will be daunting for most. I can't wait to see everything streamlined.

When I launched HextLaunch.exe, an error appeared: "You have an error in your config file, some options may have been parsed. (no such option 'battleswirl_framerate')

Postprocessing never worked for me either. I tried it once, it failed. Never used it again.

Thanks, Vgr. I had no idea the game had native controller support. It works fine with an XBOX One Controller, except it's using the joystick instead of the D-Pad, but no big deal.

Has anyone tried seeing what summons look like at 30 fps? i believe the ps1 battles scenes were 30 fps. what about getting the game to 30 fps instead of 60 fps as a compromise? At least this way everything will be working the same as the console. 30 fps looks way better than 15 fps in battle. i understand that the ultimate goal is 60 fps but now I'm curious.

Great, it will work then for me at high res.

Haha. Bummer that summons are completely broke. What is the technical limitation? I'm not too smart with programming but I can help you test some new fixes if you have them or anything else you want to experiment on in regards to 60 fps. Let me know how I can help.

The latest driver has a native music support.

There should be no conflict with XPadder then?

Okay, so I'm having the "no cutscenes and black screen" glitch. I looked at the movies folder, and it's almost completely empty - mkup.avi and opening.avi are both 0 bytes, as well (eidoslogo.avi is fine and works in-game). Yes, I have all the mods necessary, or at least Bootleg says I do - no red mods anywhere. I looked in the mod folder and most of the .zips can't be opened, and most of the ones I can open throw an error when I try to extract anything.
I also don't have any music, which I assume is an unrelated thing. Yes, I installed the music patch. I haven't a clue on this one.

Unrelated, but is there a way to run both 7thHeaven and Bootloader at the same time?

Did download all mods from the torrent? Did you follow the instructions? Make sure all directories are set correctly. Make sure you're installing mods on top of a fresh install of FF7. I'm not sure what 7thHeaven is but it sounds like you're trying to do 2 things at the same time. A recipe for disaster.

Sorry, one more issue.

It doesn't appear that XPadder works with all these mods because it conflicts with the music package. Is there a workaround for this? How can we use a controller to play the game with all the mods? It's not really functional for me to play this game on a keyboard. I want to relax on the couch.

Just read that summons are broken. How broken are they? Are they worse than default?

Is it possible to install  your 60 fps mod and keeping my 'bootleg graphical overhaul' of the game( char and fields ) ?

Yes. I was wondering the EXACT same thing.

obesebear, will 60 fps work when the game is rendered at 2560 x 1440, or only 1080p?

Guys, amazing work on all these mods. Is there a site set up for donations which gives credit to all authors?

However, there is one glaring problem that is still not addressed with all these updates--the 15 frame per second battle animations. Can this be addressed to at least allow the battles to run at 30 fps? 60 fps would be best. And more importantly, can it be successfully implemented with all the other game fixes?

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2 News
« on: 2012-01-19 11:00:24 »
all i have to say is i will never buy another final fantasy game again. they've obviously done something wrong to make me feel this way and have abandoned their true fans. end of topic.

not sure if anyone gives a rats ass but here is how i got the HQ movies to work w/ mods: (thanks to Brat)

1. Install ff7102zx
2. Install ff7_opengl-0.7.8b and adjust .cfg file (older driver?)
3. Install FMVRes (w/ all .bin files)
4. Download all 1280smooth .rar files
5. Extract all files to a random folder
6. Copy and paste (overwrite) those files into C:\Program Files (x86)\Square Soft, Inc\Final Fantasy VII\movies
7. Run ff7moviedirr2
8. Install M004d
9. Install ff7music_install_15112
10. Run FF7Music and click run FF7.exe

General Discussion / Re: What Went Wrong?
« on: 2011-12-28 00:46:59 »
i know this is random but i wish they had a ff7 mmo with similiar gameplay style to gw2

General Discussion / Re: What Went Wrong?
« on: 2011-12-28 00:09:54 »
this is why im not buying ffxiii-2. in the teaser, it actually says something like "multiple paths to explore!" lmao

This tutorial doesn't make any sense. You say to download all mods in red yet there are multiple versions of HQ movies in red. Also, what does this mean? "RED: Files that are in this color are the mods that you must have., you should not press "Run Bootleg" if you have any mod with this color.

For the love of Baby Jesus, can no one help me?

I've downloaded every file and I still can't get the HQ movies to work (any of them) even though they install w/ Bootleg. They fail to load and skip to gameplay! I've pretty much exhausted all possibilties over here...

If someone could help me out with this: All i want is HQ movies, with or without Bootleg.

Can someone write out a step by step process?? Otherwise, I don't want to play this game at all without HQ movies...

Still no progress on HQ movies; they simply won't play and black screen (as if they are not being read, shortly after cuts to gameplay). I've tried many things and nothing works. What's next?

I have ff7.exe running in compatibility mode and have tried various driver settings. I'll keep trying and report back.

I think there is a pretty good chance that by downloading all the files the problem would be fixed,  but I don't think that solves the problem that bootleg could be possibly having.

How bout this: All i want is FF7 1.02 patch, which I can install by myself and a HQ movie pack. That's it... Play the game the way it was intended? That would make me happy. If I could get a response by Brat that would be helpful. Especially wondering why when I swap a movie file with the same name and extension it will black screen.

everything is in the same folder with bootleg. i only downloaded the files that i needed.

i uninstall ff7 everytime and only install remix with bootleg.

23 - changed m004d from .rar to .exe

INFO: Bootleg Version 2011.11.13 Version .0036
INFO: Tue 12/20/2011  9:27:31.89
INFO: Bootleg Options: /C0 /S1 /P1 /R0 /O1 /N1 /A1 /V1 /H1 /L5 /M0 /K0 /E5 /T1 /Z1 /B0 /J0 /U1 /W0 /Y0 /Q2
INFO: Brat Code: /@010100010000000000
INFO: Destination Location: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Square Soft, Inc.\Final Fantasy VII\"
INFO: Mod Path: "D:\STRONGBOX\games\ff7\remix\other\staging area\;C:\Users\Player\Downloads\;D:\STRONGBOX\games\ff7\remix\other\staging area\"
INFO: Temporary Files: "C:\Users\Player\AppData\Local\Temp\Bootleg_Setup\"
Backing up Vanilla Data
Backup completed.
Preparing Sprinkles . . .
Sprinkles are ready.
Applying the official Final Fantasy VII 1.02 Patch . . .
Final Fantasy VII 1.02 patch installation completed.
Searching for "Final_Fantasy_VII_Remix_v2-5-1_Installer.exe" in "D:\STRONGBOX\games\ff7\remix\other\staging area\"
Installing The Remix . . .
Final Fantasy VII Remix installation completed.
Searching for "" in "" is missing!
Installing Bootleg System Files . . .
Bootleg System completed.
Locating Data Drive . . .
Using Data Drive E:\
Building system files . . .
Updating Registry . . .
Registry completed.
Updating shortcuts . . .
Shortcuts completed.
Searching for "Avalanche High Res.exe" in ""
Avalanche High Res.exe is missing!
Searching for "Avalanche GUI v2.0.8.exe" in ""
Avalanche GUI v2.0.8.exe is missing!
Generating Bootleg Mods Folder . . .
Generating Bootleg Mods Folder completed.
Patching Kernel . . .
Kernel Patches Installed - Bootleg Spell Names
Scene Installed - Normal
Patching completed.
Searching for "M004d.exe" in "D:\STRONGBOX\games\ff7\remix\other\staging area\"
M004d.exe missing!

Searching for "ff7music_install_15112.exe" in ""
Searching for "ff7music_install_15111.exe" in ""
Searching for "ff7music_install_15110.exe" in ""
Searching for "ff7music_install_1519.exe" in ""
ff7music_install_1519.exe missing!
Installing Rumbah's FMVs with the Smooth Filter and 1280 Resolution . . .
Searching for "1280smooth.part1.rar" in "D:\STRONGBOX\games\ff7\remix\other\staging area\"
1280smooth.part1.rar is missing!

Copying LGP Files . . .
Extracting LGP Files . . .
Extracting Vanilla archive - World_US.lgp
Extracting archive - Battle.lgp
Extracting archive - Magic.lgp
Extracting archive - Char.lgp
Extracting archive - High-US.lgp
Extracting archive - World_US.lgp
Extraction completed.
Updating Remix Files and Adding Texture Slots . . .
Repairing Damaged Battle Models . . .
Remix files updated and texture slots added.
Installing Phoenix Rejuvenation Project models . . .
Phoenix Rejuvenation Project completed.
Updating Sephiroth model . . .
Sephiroth completed.
Installing Field Art as PNG to Mods Folder . . .
Searching for "" in ""
Searching for "FacePalmer.part01.rar" in ""
Missing Part.  Skipping FacePalmer.


imageshacks interface/design is atrocious!! oh well, it's still better than photobucket...

even if i use m004d.exe, it still won't find the file

- which part of the registry do you need a screenshot of?

Has anyone successfully installed any high quality movies with Bootleg or through normal installation? I've been trying for days and it either doesn't work at all or it's a black screen. I'm going crazy!!

- Windows Ultimate SP1 64 bit
- FF VII English version
- Vanilla and Remix FMV's play perfectly fine but look bad
- Game is configured to run in compatibility mode

Also, if I run FMVres on a fresh install it still does the black screen.

* was messing around with movie files; pretty much if i replace any movie file with another one even if it is same file name and extension it will black screen. why is this?

* having all kinds of issues... Bootleg says it cannot find M004d.exe even though it's in the correct folder...

* i clicked on the M004d.exe and manually installed it, but my interface is jacked and has a huge thick black bar where the old menu was instead of showing more of the battle area.

IM ALL MESSED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mod Edit: This is the second time you've double posted when an edit would've served just as well. Please read the rules. ~Covarr

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