Author Topic: Bootleg mod; Game crashes at Inventory screen  (Read 2481 times)


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Bootleg mod; Game crashes at Inventory screen
« on: 2013-01-13 16:38:03 »
Hi all,

First off - Complete noob to modding, only recently started playing around with it (when steam mods came about, along with my download of Skyrim)

So apologies in advance for my lack of general knowledge in this area. That said, I thought i'd have a go at modding my recently purchased download of the 2012 re release (cash in) of FFVII.
So I followed 'Tifa's bootleg tutorial' and have successfully installed all compatible mods, as well as bootleg. I can get the game running with no hitches what so ever, character models look great during the opening scene at the train. I can even enter the first battle with the train guard (looks incredible!)

However all goes wrong when the battle ends. the screen goes black and eventually windows informs me that the game has ceased to function.
I then tried to access the in game menu BEFORE engaging with the train guard and.. yep, same issue. So I figure it has to be related to the in game inventory menu.

I use Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium with a NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 graphics card.

If anyone can help me with this i'd be most grateful!


UPDATE: I just tried re-installing bootleg with Bootlegged (best of) selected under 'Base Model' as opposed to Squallff8's rebuilded (full) which I had used previously. This I did because of reading in another related topic of how a user named 'SoldierCloud' was able to get the game running without any crashes (he also adopted this change)
Further to that I loaded up the game in a window instead of full screen.
The game still crashed at the same place as before, but this time I was able to see a message appear which is identical to the one SoldierCloud received..;

'Oops, something very bad happened
Wrote crash.dmp to ff7 install dir
Please provide a copy of it along
with APP.log when reporting this error.
Write emergency save to save/crash.ff7?'
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Re: Bootleg mod; Game crashes at Inventory screen
« Reply #1 on: 2013-01-13 17:47:37 »
Where did you install the game?
Don't install to a system folder.
System folder such as Program Files and Desktop will not work.


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Re: Bootleg mod; Game crashes at Inventory screen
« Reply #2 on: 2013-01-13 18:01:10 »
I followed 'Tifa's bootleg tutorial' and so installed the game directly at the root of the c: drive; computer > local disk (C:) > Games > FF7.
I also installed the bootleg (as well as torrent) into a new folder named 'FF7Mods' which also falls under the Games folder; Local disk (C:) > Games > FF7Mods

There was a bit of moving about at one point when I felt I had not quite got the folder locations correct. (the game itself was not moved however I did move the bootleg as well as the 17gb torrent)

Thanks for the speedy reply PitBrat!

EDIT: Just tried to update my NVIDIA driver but it failed (as always when I try) It fails at 'NVIDIA update components 1.11.13' and so I remain with my current (seemingly permanent) driver version 306.97. However this version has never had any issue playing games such as Guild Wars 2 or Skyrim.
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Re: Bootleg mod; Game crashes at Inventory screen
« Reply #3 on: 2013-01-14 11:03:10 »
So i'm now trying a complete re-install. The game is downloading as I type, I'll then be downloading a fresh version of bootleg. This time however I will not use the 17gb torrent, but will instead manually download a small choice selection of mods to see if I can get the game running.

I've spent the best part of two days on this, if this fails then i'll just submit and carry on with my vanilla FFVII experience. I really appreciate the effort people have made on these mods, and clearly they work for many people. Unfortunately I'm unlikely to be able to decipher the reasoning for why my attempts are thus far fruitless. If only the guys at squaresoft, sorry *square-enix (shudder) would match the effort that this fan based modding community has produced, we would all (tech noobs included) be able to enjoy this game anew.


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Re: Bootleg mod;
« Reply #4 on: 2013-03-05 01:22:04 »
hi i have ff7 on pc and i have installed the mods via bootleg and ff7 remix 2.5.1 installer. but when i went to play a new game the sound cuts out at the beginning fmv scene and the game lags throughout. also there is no music playing even when i go into battle. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME BECAUSE I REALLY WOULD LIKE TO PLAY FF7!!!!


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Re: Bootleg mod; Game crashes at Inventory screen
« Reply #5 on: 2013-03-05 16:05:00 »
The issue is that you ran the Remix installer, which is outdated and broken.

Follow this Bootleg installation guide and you will be fine: