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Customized Music in Bootleg
« on: 2013-03-21 16:27:26 »
Hello everyone, I have modded my original PC edition of FFVII with the remix a while back but never bootleg. Everything worked pretty smooth with bootleg right off the bat as I got the full 20 GB mod file and simply followed directions.

Now I want to change the soundtrack up a bit as I have installed all of them and have been cycling them on the fly. I want to make a mix of the ost remasters, bootleg and anxious hearts. Seemed easy enough. I went to ffvii music and changed one track to see if it worked as I'd hoped, from a song in the bootleg folder to one in the anxious hearts folder, booted up the game and it worked flawlessly. So then I chose in the "custom" folder I began adding my own soundtrack track, track by track, with the .ogg files from the various folders. After I had chased 20 or 30 I tried booting the game again and it crashed on startup, over and over. Changing back to the originally installed soundtrack doesn't help and neither does reonstalling ffviimusic, I now have to do a clean install and rerun bootleg from scratch.

My question is, how the hell did that happen since ffvii music is totally separate from ffvii? And moreover, how can I properly change the tracks ffvii music plays after bootleg has worked its magic? Can anybody give  quick tutorial for customizing the music, as I can't seem to find any info about it anywhere. I'm sure it would be of use to others as well. Thanks a lot!