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Quick FFXI question
« on: 2004-01-17 23:09:56 »
Now here's a forums I haven't been to in a while... but anyway.

I'm thinking about buying a US version of FFXI. PC of course. I live in the UK and I was wondering if I'd have any problems with registration if I bought it. So, will I?

Also, does anyone know a release date for FFXI in Europe? I saw one copy in a game shop in London when I was there but I'm sure it was an import. The £50 price tag says it all. It's $50 in the states. I shoulda bought it when I was over there during Christmas! Arg.



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Quick FFXI question
« Reply #1 on: 2004-01-18 10:52:22 »
May 31st I think is the UK release date.

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Quick FFXI question
« Reply #2 on: 2004-01-18 17:59:32 »
i am in uk and i registered a US copy of FFXI check the thread here
there monthly cost is 9$ (i havent renewed my subscription cos my card was cancelled) which will be cheaper then ANY european fee, and the community there will be more mature and advanced then the new european one will be
just need to use a USA address
check the thread for more info