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Are there any controller/gamepad Mods?


Especially for the xbox360 controllers, so instead of button 1, button 2, etc. it will say a, b, x, etc.?

you only need to ask once.. posting the same thing in several places is frowned apon here. if you search i do remember some one posing something about 360 controllers. yes we know our site search is not the best you can search on google and will most likley find it quicker

I finally found some usefull images.
You will need the Reunion mod for this. It wont be perfect but better than nothing.
Please wait a moment. I'll upload it when I'm ready.

Here it is: Xbox layout for the Reunion mod
I haven't tested it in game. If someone can do it better please you are free to do it. I'm the creator of the image, but I'm not the creator of the images, which are used for this. All credits go to:
http://deadrisingwiki.wikia.com/wiki/XBox_360_buttons - for the Xbox buttons
http://forums.qhimm.com/index.php?topic=14914.0 for the original font layout

This by itself is usless, you need The Reunion installed with the PSX Controller support!


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