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General Discussion / Sayonara..
« on: 2006-05-02 00:46:12 »
I’m resigning my position as a moderator, and leaving the forums. You know, it’s funny.. This is harder for me to do than I thought it’d be.

I spent about 6 years of my life coming here. I’ve met some great people that I still to this day talk to outside of the forum. I was here near the beginning, but this is my end.

Over time people change, things change, and life moves on whether we like it or not. I’ve become busy with other projects as most of you know, and I’ve not come here as much as I used to. When I do come here this forum just doesn't have the feeling of home that it did before.

I’ve grown a lot with several of you, and I won’t forget you guys.

My contact info below my post is accurate if any of you feel like keeping in touch.

I wish all of you the best in everything that you do.



Completely Unrelated / Whats your level of experience??
« on: 2006-05-01 23:52:22 »
Quote from: odo324
Quote from: Caddberry (who, for no good reason, doesn't get orange)
I think a 'none' option would be nice too.. but oh well..
    K...? Ya, you totally lost me on that one.
RU saying that U wish could say you had no experience? Believe me, ignorance CAN be bliss; but it seems that you already tasted the forbidden fruit.[/list:u]

Yeah.. Well not necessarily for me since I do have *some* experience, but I'm sure there are people here without any experience at all..

Completely Unrelated / ATTN: Alhexx
« on: 2006-04-30 23:33:13 »
Quote from: Emerald Weapon
Oh we go again...

Everyone other than Jari, Caddberry or Alhexx (And the Super Mods ofcourse) please, please, please keep your comments to yourself. Don't reply. Just don't. That way this will hopefully be over the fastest.

Why exactly should they be quiet? This whole thread was started with no other intention than to bring on an argument and belittle Alhexx, and even ME when I wasn't even involved in this..

So I dont honestly see a problem with people throwing in what they think.. If this thread actually had a purpose, then perhaps I'd say that this should be handled quickly and whatever.. But it has no way of going off topic, and if it does then maybe it'll have a point.

While most users probably don't know the whole story, I don't think their comments are going to hinder the progress of this thread to a resolution any sooner than one would come.

Jari hates me.. He will always hate me. I've come to live with this. I don't know what he thinks of Alhexx and the other mods, but I can take a pretty good guess..

In other words.. This will never be resolved. That's just my guess. So why not let everyone comment and just make it a party? LoL ~_^

Completely Unrelated / Whats your level of experience??
« on: 2006-04-30 23:25:41 »
I think a 'none' option would be nice too.. but oh well..

I'm < 5 years..  I've programmed and used to like it a lot.. After I took a few classes on it .. I lost all interest.. I programmed in BASIC, Pascal, VB..

So just very general programming languages..

I think programmers are awesome, and I totally respect what they do.. It's just not something i have any interest in.. anymore anyway..

Completely Unrelated / Hard drive making grinding noise...
« on: 2006-04-30 23:23:05 »
Computers make odd noises all the time.. Just the other day the computer downstairs had the hard drive make a high pitched whirring noise.. Very weird.. I moved all the important data over my network to my main drive, and am going to add another drive for them to store data like that on..

Also my computer started making a weird buzzing noise.. Which I think is coming from this little ventilated gold plated area near my hard drives.. I have no clue what it is.. It's not as loud as it was though, and I'm sure its not one of the case fans..

Everything still works though.. for now...

I'd get a new drive and copy over your important data just incase of a crash..

Quote from: Sad Jari
Can't say that I'm surprised. :roll:

I know that they are difficult words to understand, but could you please specify which one you are having difficulties with; "Get" or "lost"?

I think that I can dig up your original promise to refresh your memory, if you want. Since you seem to have problems keeping it, maybe you have just forgotten.

Actually you did forget.. And to me that's shocking.. Mr. Forum know it all forgot the promise..

The promise that was made was that we wouldn't address each other.

That was the original promise.. Which Jari you broke first.. After that it really didnt matter anymore..

I think the way you broke the whole not addressing each other thing was when you called Nori and I bad moderators.. You tried to pull this whole "I'm not addressing you" Kind of thing that was quire laughable..

Either way .. after that.. the whole promise thing was basically off.. I don't think or didnt think that this was the first time I'd posted in one of your threads either after that..

My conversation in this thread wasn't even addressing you at all, and it was totally civil.. Not only that.. In another thread you decided to compare me to a loser that flexes his moderator power because he gets off on it or something..

So Jari.. You are the one that's being un-civil.. You also seem to have a selective memory..

dziugo .. You'd really have to know all the back story drama of this forum to understand Jari's aggressiveness towards me and select other people on this forum, and while it makes for a humorous read.. it's actually pretty sad.. ~_^

Completely Unrelated / Re: ATTN: Alhexx
« on: 2006-04-30 23:02:52 »
Quote from: Sad Jari
EDIT: I wonder how big of a loser one must be, that he gets off from using his shiny moderator powers. You and Caddberry would know that, right? They were probably mean to you in the army, ordered you to do all kinds of stuff and now you take it out on other people? :D

So do tell me, I'm curious. :)

Don't know why you drug me into this one .. but whatever..

Yeah Jari.. I totally get off on locking threads and such.. I really do.. Since I am such a little man.. I totally have to come on here and bash people.. </sarcasm>

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.. Jari you are the one that comes on here and blasts people into the Nth level of hell, tearing them a new asshole for doing literally nothing.. You talk about Alhexx pulling power on here because he has none in his life? No Jari.. That's you.. I've known this for a long time, but you have no control in your life, or it just sucks so bad that you have to belittle others to make yourself feel better.. It's totally obvious in nearly every single post you make that lashes out at others for poor grammar or spelling down to them simply thinking differently than you.

I'm sorry your life sucks Jari, and that you have no power in it. I'm sorry that you feel the need to show the faults of others so that you feel better about your own faults.

You've morphed into this.. Spiteful, hateful, jaded, lying person.. I don't know what triggered it.. I don't really care either. I'm surprised people are still putting up with your whiny bullshit antics.. But whatever Jari.. LoL The things you say about me really don't bother me.. I know the true reality of it even if you want to act and believe like things happened differently than they did in your own twisted version of reality..

Believe what you want Jari.. Then roll up into a ball and cry yourself to sleep when you finally see the true reality that no one cares about your drama, that this forum is a happier place without you, and that losing some of our valued members and also causing them to come less frequently is your fault.

Until then.. You just keep dreaming your little wet dream, and everyone will just put up with you like they have been doing ever since you got your first period..

One thing that totally hasn't been answered in this thread Midgar is WHY did your mom do that?

I'm really curious as to what would cause her to destroy your computer.. Not to mention i'd have to KILL anyone that destroyed my computer..

There is nothing wrong with being a computer geek.. Nothing at all.. Nothing wrong with spending a WHOLE night on the computer.. I do that day after day after day.. I communicate, download, watch, entertain myself, listen to music.. My life is my computer.. That's just the way it is.. ~_^

But what did you do? Or Why the hell did your mom do that for?

In all honesty .. If my mom did that to me.. Which she'd never ever dream of doing that to me.. She'd be buying me a new one.

Wow.. Intense discussion.. I was going to download this, and had actually started the download when I read this thread deeper.. I don't think I'll d/l it now.

A friend of mine saw the original Loose Change.. I think I'll pass on this one.. I'm not really big on conspiracy theory.. I know the Bush Administration is very crooked.. It's so crooked it disgusts me..

And the fact that they are about to even THINK about solving something with nuclear weapons..

God Bush is nuts.. Seriously.. He's lied, everything about the current administration is corrupt.. (Nearly everything) I mean.. It's disgusting.. The oil issue and how Bush is closely tied with the oil companies.. Hell, the oil companies basically wrote his energy bill!

It's SICK.. Clinton got a blow job and he was about to get impeached.. Bush lies about starting a WAR, and people are still praising him.. Though more are now FINALLY starting to see the truth..

Someone needs to get him outta office.. We need to impeach him and his whole crooked cabinet.. He has been a horrible president.. And the world hates us.

George W. Bush should be in encyclopedias as the man that totally fucked up America.

Completely Unrelated / Degree choices
« on: 2006-04-22 05:26:04 »
You know.. I liked programming, but when i took a class on it it totally ruined it for me.. Also .. I liked networking, but after all the classes I didn't care for it as much. I loved working on computers, but after college.. I didnt touch mine the same way..

Basically I lost the interest I had.. Don't know why.. But I did.. I still LOVE computers and I mess with mine all the time..

Recently I built a router out of my old P 3 550.. It works great..

I do have a computer related job right now, but I was kinda scared because after school I just didnt care about computers anymore. That's kinda scary really.. When you finish your education and then feel like it's not what you want to do with your life..

So.. If you think you chose the wrong thing.. You could always go for general education classes.. I mean.. You can study about the fields you go in to, but you can always change your mind..

You know.. I'd recommend that you also when looking to choose a degree or field.. Look at the job market.. I mean.. Seriously.. It's pretty tough to get a job out there in some fields.. (Mine for example)

I hate physics.. But that's just me.. Why don't you google it a bit or use good ol wikipedia.. ~_^

& Good luck to ya.

Completely Unrelated / The Geek Squad is Goin DOWN!!
« on: 2006-04-22 05:17:22 »
Just thought you guys might like this..

Winternals Files Federal Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against Best Buy Company and Geek Squad's%20Original%20Complaint.pdf

Long document check out around page 9..

I really hope best buy gets the crap kicked out of them with this lawsuit.. The manager of our local best buy is a total ass and I hate him.. I never worked for him.. Just heard things about him.. But that's not what formed my opinion.. When I was hiring everyone loved me.. and the guy was a total dick.. He basically shut me down after i passed everything with flying colors and I have no clue why. Maybe my long hair..

Either way .. Everyone hates the guy.. Even God does.. I know because I asked him.. Satan doesnt care for him much either.. and same with Zeus..

I really think though that it's pretty crappy for a company as big as best buy to be pirating software for profit..

I mean.. I pirate.. I pirate TONS of stuff.. But I don't make a dime off of it.

Yeah.. Pirating is wrong I think.. But I also think that pirating for profit is much worse than just me using it for my own benefit.

I'd say probably 80% of people that own computers have pirated atleast one piece of software in their lives. Hell, maybe its even higher than that..

Anyway.. Thought you all might get a kick out of this..

General Discussion / FF8/FF9 Back up
« on: 2006-04-22 02:01:51 »
I realize this topic is kinda old, but if your discs are scratched I recommend a disc doctor.. You can buy them at most electronics stores.. Best Buy, Circuit City, hell.. we even had them at Suncoast.. They are like $30 but they are miracle workers and have saved me more times than I'd like to remember..

Excellent for buffing out an unreadable disc.. They won't fix deep gouges, but scratches and stuff like that they are seriously the best..

And when you make a copy of a disc it has to be readable .. That's why its a pain to copy rented games from a video store.. Usually they are so scratched you can't do it..

Anyway.. Get a Disc Doctor.. you can probably order them via the net .. Just google Disc Doctor..

Quote from: Flatline
well....i dont see why people use that name all the time, yes he is one of the most famous Final Fantasy Characters to date......but think about it.....if youve ever beaten ff7, or KH (play sephy in coliseum), then sephiroth has never won a serious battle :o

Sephiroth doesn't have to win the battles.. He's just a very cool character.. He looks awesome.. His face, hair, outfit .. Sword.. He's a badass..

Just because he didn't win the battles doesn't mean he's not a badass.. LoL

I love Sephiroth .. But Kefka is MUCH more evil than any final fantasy villains EVER..

General Discussion / FF8/FF9 Back up
« on: 2006-03-09 05:43:35 »
When I'm backing up PSX images I use WinISO.. Put the disc in, press F6 and start it up.. use ASPI mode btw to make an exact copy..

General Discussion / FFT:Advance is fun to pass the time
« on: 2006-03-09 05:40:16 »
Midgar.. I was trying to hack the game any way possible using Codebreaker codes, game shark codes, etc.. They don't work..

I was seriously bored with it so I figured I'd hack it and check out the weapons and jobs and such, but I tried repeatedly and nothing worked..

Has anyone successfully hacked this game?

btw.. I also just iso'ed a copy of FFT (PSX) I'll take it to work with me tomorrow along with epsxe ^_^ I hope it goes ok without a controller.. I don't think I played with a keyboard.. I also hope that I can run it not in full screen mode.. I'm running on a celeron 1.4.. its pretty crappy honestly.. And I have to run multiple other programs to actually do my job.. ~_^

Anyway.. Maybe I'll try a different rom of FFTA I didnt think of that..

Completely Unrelated / Corrupt-A-Wish
« on: 2006-03-04 05:42:19 »
Granted, but someone else has already eaten it once.  :wicked:

I wish I could be artistic with my hands. Like painting and drawing pretty pictures.. Just a bad ass artist.. Oh and I want my 1 milimeter tall catgirl larger (I'll relate it to the wish though) So that I can draw her with my new artistic talent.. ~_^

General Discussion / FFT:Advance is fun to pass the time
« on: 2006-03-04 05:26:26 »
Advance Wars huh? I'll check it out..

And yeah.. FFT:A is kiddish.. which sucks.. And btw.. copys of the original game FFT (PSX) should be like $20 well probably WAY cheaper now, but its the PSX greatest hits title..

God I remember back when I wanted a copy really bad, but the only way to get one was ebay where they were going for like $70 a disc..

Final Fantasy Tactics on Ebay for $10 (Starting bid)

Xenogears, Final Fantasy Tactics & Anthology RPG LOT

[rul=]This is Rape[/url]

FFT + FF7 Nice combo right? Sure.. But they price starts at $59.99 with a buy it and rape me now price of $89.99.. That is such bullshit it's not even funny.. Factory sealed, but we aren't talking originals either.. We are talking the greatest hits titles..

Oh my God.. When did this rape start to happen? Final Fantasy VII on the PSX is now getting mass bids on ebay including someone asking $200 for the original version factory sealed

This is the $200 original version

Wow.. I guess if you want to part with your copy of FF7 psx you can make some cash off of it.. I've got an original copy .. ~_^

Wow.. Here's the PC version going for $200 as well..

I bet it'll get worse when Advent Children comes out on shelves..

So I guess it's not that cheap to buy a copy of FFT anymore.. That really sucks..

I wonder if they will reprint them again.. They really should if they know what's good for them.. Otherwise people will continue to be raped over the prices on ebay.. There has to be somewhere cheaper though.. Hell I'd check local pawn shops sometimes they have rare gems..

General Discussion / "One" question, if someone can help.
« on: 2006-03-04 05:07:03 »
Quote from: VINCENTVAL
hmm.. I think Qhimm is right on this one, but it has also been proven that Aeris wasn't going to die in the origional storyline, but something else was going to happen.

I don't know how you can say its been proven she wasn't going to die in the original.. I thought that it was more of a possibility that you could perhaps revive her.. And it just seemed that they scrapped the idea.. Either way.. I don't think you can say it's proven can you? Maybe I missed something..

Either way .. for all we know maybe she was supposed to originally die at the end..

Completely Unrelated / Corrupt-A-Wish
« on: 2006-03-03 05:31:11 »
Quote from: VINCENTVAL
Quote from: Caddberry
Granted, but it makes super high pitched annoying buzzing sounds that alternate with low pitched tones, and smells like cat urine..

I wish for world peace ~_^

Granted, but the entire world goes insane due to no way to realese anger.

Wow.. That's pretty close to how it is now.. and you forgot your wish.. So It's a free wish to whoever.. Oh hell I'll make another one to keep it going..

I wish for a beautiful real life anime catgirl!

Quote from: EmperorSteele
Dubbed MEANS voice-acting.  "Subbed" means it has subtitles.

Also, there's a far more extensive english cast than you've mentioned; i think there's a full list at

NOOOOO!!!! /me cries

I read this

Available Editions:
• Standard Version - Japanese
• Limited Edition Cover - Japanese
• Advent pieces - Japanese
• UMD - Japanese

And got excited.. I thought for sure they wouldn't .. That's why they were so late on the release.. They are dubbing it with probably a totally jacked up script and crappy voice actors.. Damn.. That really sucks.. If they don't release it in Japanese I'll kill them all..

What the hell.. ?

Quick Facts

    * The Japanese version does not have English subtitles.

.. They've had half a year to mess around with all this crap.. They better not release this half assed.. Granted my copy will be free, but I want it to be worth buying .. Damn..

General Discussion / FFT:Advance is fun to pass the time
« on: 2006-03-03 05:23:04 »
So at work I get bored between things to do. I grabbed an emulator and am now working my way through Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.. I'm actually enjoying it now.. Though I didnt warm to it very well.. Has anyone else played this..

I know I made a thread on this a few years ago.. LoL Even Joey did.. I didn't want to revive them for this..

Also.. Are there any other good GBA games that I could play at work.. Maybe RPGs? Anything cool like that..? I work in a call center right now.. So I sit with nothing to do for awhile then have to stop the game and answer the phone, fix the issue, back to game.. That's kinda how it works..

I'm totally open for suggestions for other games, or comments about FFT:Adv..

I'm pretty weak right now.. I have a few territories out, completed like 11 missions.. So I"m just starting.. And I just met Ritz (?) for the first time..

I'm not looking for spoilers unless they are like cheats or eastereggs like how to get cloud in your party in the original FFT.. That game was so awesome.. I loved FFT (PSX)

Completely Unrelated / Corrupt-A-Wish
« on: 2006-03-03 04:26:41 »
Granted, but it makes super high pitched annoying buzzing sounds that alternate with low pitched tones, and smells like cat urine..

I wish for world peace ~_^

Archive / FF8 on Win XP with dual drives problem
« on: 2006-03-03 04:10:54 »
Actually, this was a problem I experienced awhile ago.. I never solved it because I only installed it on a whim and didn't feel like troubleshooting it..

I've seen this come up though here, and IIRC the solution was farily simple, I just can't recall what it was..

Unfortunately a search didn't help me either.. It could very well be a corrupted disc.. (I'm really hoping that's not the case because mine probably suffers from the same thing)

I'd try to re-install the game again, but I really hope someone remembers what the solution was for this issue.. (I may actually be remembering something closely related to this being resolved as well.. It's been a long time)

I just saw the April date.. God I hope its final now.. My old manager @ Suncoast actually owes me a copy of this movie.. I made a bet with him that I could sell some magazine subscriptions and I won.. He told me that he'd buy me an anime as a reward.. I couldn't think of anything so I told him Advent Children when it came out... I hope he still works there in April.. LoL

And I'm also glad to see they aren't trying to dub this.. Thank GOD..

Completely Unrelated / Corrupt-A-Wish
« on: 2006-02-21 18:20:25 »
Quote from: chaoscontrol
granted, only a meteor strikes Hollywood and you along with it.

I wish I for a new comp with the latest specs and one which could withstand anything and can't break or whatsoever, i'm also bonded with it (by a spiritual link) so it cant be taken away from me unless i die which i wont cus im connected to the unbreakable comp and thus so am i!


But the computer must be powered by the souls of your family and friends

I wish I had more money.

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