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As many know I have been working on creating modern high-quality versions of songs from many Nintendo 64 games. These are all the actual songs from the games (not from the CD or USF, nor are they remixes).
My goal here is to be completely faithful to the original songs, but to produce the highest-quality versions so we can enjoy them in very crisp and clear detail.

Here is the full set:

Mario Kart 64:
GoldenEye 007:
Star Fox 64:
Killer Instinct Gold:
Super Smash Bros.:
Diddy Kong Racing:
Super Mario 64:
Blast Corps:

Perfect Dark coming soon.

I would like to do the same thing with Final Fantasy VII.  Has anyone made a "best and most accurate" set of samples, MIDI files, and bank data for Final Fantasy VII?  The original PC release had some problems in that department and I didn't see this exact thing in the audio section here.

L. Spiro

…Nintendo 64 music!  In CD quality.
These songs, which I have recorded carefully, sound very different from the other recordings you will hear.


L. Spiro

General Discussion / The Nightmare Begins + Others
« on: 2016-08-21 19:43:37 »
When I was around 18 I recorded an amateurish piano solo of The Nightmare Begins.

I’ve grown both in skill on piano and in recording.

I also played this live song from Neon Genesis Evangelion:
I had a digital metronome playing in my headphones while recording this one.

Other songs you might enjoy:

All songs are played live.

L. Spiro

General Discussion / Final Fantasy XV New Video
« on: 2015-02-08 01:21:25 »
I’ve been waiting a few weeks for this to finally be made public.

My direct influence has been on optimizations.

L. Spiro

General Discussion / “Welcome to Square Enix”
« on: 2014-11-13 14:09:02 »
I am the new senior graphics programmer in Square Enix’s R&D department (Advanced Technology Division—Luminous Engine).

My main focus initially will be on the graphics the engine needs for Final Fantasy XV—I will be working on both Luminous Engine and Final Fantasy XV directly.
I hope to make a heavy contribution to a quality game that I hope you will all enjoy.

L. Spiro

Completely Unrelated / Accidental eBay Sell; Going with it
« on: 2013-12-31 23:16:03 »
I wrote a submission for my camera on eBay but didn’t hit the final Submit button for a few weeks.
Then I forgot about it and noticed an eBay page session timed out so I innocently logged in and it submitted the item before I knew what happened.

Oh well.  I’ll just go with it.

My Canon PowerShot G9 is in great condition:

And some of you may be interested in a Japanese Nintendo Wii console with 3 bundled games (none of which require Japanese language knowledge to play):

L. Spiro

Completely Unrelated / MARS-ONE Results
« on: 2013-12-31 11:27:07 »
Over 200,000 people applied and only 1,058 were chosen for the next round.
With less than a 0.526% chance at being chosen, there really wasn’t any chance for me to be selected.

But I was anyway!!
I guess they have some Final Fantasy fans among them.

They have not released the details for phase 2 but in their e-mail they told me to expect an e-mail from their chief medical officer and that a quick reply will be helpful.
I will likely be told to get tested for certain diseases.  I am tested regularly for all STD’s and have no other underlying medical problems, so passing phase 2 will be no problem.

After that later this year it seems I will be shipping off to The Netherlands for training.

Thank you to everyone who voted.
We can still use some support here:

L. Spiro

Completely Unrelated / MARS-ONE Application
« on: 2013-08-16 07:18:28 »
Hi, I’m L. Spiro and you might remember me from such films as 奇跡体験!アンビリバボー and 少年H.

I’ve applied for MARS-ONE and now I need your support to get there!  Only you can prevent forest fires.  And me going to Mars.

So vote for me here:

Every vote counts!

Thank you.
L. Spiro

Completely Unrelated / Elusive Kanji
« on: 2012-03-31 11:39:33 »
Can anyone identify this Kanji?

I created the image by modifying 前.  Much appreciation to anyone who can figure out what this Kanji is and what it means.

L. Spiro

Completely Unrelated / Square Enix
« on: 2011-04-07 10:41:57 »
It has been an exciting few weeks in Japan for me.
An earthquake messed up my room and office, convenience stores emptied of all snacks, dark eerie streets, and more.
I started acting as a doctor on a Japanese TV show, and my girlfriend left me.
Only to be replaced (at least temporarily) by a celebrity singer, model, and fashion tycoon named Himeka Shirosaki.
Her singing.
Her Wikipedia Page
Her with Me

But the highlight is my new job at Square Enix, where I will be the next core game engine programmer.
By coding the engine they use for all of their major products, I will in effect be working on all of their next Final Fantasy games, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest, and more.

All of this in just 3 weeks.  Tokyo is an exciting place and I will definitely be staying here for life.
I hope to meet many gaming celebrities at Square Enix, and will do my best to put out the highest quality engine for their upcoming games.

L. Spiro

Completely Unrelated / nihon no kata
« on: 2007-10-29 07:12:08 »
日本の形 -> nihon no kata -> “Japan’s way”, “the Japanese way”, or as in the videos, “the Japanese tradition”.

This is the same group who brought us those “How to date a Japanese woman” (Kosai) videos.  Beautiful satire.

How to Eat Sushi
Can You Use Chopsticks?
Japanese Tea (Japanese only)
How to Apologize
Onigiri (Her accent is adorable when she pronounces the English terms)
Clapping Hands
Kneeling in Apology
Summer Vacation

There are a few more if you search for 日本の形; I don’t have time to post them all.

エル スパイロ -> L. Spiro

Completely Unrelated / No-Hands Super Mario World
« on: 2007-10-06 14:18:24 »
This was an awesome idea.
These videos depict levels in Super Mario World that beat themselves without the need for a controller.  Even bosses are beaten without touching the controller.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7
Level 8
Level 9
Level 10 (err?)
Level 11
Level 12


I hope to see more of these in the future, or maybe we can even get in on the action and make our own.   :wink:
They look fun to make as well as to watch.

L. Spiro

Completely Unrelated / Jari vs. L. Spiro
« on: 2007-08-11 09:02:17 »
awesomeness i wish i were as lucky as you but that could never happen to me.
What part was it that you wanted to happen to you?

LOL I can honestly say your the only other person I've heard use awesomeness but me
I believe I have used it on quite the few occasions back in the day.

Quote from: Jari
Don't feel too bad. Spiro is made of lies and bullsh*t after all
Prove it.
Oh, and before you go off presenting a bunch of circumstantial evidence, why not try to bring out something that can actually be solidly proved to be a lie?
For example, you could claim that I lied about her promise to quit smoking, because you know that to prove myself right I would have to get her to vouch for it, which is clearly not something I willing to do simply for the sake of some Internet argument (and naturally asking her to go so far out of her way for such a stupid thing would only ruin my credibility with her, and I have to admit she is much more important than you).
While on the other hand, you wouldn’t claim that I lied about her giving me some new photos to draw, since all I would have to do is present my drawing, or the photos, to prove myself right.

So, do feel free to show everyone just how few hard-cold facts you actually have, because you might be able to find one or two times I directly lied, but in the end 90% (or more!) of what you think is a lie is just you thinking it is a lie.  Please face this fact.

Quote from: Jari
and multiple personalities too
Please, do allow me to clarify.  What I had were emotional rollercoasters with a range so vast I could (and did) seem like an entirely different person.  But to admit to such a simple problem and take the blame for the things I had said rather than presenting an elaborate and deep-rooted problem and somehow trying to pass blame off to anything else I could would have actually taken balls (colors used to clarify the structure of the sentence).

In light of the difficulty of my previous challenge I will hand this one to you.  I lied about having multiple personalities, justifying it to myself by adjusting the context of “multiple personalities” to include “emotional ranges so vast that I seemed like an entirely different person”.

Quote from: Jari
Not that I'd care, but I do enjoy being mean to liars and holier-than-thous, and especially to our dear Spiro.
Which is funny, because I enjoy being an arrogant holier-than-thou ass to people, such as yourself, who think they are so much better/smarter/wiser than everyone else.
Which explains why only people who feel very highly of themselves, or people watching me argue with those people, think I am arrogant.

It’s really funny actually.  I see some guy online thinking he is so bad, so I jump up to shoot him down, then I go back to watching my cartoons, playing Mario or chess, acting like a clown for the healthy laughter of others, and basically do all these “loser” things that no one with a decent level of self-respect would be caught dead doing.

For the rest, I enjoy giving laughter, smiles, praise, and help when I can. Even in this very thread!

Quote from: Jari
That reminds me, hey Spiro, you were bragging so much how you already had counter arguments ready for that certain post of mine. They never materialized. What happened to them, your dog ate them, or something?
Shortly after that topic was created I left the site.
Of course I don’t make big dramatic topics announcing such things, and hope that everyone is going to cry; I leave when I get bored and I come back when I come back.
Do feel free to check visitation logs to verify this.  It was a long time ago but as I recall, after that topic went on for a while, at some point it was your turn to post, and I made a topic about stem cells and rights for robots, but finally I simply got bored and left for several months.  I had other things to do.  If you ever did give some retort in that topic, I have missed it.

If you didn’t, well that was the plan anyway.  By challenging you so straight-forwardly and claiming that I would be ready for your every next move, you would squander about and post virtually non-relevant replies (and I remember you actually doing this!, as I had to keep pressuring you to give me that oh-so-special post [which I did only to ensure you would keep avoiding actually giving it to me, heh]) to do anything you could to avoid allowing me to be right.
I recall proclaiming that I knew exactly what your next post would contain.
You, knowing your own predictability, acknowledged that there was a very high likelihood that I was right, as nearly any attack back at me could be considered predictable, and you know enough about your own flaws to know I would have enough ammo for anything you could dish out, and that I did have something in mind.

But of course a plan where you aren’t supposed to give me that certain reply could never be realized until the topic died and it was sure you never would reply.  But by that time I would not only look like an ass for beating a dead horse I would also be breaking rules by resurrecting topics.

Luckily, I also knew that you would keep records.  As long as you never gave me that magical reply that could allow me to unleash “all hell” back at you, you had considered the debate won, and since you oh-so-love to rub things into peoples’ faces that are so out-of-date as to be literally insignificant and forgotten by normal people, I knew I could safely let the topic die only to have you bring it up like a fool later and give me the chance to actually explain what the plan was all along (tada!), and let you be the one to beat the dead horse.

I remember leaving clues in my first posts so that when this time came I could actually verify that I had planned the whole thing out up all the way up to this point, but frankly I can’t be arsed to be find that post and read it all again looking for my clues.

But I know you will.  :-P


L. Spiro

Completely Unrelated / The Art Topic
« on: 2007-06-24 11:04:03 »

I mentioned last time that I am not much into art/drawing.  I had just started drawing again after a 7-year break from high school and the WIP (work-in-progress) I posted back then has only just recently been finished, after over 6 months.  I didn’t have the urge to work on it for 5 months of that time.

I had a reason for starting drawing again back then.  I figured my desire to draw would quickly fade as it always does.

But I got a lot of support and a lot of people liked some of the things I had done.  Your support has kept me going this long, and I thought I would share some of my recent works (though there are not many).

Sitting Rei Drawn back at age 15.

Showered Misato Drawn back at age 15.

August This was a WIP from last time.  Finally finished it.  I am really lacking in the dedication department, but I always finish what I start.

Panda 3 This is my current WIP.  I plan to sell this when done.

Velociraptor This is a drawing from when I was 12.  I was very much into Jurassic Park back then.  This was my first and last colored drawing.

View the rest here.

Thank you all for the support that keeps me going.

Of course, feel free to share your own works.  Hopefully there are more things to show since last time right?
So let’s see them!

L. Spiro

Completely Unrelated / Be Sure to Get These
« on: 2007-04-09 18:19:00 »
I don’t really know how many games were reviewed from GDC but I was told by another that only 3 or 4 were.

I do know, however, that among the games reviewed, 3 were mine: Barnyard Blast, Makeup Diva, and Housewife Superstar.

Be sure to get these games when they are released.  Here is a bit of info on each.

Barnyard Blast was my original concept and design.  That seems like a paradox to call it “original” given its likeness to Castlevania, but the game has changed a lot since its conception.
In fact I was originally borrowing ideas from Donkey Kong Country when designing the game.  Castlevania stepped in due to memory constraints on the Nintendo DS hardware; we have a limited number of screens available in VRAM and when the player moves too far in the map we need to flush the current buffer and load the next.  We borrowed Castlevania’s room-by-room design due to this limitation (originally planned to do the map in Super Mario Bros. fashion).
Later, the programmer next to me threw together a Castlevania whip as a joke and put it into the game.  He is into Castlevania.
In fact I told him to remove it before the demo at GDC for fear that crossing too far into Castlevania territory would be taken as a bad thing, however he left the whip and it turned out that bearing so much likeness to Castlevania was a good thing.
After GDC we headed more into the parody direction, though the original parody style was simply coincidence.
Be sure to get the game and help Robert Belmart, his wife Julia Belmart, and their son Cliffy Belmart stop the evil darkness from spreading over Barnyard Town.

After finishing the story for Barnyard Blast I went on to two other games we had at GDC.

Makeup Diva
Housewife Superstar

For Makeup Diva, I am the game designer and research & development specialist.
To expand, the process of drawing onto 3-D models using the Nintendo DS stylus is not simple.  Even if it was a normal 3-D game, the problem would be complex enough in requiring that we locate the polygon under the stylus on the screen and even further locate the texel on the texture there, using the UV coordinates from that polygon.
The math for this is nothing new, and some readers may feel that this problem is relatively simple.
However handling this problem on Nintendo DS is not as straight-forward.
The Nintendo DS standard 3-D formats (Nitro System for those who know what I mean) don’t actually have polygon data in them.  When the file is created, the polygon data is compiled into a series of drawing commands the hardware uses to draw polygons more quickly.  The series of commands required to draw the 3-D models has already been created and the hardware simply needs to run over them, allowing it faster drawing.  This was the method on Nintendo 64 as well.
So without polygon data available, no “surfaces” for temporary drawing, and the generally unique nature of the Nintendo DS API, the problem was no simple matter.

The technology to draw onto 3-D models did not exist on Nintendo DS because of multiple hardware restrictions.  My first job was to overcome these restrictions and create that technology, so when you play the game and draw onto the 3-D faces, you will be using the direct results of my research and development.

As the game designer, many of the challenges you face in the game will be of my design.  I also pushed the game from 2-D (as shown in the screenshots in the links of the original concept) to 3-D.

For Housewife Superstar, I am also a designer.
This project has just gotten underway starting today, so not much has been done yet.

Be sure to pick up all of these games as they are released 8-10 months from now.
The most expensive game we plan to make should only be $29.99.
Also don’t be fooled by all the pink.  Makeup Diva and Housewife Superstar are targeted towards males also, and the pink was merely a result of lack of time in preparing the posters for GDC.  We have a Mad TV/Saturday Night Live style of comedy in these games and aren’t overplaying the feminine sides of the games, so males shouldn’t be pushed as far away as one might think from looking at the preliminary posters.

L. Spiro

Completely Unrelated / The Matrix: The Beginning
« on: 2006-12-21 19:30:20 »
Enter the Matrix

And all of this is well within our lifetimes.

But what consequences could there really be?
Assuming the end of the oil bell-curve and impending ice-age aren’t factors, and we have “living” machines roaming around us, what next?
Should we really be giving them rights?  This implies they actually care enough to have rights, and if they care enough to have rights, what is preventing them from violently giving it to themselves?

If a robot could sue you, wouldn’t that imply it had some mechanism for determining it has been wronged in some manner?
If it has a sense of self such that it feels it should not be wronged, and should be treated on an equal level with humans, what exactly dictates its retaliatory actions and where do they draw the line?
If humans are an indication, they would be capable of murder, and what stops them from taking over the earth?

Would some robots be “good” and some be “bad”?
Would we be at war with robots, in an us-vs.-them-style combat?
Would some of them join in with us?
Would they plan to exterminate us entirely?
Would they just to decide to kill off humans they felt unfit for society but protect the “worthy” ones?
Would they play a decent game of chess and argue over the Internet?

L. Spiro

The Report

Now this is probably an all-time low in human’s existence, and amazingly it isn’t even America or Nazis this time.
I had always supported stem-cell research and when the babies are already dead from the start I had never seen the “ethical” fallacies that America had seen when it banned their research.
I myself have in fact planned to use stem cells in the future for a certain unexplainable (here) purpose, however, of course, I would have been expecting my stem cells to have been from genuinely stillborn babies.

I thought that harvesting healthy babies would be too ethically low for anyone, and that stem-cell research would be unlikely to cause such a travesty, at least on a large scale.
Technically this still isn’t a large scale; just a few hospitals in one country (that we know), but it is already high enough to be inexcusable.
What if you were that kid who was just born?
You look up at the lights and think, “Finally, time to learn everything this world has to offer.”
Then they carry you off and you say, “Hey, what are you doing?  I just got here!  Where is my chance to start a family and have kids of my own!?”

Not to mention their mothers who wait for 9 months just to have this happen in the end.

I don’t know really where to rate this, but I don’t care to get into a discussion comparing this to all the other all-time lows in humanity’s history.
Taking healthy babies and just killing them for their brains then lying to their mothers is simply low.

L. Spiro

This is to keep our little war out of the otherwise quality-filled thread. (Oh, I guess I should actually make notes when I use satire because some people seem to be completely convinced I have no clue of the concept).

A few spare minutes found in the office.  Time to lay it down.   8-)
[Disclaimer: I am going to be an ass where I could otherwise choose softer words.  The reason being that I have been directly attacked, pushed, and shoved by someone who deserves no less.  Any cockiness found in this post is otherwise out-of-character for the author, and should not be taken as part of the true nature of said person.
I have a second reason, too, but that will be revealed after Jari replies. :evil:]

Quote from: Jari
See, just claiming that you have a sense of humor does not mean you have one, anymore than me claiming I'm the King of Norway makes me one.
Except that I claim to have a sense of humor because I have one.  But I’ll get into that later (remember this, because I won’t get to it until after your reply).

And in one more post you managed to show yet again that you seem to have problems gathering the context out of written language.
Allow me.

Lesson 1: Address the Issues at Hand
Quote from: Jari
Quite the contrary, I have assumed all this time - and continue to do so - that your tirade was written totally seriously.
Ah, but you’re addressing the wrong issue.  I never doubted that you thought my post was written entirely seriously.  I said you think I’m trying to claim it wasn’t.  Missed a big key word there, did you?   :-P

Lesson 2: Context is a Tricky Thang
Quote from: Jari
Quote from: L. Spiro
Ah, so, a shortage of Wii machines managed to cause a bit of “shoving and grappling”.
As expected.
Nuh uh, no you don't.

Since it was the "violent and sexist" games that made people fight over PS3, I'm waiting for your explanation about why Ninty-fanboys do it. With Nintendo games being all "wholesome", and supporting "family values".
I didn’t bother to reply to this simply to avoid making you look stupid. :mrgreen: Like this guy. You didn’t even get the context of my reply, so why should I bother?
You thought I meant that I expected violence on the Wii side, and you thought that because you were looking for a way to claim this:
Quote from: Jari
with you it's merely a case of apparently turning your coat to appease the crowd after having your ass handed to you once already, and trying to score minuscule "victories" by "cleverly" hinting what you really think.
Notice those clever little quotation marks meant to emphasize the “shoving and grappling” (also a direct quote from the article, to add to my point).
Normal people understood my meaning as, “As expected, the violence on the Wii side was nothing compared to that on the PlayStation 3 side.”

So when you say, “Nuh uh, no you don't,” I say, “Yessum, it’s exactly what I expected.  Knives and guns for Sony and a bit of pushing for Nintendo.”
Yeah, I just didn’t want to reply because there would be no way to point out that you are on a completely different planet without making you look like an idiot for being there. :-P Man, I try to get along, even avoid pointing out your errors in the name of peace, and you just want to crap all over it.
Or is it because I wanted to see just how far you’d go on a context that doesn’t even apply to anything.  Or both.   :evil:

Lesson 3: If you Can’t Understand the Correct Context of a Sentence, Don’t Pick Fights that Don’t Apply
Oh, and speaking of which, I guess that means I never turned my coat in the first place, and never tried to go back and claim my old post was all a big joke, so when you go off and say “No, with you it’s merely a case of apparently turning your coat to appease the crowd after having your ass handed to you once already, and trying to score minuscule ‘victories’ by ‘cleverly’ hinting what you really think,” well, that goes out the window, yet again showing just how far you are willing to go on contexts that don’t even apply.
That’s strike 3 already. :-P And it’s worse because you’ve been sitting here attacking me from some other tangent that only you acknowledge.  Eh, well, we all make mistakes, right?
Don’t worry about it mi amigo, I did the same to Qhimm in that thread about the Sony ads.  The difference is, I sincerely felt bad for it, admitted my wrong, and apologized to him multiple times.
I know the idea of admitting you made a mistake is altogether lost on you though, and you will just reply by gathering together a bunch of past incidences with the idea of assaulting my character rather than address the actual issues here and now (read Lesson 1), because, according to you, proving a faulty character is the basis for poving that that person must therefore always be at fault in all incidents, even though neither the past nor my character have anything to do with your poor reading comprehension and the fact that you have so much faith in your abilities to gather the correct contexts from sentences that you are willing to make youself look like a total jackass by attacking people on grounds that only work if your contexts were the right ones.
Or you’ll go the old route of “calling bullshit” once again on false pretenses (I won’t hide the keyword this time; it’s again).
Call bullshit all you want.  How much of it can you prove?  And if all you have is your hunch, why don’t you just admit it’s a hunch?  By going off on these tangents, you’re assuming your hunch is fact (sound familiar? *cough* religion *cough*), which still makes you wrong.  Except twice as wrong, since you were wrong in the first place to call bullshit. :-P
I could list all the times you’ve been wrong to call bullshit too, but in most cases you wouldn’t be convinced by my word alone, and most cases don’t actually apply to the issues at hand, which are your poor reading comprehension skills.
I do have to give honorable mention to the one time you didn’t call bullshit when you should have, but that’s not the issue at hand.

Lesson 4: Err, Context is a Tricky Thang?
Quote from: Jari
Quote from: L. Spiro
You’ll notice the lack of satire in my actual post.
Please, do not try to pretend that you are capable of humor of any kind.

I've had the "privilege" of observing you for more than half a decade already, and considering that you haven't been familiar with the concept thus far, it's rather obvious that you haven't figured it out now, either.

No, with you it's merely a case of apparently turning your coat to appease the crowd after having your ass handed to you once already, and trying to score minuscule "victories" by "cleverly" hinting what you really think.
Heh, and here you go again.
I said, “the lack of satire in my actual post,” which most people understand as separating a post from its topic.  In other words, if I thought there would be people who couldn’t put two and two together, I would have wasted time typing, “the lack of satire in my actual post, rather than having satire in both the topic and the post.”
Ah, yes, that makes perfect sense to everyone here but you.
My previous sentence had been about the topic of the post, which means it would be entirely illogical for my second sentence’s context to switch from the satire in the topic to the “satire” in my other thread.
Yet, you chose to overlook this logical connection, deciding for yourself that I was trying to use “satire” to refer to my old topic, and then claiming I was turning coat and trying to appease a crowd.
So, you misunderstood my sentence and attacked me.
I did this to Qhimm too, then I apologized multiple times to him on Yahoo! Messenger.

Class Dismissed, But…
Well those are the lessons for reading, but some points were raised that should be addressed.
Unfortunately, I won’t address them here, because our fight this time was caused by your poor reading, making up your own contexts, and then flinging poo that should never have been flung.  The other issues are not related to this, and bringing them up here would be to detract from the point of this topic, and to raise dead issues needlessly.

So why did I mention that there are things that are left open based off this post?
Why, that’s simple!  I’m leading you into a trap! :-D
You’re a predictable human being.  I’ll tell you that I know for a fact you will not acknowledge that you are in the wrong for misunderstanding my (very simple) sentences and attacking me based off your own misunderstandings.
Now, you have the option of not replying to this topic at all, but that’s actually not the best way to go.
But you won’t select the best route for this situation due to personality flaws. :-P
Obviously, I can’t just tell you what I know you will do, but I can tell you a bit.
After you reply, I will take tidbits of this post and quote them below, proving my point and what I (and everyone else) knew all along. :-D


Completely Unrelated / Warning: Xbox 360 Kills Infants
« on: 2006-12-15 04:29:34 »
News Story

He “snapped” after he thought his daughter had broken a $600 Xbox game console.
“I thought it was broken. I popped her in the face. I picked her up and tossed her in a chair.”
In other words, it wasn’t even broken.

Now try to put yourself in the shoes of the mother.
She had her child.  She wanted to raise it to be a young woman and an adult, who would fall in love, make more babies, and have her own life, goals, and dreams.
All ended because she met the wrong guy.
Everything the kid was supposed to be is gone, and the kid doesn’t even know why.
Money comes and goes.  It doesn’t matter how much the console cost; nothing changes the fact that you can get a new one, no matter how poor you are.

Some people are born losers.
Unfortunately, it often takes the sacrifice of an innocent human being to get them off the streets.

L. Spiro

Great New Game!

Now you too can brainwash masses and force conversions into the religion of your choice!
As long as the religion of your choice is Christianity, of course.

I personally take this entire game as satire, but some seem to actually be offended by it.

L. Spiro

P. S.: If this post offended you, you probably shouldn’t have read it.

Completely Unrelated / So it Finally Arrived
« on: 2006-12-12 04:02:49 »
One of my projects.
Congratulations to the whole team—it’s doing great at #8 best-seller for this year in France.
Since I am sure all you boys and girls out there are eager to get your paws on this title, localizations in German and English should be coming soon.

L. Spiro


I agree with host Jerry Klein.

L. Spiro

Completely Unrelated / Quite the Situation
« on: 2006-10-11 09:28:50 »
I was put into quite a situation only moments ago.

Here is how it all began.

Once upon a time our company was doing fine.
Our main clients were/are Ubisoft and Vivendi Universal with lots of others scattered about.

Part of keeping the company alive means completing our projects correctly and on time, keeping Ubisoft happy and gaining repeat business, as well as a portfolio that allows us to get more business.

To gain a higher status and a better reputation we took a project from Ubisoft with a serious deadline.
The project would be tight even if all things were going well.

My project is our own license, and this project can not be completed without me because it is entirely my code at this point (an engine that would be the foundation for all of our own games in the future).
For me to abandon this project means we have no future intellectual property of our own.  No one else will be able to pick up the project after me because it is a fairly large engine with fairly large incomplete parts including a full physics engine, which no one else will be able to finish (you can not pick up after someone on this type of thing, with no clue even as far as what is completed and what is not).

Previously I mentioned a friend from this company who decided to slander my name and make my life hell.
When he left this company, he went to another office in this same building.
Now two people from the important Ubisoft project are leaving, and they are going to that same company.

This hurts the company in many ways.
Now the most important project we have had is in jeopardy, and it’s salt on the wound because it was the same company who took our other senior programmer.
I am being pulled from my project to work on the critical project as a result with plans to resume my project later.

After this happened the boss made it very clear that I would be the pillar of support for this project, and should this project fail it might be the end of the company itself.
This project is meant for huge reputation both from prospective clients and from Ubisoft.
Failure of completion on this project destroys our relations with our most valuable client and completely damages our reputation with prospective future clients.
As my boss put it.

The message is clear.
The life of the company depends on me, at least while he looks for new candidates to replace the old.

And then the disaster hit.

It is quite common knowledge that I dream of Tokyo.
That is why my coworker posted a job oppurtunity for me.
As it turns out, this Japanese company has an office right here in my building, and to get hired would be as much effort as taking an elevator two floors and walking 30 feet.
The job would then send me to Tokyo, give me better crudentials for my résumé, pay me 4 times as much, and of course I would finally be living in my dream land.
And the fact is this is the first interesting job I have ever seen in Japan.  It is almost like a fluke.

So here I am faced with my dream 2 floors below, or the survival of my current company.
The job is urgent.  They won’t be hiring long enough for me to finish my critical project, so it seems I can not have both my dream and the survival of my current company.

What can I do?

How can I decide between the rare chance at my dream and the life of my boss’s company?

L. Spiro

Completely Unrelated / Chess
« on: 2006-10-05 06:46:14 »
Well from a previous tournament I know that a lot of people here enjoy chess.

I also enjoy chess, but I wasn’t hanging around at the time of the tournament so I completely missed out.

If you are like me, you don’t have a lot of time anymore, and this is one major reason I stopped playing chess long ago, and probably why fewer people here show interest in it as much.
One alternative has been to play quick games (10 minute games or such) but quite frankly I hate those.
If I am to play chess, I will play a thinking game or none at all.  Hence why lack of time has forced me to play none at all.

Someone on another forum kept pushing me to play to which I kept replying that I had no time.
Finally he linked me to

Honestly, I have to admit I am impressed with the detail they have put into this site.
They put a lot of time into it, added tons of little useful features over a long period of time, and the entire site is really huge, complete with forums where chess players chat it out (I do not participate but they have it).

The best part is that the time per move is noted in days, giving us working men and women the ability to play thinking games again without interfering with our lives.
You can play multiple games at once as well and keep the opponents fresh.

It also has full league support.
It natively supports the creation of chess clans and allows clan battles as well.

My interest in chess really died long ago, but recently I have been getting back into it and I am considering even subscribing to the site ($30 for a year, no problem).
Note that you do not have to subscribe, and you can still have fun without doing so.

If anyone would like to play, my ID is “LSpiro”.
It is more fun to play people you know than a bunch of strangers.

I heard Nori ripped it up at the last tournament.
Too bad I will never get to play her now that she left.

Maybe we can have another Qhimm tournament on Chess at Work, especially since it seems both of the winners from the previous one are gone.

L. Spiro

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