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General Discussion / Sayonara..
« on: 2006-05-02 00:46:12 »
I’m resigning my position as a moderator, and leaving the forums. You know, it’s funny.. This is harder for me to do than I thought it’d be.

I spent about 6 years of my life coming here. I’ve met some great people that I still to this day talk to outside of the forum. I was here near the beginning, but this is my end.

Over time people change, things change, and life moves on whether we like it or not. I’ve become busy with other projects as most of you know, and I’ve not come here as much as I used to. When I do come here this forum just doesn't have the feeling of home that it did before.

I’ve grown a lot with several of you, and I won’t forget you guys.

My contact info below my post is accurate if any of you feel like keeping in touch.

I wish all of you the best in everything that you do.



Completely Unrelated / The Geek Squad is Goin DOWN!!
« on: 2006-04-22 05:17:22 »
Just thought you guys might like this..

Winternals Files Federal Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against Best Buy Company and Geek Squad's%20Original%20Complaint.pdf

Long document check out around page 9..

I really hope best buy gets the crap kicked out of them with this lawsuit.. The manager of our local best buy is a total ass and I hate him.. I never worked for him.. Just heard things about him.. But that's not what formed my opinion.. When I was hiring everyone loved me.. and the guy was a total dick.. He basically shut me down after i passed everything with flying colors and I have no clue why. Maybe my long hair..

Either way .. Everyone hates the guy.. Even God does.. I know because I asked him.. Satan doesnt care for him much either.. and same with Zeus..

I really think though that it's pretty crappy for a company as big as best buy to be pirating software for profit..

I mean.. I pirate.. I pirate TONS of stuff.. But I don't make a dime off of it.

Yeah.. Pirating is wrong I think.. But I also think that pirating for profit is much worse than just me using it for my own benefit.

I'd say probably 80% of people that own computers have pirated atleast one piece of software in their lives. Hell, maybe its even higher than that..

Anyway.. Thought you all might get a kick out of this..

General Discussion / FFT:Advance is fun to pass the time
« on: 2006-03-03 05:23:04 »
So at work I get bored between things to do. I grabbed an emulator and am now working my way through Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.. I'm actually enjoying it now.. Though I didnt warm to it very well.. Has anyone else played this..

I know I made a thread on this a few years ago.. LoL Even Joey did.. I didn't want to revive them for this..

Also.. Are there any other good GBA games that I could play at work.. Maybe RPGs? Anything cool like that..? I work in a call center right now.. So I sit with nothing to do for awhile then have to stop the game and answer the phone, fix the issue, back to game.. That's kinda how it works..

I'm totally open for suggestions for other games, or comments about FFT:Adv..

I'm pretty weak right now.. I have a few territories out, completed like 11 missions.. So I"m just starting.. And I just met Ritz (?) for the first time..

I'm not looking for spoilers unless they are like cheats or eastereggs like how to get cloud in your party in the original FFT.. That game was so awesome.. I loved FFT (PSX)

Tuesday October 4th is the release date I heard from my friend at gamestop.. Apparently you can buy just the movie for $30, or for $250 you can get a watch, bonus disk, t-shirt, and maybe a few other goodies.

Apparently at gamestop they are reserving copies.. I have no idea why we arent at suncoast, but I just thought I'd let everyone know. I also havent checked this with resources on the net yet. I would imagine you can find it cheaper somewhere else.

Ok.. well .. I'm wondering why i can't find net news on this subject, but I do know that our local gamestop is reserving it for this date. I dont know what's going on with the rest of the world yet though, or why it hasnt been on more websites.

I guess we'll find out as time passes.

I just bought it for my little brother, and am currently checking it out myself.. has anyone else played this? Or did you like it?

General Discussion / Your Dream Girl ^_^
« on: 2003-10-15 21:43:07 »
Quote from: Sephiroth2000
You like her or something? Can't say I blame you :wink:

I think that came from a conversation about Aeris.. but it actually made me think .. I wonder who everyone's favorite Square/Final Fantasy/Video Game girls are..

I think its fairly obvious that mine is Lulu from final fantasy X cuz shes just a hottie..

Who did you like better Tifa or Aeris? & Who is your favorite game girl? If shes unknown link us some images..

General Discussion / Final Fantasy Origins
« on: 2003-02-13 06:07:23 »
FINAL FANTASY ORIGINS will be available April 8, 2003 for the PlayStation at a suggested retail price of $30. Complete game information and screenshots will be available on this site in just a couple weeks! Visit the official FINAL FANTASY ORIGINS website here for more information about the game.

This Was in an E-mail sent to me from squaresoft.. Iz all on Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II.. The release date is for the US.. so i dunno about all you other foreign people :) They remade the graphics so its not like the original games.. added a few monsters..

Quote from email :

re is what you can look forward to in FINAL FANTASY ORIGINS:

Enhanced graphics breathe life and detail into all game elements, from deep dungeons and vast worlds to menacing creatures and wandering heroes.
Brand new, high quality CG movies and stills visually enhance the storylines in dramatic fashion.
Original event scenes have been revamped and new event scenes added to intensify the emotional impact of story elements.
New opening theme songs and improved sound quality immerse the player even further into the game experience.
A new bestiary contains detailed descriptions of all monsters to assist players in battle.
Access to art galleries featuring beautiful illustrations by renowned artist Yoshitaka Amano.
"Memo File" function added for quick, convenient saves.
New game play modes allow players to choose the level of difficulty within the game. (FINAL FANTASY II - accessible after clearing the game)

So there ya have it.. i gotta buy the damn thing.. I got all the other ones.. I guess this news is new being as how all the links in the letter link to a page that says coming soon.. anyway .. heres the heads up..

Dammit!! I have ruined my 666th post.. now i am 667.. oh well..

It has been awhile since i had touched visual basic but now i am in a class "Intro to VB" just for kicks.. anyway doing the first project i declared variables like this

Dim X, Y, Z, As integer

the program didnt seem to like that very much as it completely messed up.. when i did it like this :

Dim X As Integer
Dim Y As Integer
Dim Z As Integer

The freaky thing worked.. i swear i declared them like this before.. might it have something to do with the Option Explicit or some kind of global declarations?

Needless to say i finished my project .. :) i got the thing working but i thought you could do that with commas seperating the names.. maybe i am thinking of Pascal..

General Discussion / Archived Threads
« on: 2001-06-03 08:24:00 »
Hey where did the Weird ff8 endings thread go? that thread was smooth.. anyway i wanted a copy of that because it was really neat and i got the first 20 pages ... but there was more.. i think alot more.. does anyone have it? or is it lost forever into that void of emptiness?

General Discussion / X-boX
« on: 2001-05-18 09:16:00 »
Ok this is not a joey post.. really its not  :)

My friend works at some computer rental compnay in california and he called me today and told me that he was actually working at the E3 convention.. (for those of you that dont know what that is it is like one of the biggest gaming conventions in the US) n e who.. he fixes computers and gets them running and i told him to ask people if square was signing with the X-Box and he said he spoke to people runnign the square booth and the xb0x one he said it didnt look like they were gonna sign... it was all up in the air.. X-box debuts (omigod did i spell that right) over here i think in october and i think they would have much more support if they would sign with square.. but he said as it looks now he didnt think they were signing right off the bat...

just fyi...

General Discussion / Does Anybody Remember?
« on: 2001-05-08 10:41:00 »
I know well.. i think we have been through this already, and i highly doubt it exists.. but somone was going to give it a try ... or told me that they saw it on some japanese site.. Just curious.. has anyone been able to purchase or seen a gunblade for sale? (Squall's) I remember someone saying something like they found it but i was just wondering if they had it.. I would personally love to get one.. just for display purposes and to gut my neighbors  :) LoL...

General Discussion / The Grand 420 Holiday
« on: 2001-04-20 10:05:00 »
I just wanted to wish every one on this board a very special and happy 4/20! as it is now 12:02 am where i live.. I dont know if everyone here celebrates 420 but even if ya dont have a great one anyway... Happy Party Day!!!

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