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Final Fantasy VIII remastered little slow-down


(update) use the specialk tool it solve the problem

hi I have a little slowdown in the games, my Specifications i5 3470 3.20 ghz, 8g canal-double ddr3 797 mhz, ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. P8H61-M, GeForce GT 1030 2g ddr5, kingston ssd 240g, hdd 500g, windows 10 pro 64. in this video the person has no slow down with similar specifications in the description.   I made a video to show you, we can't really see the slow down by the eye, we can hear it more by the sound of footsteps which are more distant.   so I would like to know how to fix this little slowdown. ^^

Sadly it's a well known issue for FF8 remastered....
But there is a workaround, you need to use the opengl injection tool SpecialK:

The same solution was posted in steam:
This should fix it  :)


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