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Running FFVII in WINE (Linux)

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--- Quote from: quequotion on 2012-07-01 14:15:03 ---I converted all of my FF7 cds into ISO images, and use this utility to mount and swap them.

This tool is different from others in that it actually works.

There are features of cds, like certain types of copy protection, that cannot be provided by simply mounting an image to a folder.
CDEmu works by not simply mounting the images to a folder and providing the files, but emulating a disk drive and a cd inserted into it.

Strangely, very few of the many guides I've seen around for mounting images in Linux acknowledge this.

--- End quote ---

Just thought I'd note that if you use Kranmer's DLL you only need to make one disc image for one disc, and don't need to do any disc swapping.

Wizard, I removed your post. If a link has gone bad, we don't need to relink it.

Sithlord48, I've edited the FF7 Universe link out of your first post. I might look around to see if 1.02 has been rehosted anywhere else, but for now that link is bad.

Information about getting 7th Heaven 2.0 to work in Wine can be found in the relevant forum topic here.


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