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[FF8PC-Steam]SeeDReborn v4.1 Multi-Language [NEW! More Options!] (5/22/19)

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SeeDReborn v4.1
Menu, UI, Icon and Font Mod for Final Fantasy 8 (Steam)

NEW!!! Gradient Color Options now available!  Custom options located in the download!!!
For use only with the Steam release of Final Fantasy VIII
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This mod is dependent on Tonberry 2 (or later)
Get Tonberry 2: Enhanced HERE

**Turn OFF the Steam overlay to prevent crashes and blocky text glitches!**

"SeeDReborn v4.1" is a graphical overhaul which includes:

- New Title Screen
- NEW Alternate Title Screens for "Ragnarok Mod" and "New Threat 8"
- Improved Menu Gradients [NEW COLOR OPTIONS AVAILABLE!]
- ALL game Text re-created - NEW AND IMPROVED FONT for v4.1!
- NEW Font colors, as well as various menu objects modified.  (SeeD, Time, Play, Disc, Fast/Slow, etc.)
- NEW Battle/Menu Icons and Text! (Double/Triple, Target, Miss, Battle Numbers, Renzokuken indicators, etc.)
- NEW Gunblade Cursor
- NEW Updated and colored Item Icons!
- NEW colored Custom Icons for Status and Elemental Magic!
- NEW Custom Icons for Junction Stats instead of old TEXT abbreviations! (HP, Str, Vit, Mag, Spr, Spd, Eva, Hit, Luck)
- Character and GF avatars are completely replaced/remastered
- Magazine Remaster with alternate colored Backgrounds included! (Weapons Monthly and Pet Pals)
- Alignment fixes!!
- Transparency fixes!


SeeD Reborn v4.1 (EN-English)
SeeD Reborn v4.1 (ES-Spanish)
SeeD Reborn v4.1 (DE-German)
SeeD Reborn v4.1 (FR-French)
SeeD Reborn v4.1 (IT-Italian)

Hi-Tech and 'Gunblade' themed gradients available here for other language packs! *(already included in EN version)*
Thanks to ff7maniac for the cutouts! These will be included in the next mod release!

SeeD Reborn v3.5 (English)
SeeD Reborn v3.2 (English) - Old Version with Thinner 'Vanilla' Font

This mod is based off of the original SeeD mod for FF8 2000 by sl1982:

This is the official release! Let me know if you find any bugs!

(If you already have the latest version of Tonberry installed, move on to step 2)

1.     Download "Tonberry 2" HERE and install it to your parent FF8 folder (where the .exe is located)
2.     Open the "Final Fantasy VIII" game folder. (normally located "steamapps/common/FINAL FANTASY VIII/")
3.     Unpack "Seed_Reborn v4.1" and place "textures" and "tonberry" into ..."steamapps/common/FINAL FANTASY VIII"
4.     Merge the folders and copy/replace any duplicates.
5.     Look in the /textures-alternates/ folder for instructions on how to add alternate colors for text-boxes, add title screens for other mods, etc.!

Special thanks to Qualcuno for the help with testing the Italian version and collecting hashes!
HUGE thanks to Norwin for the German hashcodes!
Thank you to epikplayer94 for all of the help testing the Italian version for v4.1!


**Updated 5/22/2019**


I can barely open qhimm posts after this release...

Guide updated!



--- Quote from: sunz on 2014-06-26 17:39:13 ---You know the ugly low quality grey background behind the text is that replaceable?

--- End quote ---

I'm pretty sure it is, and it's part of the SeeD mod that isn't out yet.  It, along with the large text and other Icons, etc. are the hardest piece to the puzzle, so I figured I would release the Alpha without them, as it might take me another week or more to get that last part in. (but oh, what a part.)

Here's a preview:

This is the main part I'm using from the old SeeD mod, but I had to re-create a lot of it and there are still minor alignment issues... just need to figure out where they go, etc.


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