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Are you using upscaled magic textures? Do you always wish that they were just a tiny bit better? Well look no further as I am now in the process of re-texturing the magic and effects. This will be a mostly complete retex of all the magic textures (some ill just waifu and smooth out for ease / they are already good textures) And will also include several different limit break textures, coming in a variety of color variants as well.

Ill be updating every couple of days with some new screenshots or general update news. I don't expect this to take more than a month or so but we'll see. You can come watch me work on these almost daily at

Official Start Date: 7/14/2018

Current progress : EVERYTHING worth editing from start of game till Airbuster is finished.


Fire 1 2 and 3 done. I cant find the little balls for fire 3 all so if anyone knows the texture id for that i would be very grateful.

Just a little trick to find the texture files the game uses is to turn on modpath but have no files in it. When u run the game and use the spell it will record in app.log what files are missing. Also look at team avalanche for some redone magic stuff i did back in the day if you want to just use those so you dont repeat work.

Aali's driver has also a dump texture option.  But I don't  know  what the  right command was  in the opengl.cfg.

thanks guys i found the option in opengl.cfg


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