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Current FF8 Lunatic Pandora: Remaster Mods in progress:
*UPDATED 7/2/2021*

Angelwing: Ultima (AI) by MCINDUS and Fated Courage porting to Remaster --PROJECT UPDATED/UPGRADED to ESRGAN 'Ultima' Edition!!!
-- Alpha Testing Phase --
ALPHA VERSION of Ultima RELEASED TO PATRONS - After alpha phase, mod will be made public!
ALL Fields replaced with ESRGAN + Gigapixel AI Field Textures (5+ models used), Custom background texturing and re-drawn font work by MCINDUS.
Extra contributions by Ark/Manakaiser (Bal Garden Main Hall, Gal Garden Outdoors) and Darziak (Cafeteria, Dollet Ship Mission Brief, Missile Base CPU, Balamb CPU, etc. and various font replacements, NPC placements/animations in Deling provided by Patfeerick)

SeeDRemastered UI v1.0 - all UI and icons custom created, new gradients, frames, menu's, etc. from SeeDReborn v4.1 -- will eventually contain v3.5 and v3.2 "vanilla" mod options as well.
100% Complete - RELEASED! - 'vanilla' mods progress = 25% - Multi-Language release = 35% *PRIORITY*
SeeDRemastered Fonts v1.0  - Font widths fixed and Hi-Tech Font (SR 4.1) Completed!
100% Complete - RELEASED!
SeeDRemastered Gradients v1.0  - making all SeeDReborn v4.1 gradient colors and patterns available for FF8 Remastered!
30% complete

BattlefieldPack: Remastered v1.3.1 NEW CUSTOM TEXTURES as well as ESRGAN/Gigapixel UPSCALES!
100% complete - RELEASED!!

HorizonPack: Remastered v1.1.a World Textures, World Vehicles, Maps, etc. -- porting to Remaster

FieldModelTextures v1.0.1 - ALL Field Model Textures Upscaled! ESRGAN/Gigapixel AI Comped images and minor custom texture detail for the best experience! If you are going to use Rebirth Flame or Lionheart, make sure you download the FieldModel Texture pack versions, as they are higher resolution!
100% Complete -- RELEASED!

RebirthFlame: Remastered v2.0 - Main Characters Battle Textures Upscaled -- Also includes mod versions with Squall+Rinoa texture replacements.  Can NOT edit hair polygons yet, but did a texture and color overhaul. Replaced eyes, mouth, colors, and more!
100% - RELEASED!
***Compatible with FieldModelTextures

LunarCry: Remastered v2.1 - Included are ALL of the enemies in game! ESRGAN/Gigapixel AI Comped images for the best experience! Battle models AND field models are all improved!
100% complete - RELEASED NEW VERSION 5/13/2020!! 
***THIS MOD IS DEPENDENT ON FieldModelTextures Mod being installed first!

Lionheart: Remastered v2.0 - Weapons are given updated textures.  Squall's weapons are easier to differentiate, and Seifer, Zell (new texture+color for Gauntlet), Laguna, and Kiros all have updated weapons textures! Rinoa's Shooting Star has also received a color fix, and various other tweaks!
100% - RELEASED!
***Compatible with FieldModel Textures

Tripod: Remastered v1.1 --  new high res background, updated number fonts, updated texture anim sprites, includes 2048 upscaled Tripod mod 2015 textures with new borders done by me, with new main character borders done by Hikashi!
100% complete - RELEASED!! --- 'low res' version in progress, for people without SSDs ---

Gerogero US Censorship -- FIXED in battle and all cards. DEPRECATED (IF USING DEMASTER MODS.)
100% Complete - RELEASED!!
*Included in LunarCry and FieldModelTextures pack*

New title screen (2048x2048), new squaresoft screen logo, etc. also created! Working my butt off :)

Back to work!

Mcindus to the rescue! Thank you once again for all your hard work.

Are the font, icons and UI elements still *.tex files with palettes? Or are you able to import direct *.png files?


when can people use the ff8 requiem mod again on the ff8 remaster pc version

Nice job, McIndus! Super excited to see how far you're going to be able to take your mod support vis-a-vis backgrounds. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for your hard work, Mcindus. So sorry if this sounds rude, but what will SeeD Reborn Remastered bring to the table that isn't present in FFVIIIr? The UI elements in FFVIIIr (Shitty font kerning aside) is the only nice thing about it, IMO.


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