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Darz FMV's consist of improving the low quality ones we got in the Remaster. With the help from Mcindus I've upscaled the majority of FF8 FMV's to the equivalent of 4k using Esrgan and Gigapixel. The FMV's unfortunately remain at 15fps until the ability to edit the files to allow higher fps. Each Disk is over 1GB so expect download to take a little bit if you have slow internet.

Disk 4 is still a work in progress and once that's done I'll fine tune some FMV's (which takes longer) to look better.

Comparison video of the Remaster and my Upscale

The files are Zipped using 7zip

Maki's DEMASTER Modding Tool is needed which can be found here:

DEMASTER Instructions:
1. Download the DEMASTER release
2. Install DEMASTER into .../FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered/
3. Open 'ffviii_demaster_manager.exe' and run the 'unpack' feature - this creates the DEMASTER_EXP folder

- Download -
Disk 1
Disk 2
Disk 3

- Install -
Be sure you make a BACKUP of the movies folder beforehand.

Extract each Part to "FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered/DEMASTER_EXP/data/movies" and overwrite the files.

-Thanks to-
Mcindus - His mods got me inspired into working on this
Maki - The modding genius who made it possible

Amazing work!!!! Downloaded and going to test tonight!

Looks FANTASTIC! Definitely getting this when disk 4 is completed!

hopefully soon! amazing work.

thanks, are you remastering the videos of the disk 4?


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