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Hello !

I wanted to present you two additional screens that I created for the mythril mine.

Screens in game :

And if you want to see more, there's a video here :

I hope you'll enjoy

Really fantastic job!!!! 

Mithril mine need more...and its is good :)

I send mp to you, have private question.

Thanks for all!

Woooo really nice Shampignon. What did you use to make them? Photoshop or a 3d editing software? Congrats mate, amazing work

Thank you Cloudiar !

I don't see any mp, are you sure you sent it to me?
on what address?

Thanks Jusete !

I used Photoshop only, I dont know nothing about 3D editing XD
I made copy/paste of several elements of the original map and aligned them with the structure of Da-Chao cave.

The result is perfect, well done friend


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