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Thank you for your hard work, Shampignon! It's super appreciated.

What's next? Have you decided?

Also, if you want to create a ko-fi account, here's a link to the website:

Thank you AuthenticM, and I will check your link for ko-fi account.

What's next ? As I already said in previous posts, I'm currently working on a complete cave, which will include more than 20 screens ! In my opinion, some of them are incredible, I hope you all will like them !

Hi! How is the project going? anything to show for curious people? ::)

Any sneak peek Shampignon?

Hello friends !

Finally some news about the project ! As I have talked about it a number of times in previous publications, I decided to go big this time with a complete optional dungeon ! 22 new screens for what I called The Mysterious Cave.
In the video below, you will find extracts from each screen, as well as some new enemies, but I tried not to reveal too much about the progress and purpose of this new sub-quest, which will appear in a mod that I still plan to publish one day in french version, and I hope in english version later.

I'll also provide you with some images of the out-of-game screens, for your viewing pleasure.

I hope you'll enjoy these screens !

And finally, as usual, I inform you that I don't plan to stop there, and that I'm currently working on additional screens and a quest for Wutaï, so stay tuned !


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