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Hello Shampignon.

Congratulations, looks awesome. I hope to see these scenarios on New Threat in the future. Would be really nice to extend the exploration.
Thank you again for your effort.

Hello !

Although the project no longer seems to attract many people, I continue my additions of areas, this time with an expansion for Utai, containing an additional quest for Yuffie, of which I will only be able to share images, because a video would spoil everything ! ^^

I hope you'll like it and continue to support me.

See you later for the next area

Great work! good luck  :)

Shampignon this is awesome! How can we play this on 7th Heaven?
The first screen is too sharp or highlights the realistic side too much. Just a constructive feedback and my humble opinion.

Will you explore more of unseen Midgar sectors in future? Not even SE is going to do that.
Would be possible to add a new Summon?

The mod is not avalaible for the moment.
When it is finished, it will be published first in French.
I will have to apply it to the English version in a second step, to then make it playable on 7th Heaven. So it's not for tomorrow !

I don't think I'll add any other zones for midgar at the moment, because I already enlarged sector 8 after the first mission, I added a large screen to sector 6, and several to sector 7. And even the sewers ! I want to create fields for other areas, I can't only enlarge Midgar and leave the other areas of the game as they are.
If I have good ideas to others Midgar areas, I'll create them, but it's not my priority right now.

I don't know how to add a new summon, and I don't think it's possible.

Thank you for your support and feedback !


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