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Hello !

I have two new screens to present to you, this time for Midgar, Sector 6 :

Screens in game :

And if you want to see more, check this video here :

I hope you'll enjoy these new screens !

This is crazy. Well put Shampignon.

Are you planning in creating anything for the unreachable cave?

video 4:34
video 0:14 (this field here is from grimmy's final mix)

Thank you !

I would love to create a complete and unique area for this cave, with a new quest, but it's still a bit ambitious for the moment ! Maybe one day...  ;)

nice touch on the marlboro cigarettes with a FF7 marlboro on it, lmao

its very midgar slum-ish

both of those marlboros end up with you getting hit with bad breath  :wink:

Ah ah thank you !

But I must admit that it is not my creation. Jusete has already taken up this concept for the cigarette packs that are on the ground in some of its screens ! and if you type "ff7 malboro" on google images, you will see others in the same style ^^

I love the idea so i took it over !


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