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Hello FFVII lover, back in 2012 I had the idea of upscaling all UI textures using the Steam version but encountered some issues with the *.tex format. Too stubborn to switch for the messy original 1998 release: the project died. Thanks to Satsuki's all-in-one pack the project got back on track after a 7 year hiatus.

All main UI textures were faithfully hand redrawn/reworked like fonts, avatars and interface elements preserving the essence of the original game. As a bonus, letter spacing for both dialogues and menus were closely remapped for pixel perfect kerning (which explain why the menu font is slightly wider). This first release (v1.0) is a beta version, some of the Gold Saucer/Cait Sith slots are placeholders and the weapons/accessories icons needs polishing. In the future all mini games textures will complete this project.

Originally made for Satsuki's pack, french version only which is the reason why I did not create a specific WIP topic on qhimm.
Original topic can be found here (please refer for the latest updates).
Please do not ask for other language. If you want to do it yourself please credit my work since it was a tremendous amount of work for me.

Thanks Satsuki for the upload!

Aavock.UI.1.1Remastered.v1.1 (*.dds version) EN

Aavock.UI.1.1Remastered.v1.1 (*.png version) EN

Aavock.UI.1.1Remastered.v1.1 (*.dds version) FR

Aavock.UI.1.1Remastered.v1.1 (*.png version) FR

Your browser may block the download process because of the *.bin included in the pack.

Before        After

WIP French screenshots:

English translation for the mini games textures is in the works!

Hi Aavock. This is a great looking UI update. Very true to the original, which is what I always look for. I've been working on menu upgrades for my mod, but there's a lot that you have done that I simply could not do better.

Is it okay if I incorporate (parts of) this into my Remako mod? You'll be credited of course and any translations of images to English you can use as part of this separate mod release as well.

Thanks CaptRobau, as long as you credit my work feel free to use it. Best of luck for your Remako 2.0 mod!

Thanks for the quick and positive reply!

This is the best remaster of the UI I've seen, especially the fonts perfectly recreates the original Vanilla one in HD. Great job!


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