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Thanks for sharing, Aavock!

I do hope you will find motivation again and finish what you started because this is the best UI mod I've ever seen.

Of course, I play the English version of the game so it's not that I can use it...  :'(

@Red46 Thank you for the positive feedback, much appreciated!

@Salk Many thanks, I'm currently working on the mini-games UI textures (you can find the original thread here) afterward, I will clean up the main UI here and there (specially slots and item icons). It's too early to say if CaptRobau will "convert" it for the english version but I suggest you keep an eye on his Remako 2.0 project.

It will be converted for the English version. It's the first item on my todo list to convert this to English, so that I can offer it up in Remako and by extension back to this mod.

Thanks for your work. :)

Cheers Spiegel1, have a good one!


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