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Satsuki Yatoshi Mod - SYW V5.65

Please Use Steam AIO installer unless you want to add other mods; if you want to add more mods then use 7th Heaven 2.4+ 7z archives (no support from me).
The versions number might be different between Steam AIO installer and iros files, but the textures are the same, just use the latest version for both.

■ Download SYW V5.60 full version for Steam All-in-one Installer: HERE. {MIRROR} . V5.65 Update: HERE. {MIRROR} .
Always use the lastest version to avoid bugs, support only for version 5.65.

■ Download SYW 7th Heaven mod's archives files: HERE. {MIRROR}

(Last update: 07/10/2022. Reason: 5.65 update
(Trailer: Download or YouTube)
(French users only: Use this Here instead.)

Make a donation: HERE.

What's SYW?
The SYW mod represents the most accurate modern take on the PC version of Final Fantasy VII helped by deep learning techniques (such as ESRGAN). The package includes cleaner, more detailed and higher resolution background arts, battlefields, worldmap, magic effects, animations, minigames, menus and videos. All upscaled with AI or done in HD from scratch.

The main goal of the SYW mod is to get as much as details as possible without having an oversharp and overclean effect; also to keep the rendering as natural as possible and constant in quality across the whole game.​


* Vanilla Final Fantasy 7 Steam version 1.0.9
Features (AIO pack)

* All FFNx great features (Mainly TrueOdin, myst6re, Vertex2995, Comos, sithlord48)
* Upscaled HD Fields with full animations (plus char texture for 3D elements like the flipper in the bar for example)(by myself)
* Upscaled HD Battle backgrounds (plus textures for some enemies)(by myself)
* Upscaled HD Worldmap (plus effects)(by myself + Aavock for minimaps)
* From scratch HD Battle effects and magics by Kela51 (plus several fixes by myself)
* Upscaled HD Minigames based on english version of my old waifu + updated texture (Aavock and myself)
* From scratch HD Menus and Font (by Aavock)
* Upscaled HD Animations (first mod with these animations)(by myself)
* Upscaled HD 30fps Movies (first mod with 30 fps fmv)(by myself)
* Modern 3D models (ChaOS by Kaldarasha)
* Psx HQ music (FFNx FF7Music by myst6re)
* Complete sound overhaul (Cosmo Memory by bonez)
* 60 fps patch (Obesebear, Kaldarasha, Vertex2995, and quantumpencil)
Steam All-In-One Installer

* Download and extract the .zip archive file
* Use the .exe install (will take some time)
* Launch the game with the desktop shortcut to setup FF7_SYWVideo of the installation : HERE.

Further Modding: 7th Heaven 2.3+

* Use the lastest updated 7th Heaven version HERE. (Scroll down, click "Assets", and grab
* Then go in 7th "Settings/General Settings" and bottom-left you'll find FFNx section, click canary then check for updates, say yes and then "Restore defaults" next to save.
My mods for 7th don't use the "iro" container to optimise loading speed and avoid lags ingame.

I recommand to install thoses mods with 7th catalog, it's the easyiest way to do it.

To install them manualy it's amost as easy as using a ".iro" file :
-Download the .7z file
-Extract it (with 7zip for exemple)
-In 7th use the "Import Mod" button, then "From Folder" and select the folder where you have extracted the mod (do it for each mod you want to import).

ingame previews picture

Spoiler: show

World map:
Spoiler: show

Battles and Magics:
Spoiler: show

Menu and Fonts:Spoiler: show

FMV (SYW vs Steam):Spoiler: show

To-do List:

* Translate to english the great Aavock's minigames (as soon as he'll completed them)
Special Thanks:

-TrueOdin for:
   FFNx driver
   A ton of help
-Bonez for:
   Cosmo Memory
-Aavock for:
   Minigames, Menus, Fonts
-Kela51 for:
   Magics and effects
-Kaldarasha for:
   3D models
-myst6re for:
   FFNx audio work
   Psf music pack
-Obesebear, Kaldarasha, Vertex2995, and quantumpencil for:
  The 60fps patch
-Kuraudo for:
   Video trailer
   Human jenova_e enchantment (fmv)
-All the people who helped me in any way to make this pack possible

Changelog 5.65
--Updated FFNx.
-Updated gamepad help.
-Corrected a bug if HD menu was disabled.

Changelog 5.64
-Optimised launcher speed on mouse over option.
-Updated FFNx 1.14.0 stable.
-Updated Cosmo Memory v1.1.
-Added updcaled HD textures for ending credits + Updated opening credits (all 4 languages).
-Added true 16/9 game mod.
-Small update in mds7plr2 fx and mds7plr1 grid (thanks [email protected]).
-Mirror correction in tunnel_5 (thanks Acro).

Changelog 5.63
-Updated FFNx.
-Corrected a rare bug of battle animation slowdown with no mouth option (again, now it's 100% ok ^^').

Changelog 5.62
-Updated FFNx.
-Updated some menu's portraits (by Aavock).
-Updated the always run function with all languages (compatible with sound overhaul, thanks Chrysalis).
-Added the True Honey Bee Inn (missing BHI fields, thanks Cloudiar, english and spanish only ATM).
-Corrected a rare bug of battle animation slowdown with no mouth option (thanks Bumpin' for reporting it).

Changelog 5.61
-Updated FFNx (lots of optimisation for 60 fps, HDR FMV corrected).
-Updated Cosmo Memory (added worldmap footsteps).
-Updated 60 fps fields animation for modern 3D model.
-Added some flevel script correction for 60 fps mode.
-Corrected the alway run option for the french exe.

Changelog 5.60 FULL ! You need to do a full install ! (Backup your save files and uninstall previous version before installing)
-Updated FFNx (fields's animations and lighting now need much less power to run).
-Updated Cosmo Memory (version 1.010).
-Added Steam achievements.
-Added 60 fps mode (BETA!).
-Added 30 battle mode (BETA!).
-Added HDR support.
-Added an option to choose the fields's animation level (depending computer's power).
-Added autorun option.
-Added 60 fps FMV (BETA).
-Now all FMV are interpoled to 30 fps (2 of them wasn't before) and with better quality.
-Now all FMV are not chibi version (Thanks Cosmos)
-Removed Psx battle shadow.
-Corrected the "Miss" battle texture in some cases.
-Added C# source code for the launcher to the release (root install folder).
-Lots of small tweaks and update i forgot to list ^^'.

Changelog 5.42
-Corrected a dialog not showing bug in ancient temple with Modern 3D models (Thanks [email protected])
-Added a direct launch shortcut
-Updated FFNx (some Dynamic Lightening improvement + full analog stick support in fields)
-Optimised the "mouth hide" option to looks like in psx
-Optimised trnad_2 / ancnt2 / ztruc / fship_1
-Optimised one part of the wutai bridge in worldmap (bad transparency in a small part)
-Optimised the background movie of field white2 (Thanks [email protected])

Changelog 5.41
-Updated FFNx (way faster Advenced Animations)
-Corrected Modern 3D models to avoid visual bugs with Dynamic Lightening (5 fields)
-Optimised Chorace2 / bugen_2 / crcin_1 field

Changelog 5.40
-Added Cosmo Memory sound overhaul by Bonez
-Updated FFNx
-Corrected the psx like shadows option

Changelog 5.32
-Updated FFNx
-Corrected the gold saucer wheel (was not showing in some cases)
-Small optimisation of HD fonts (Aavock)
-Added an option to disable antialiasing
-Added new textures for chocobo minigame (thanks Aavock)
-Added the Beta option for dynamic lightning (thanks Comos and TrueOdin)
-Added the missing onna fieds (for futur mods ^^)
-Optimised 1 FMV (minor tweak at the end of FEELWIN0 Thanks [email protected] for reporting)
-Optimised 5 fields writing - crcin_1 / chorace / ghotin_1 / ghotin_3 / md1_1 (thanks Kuraudo and Aavock)
-Small optimisations/correction in mds5_5 / mds7plr2 / colne_6 / blin69_1 / blin1 / blin61 / blin67 (thanks [email protected] for help and Tsuna for reporting some of them)

Changelog 5.31
-Updated FFNx (correct some special function shortcut)
-Updated Aavock's HD fonts

Changelog 5.30
It's not an update you can do, it's a full release.
The main change is that version use 1998 .exe to launch the game instead for the steam's ones.
So no more save delete bug is possible (finally).
The game will also launch faster as it don't need to launch steam first.
The very first time you launch the game it can take some time to launch because it'll need to copy some file.

Changelog 5.21 to 5.28
-Solved a potential colision bug.
-Added an option to auto disable saves in cloud (avoid random delete of save files).
-Added an option to auto backup save file each time the game is launched (with auto-restore if save have been deleted).

-Added a warning message with some renderer and modern 3D models.
-Added an uninstaller.
-Updated FFNx (correct a save bug with not english version of the game).
-Corrected the option to launch unmodded steam version.
-Corrected a potiential crash with "auto" "graphic engine".

-Removed the auto detect if GPU is D3D12 capable and auto set it at runtime (cause more bug than it solve).
-Updated FFNx (correct save witch can be deleted by steam if the game crash).
-Better Steam user management.

-Auto detect is GPU is D3D12 capable and auto set it at runtime (fix glitchs with some ATI/AMD drivers).
-Updated FFNx (worlmap music resume between battle optimisation).
-Added an option to auto-disable steam overlay for FFVII to avoid bug with some gamepad not working.
-Corrected some localised texts in worlmap.

-Updated FFNx for some minor ingame optimisations.
-Added help for special shortcut (speedhack, random battle...).
-Added an option to get better shadows under models in battle.
-Added an option to hide mouth from 3d model to get them like in psx version.
-Corrected a bug if the steam's ff7 account is not created properly by steam.

-Updated FFNx for correcting then ending2 movie not playing in some cases.
-Added an option to use full log for bug reporting (just in case ^^).

-Updated FFNx for some minor ingame correction.
-Added options to enable or disable alpha from dialog box and battle menu.
-Added an option to show or hide debug information real time.
-Add an option to launch steam unmodded version if you want to test/compare [/list]

I'll do full support on this thread too (some people tell me they can't properly register tsuna forum ATM)

nice  :)

Thanks for the update, looks great ;)

V6.00 movies iro is ready to dl ^^
It' a big improvement other my v5 version
I've donne the whole processing from ff7 psx iso from scratch.

a quick comparison v5 Vs v6 :


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